i do other knitting too . . .

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i guess everybody likes that shawl, eh?
(yes, debbie, we know you do).
since so many people asked, and since i am terrible about giving detail information with finished pieces (note to self: start doing that, eh), i appreciate being reminded. here is the ifo:
casino shawl
pattern: my own (soon to be made available) pattern will be in two sizes
yarn: Fearless Fibers cashmere laceweight, approximately 1100 yards (3 hanks)
color: endless night

and, i have other stuff too . . . i meant to post some pictures last night of the other projects i’m working on this week, but i got home too late. it is SO fall! the knit shop is starting to buzz, and more people are showing up for knit night and classes. that busy, knit-season-is-in-full-swing feeling is descending over the place. i love that.

i have been motoring away on the man lace project, though i am a little disappointed in the number of inches it has grown. this pattern puckers up a lot and it seems as if i knit and knit, but make no progress. i’m also a little worried that the holes are not so obvious.

i might just change needle sizes . . . i’m contemplating it. since i started at the back neck, i think i can just do that without ripping back, since that spot willl bear more stress when worn. i just want the fabric to feel a little more open and a little softer and drapier to the hand (tht’s the downside of working with cashmere—everything else feels like burlap).

but hey, the camera work is coming along. i still have not delved this camera’s depths by any stretch of the imagination, but just look at the details in these shots

yesterday i took some pictures of this same piece in the garden (when it was only an inch long), and when i opened the pix in photoshop, i could see the hairs on the tiny thyme leaves i had it laid out on. now, that blew me away. and to think that in a year, this camera will be left in the dust—totally obsolete.

so, anyway, wanna see a sock grow right before your eyes?

that was the waterfallSock as it looked yesterday morning; this shot is a lot more representative of the actual yarn colors. i’m using briar rose grandma’s blessing on size three needles for the cuff. i might go to a slightly smaller needle for the foot.
and this below, is it today, in the dismal light of a day of drenching rain, changing to drizzle and back again all day.

i have not worked on the starlight evening wrap in a few days, but on monday i motored along for most of the afternoon between classes and it’s starting now to look like it has appreciable length.

i know this picture stinks—sorry; it’s the best one i have. the light in the back yard yesterday was a little too bright and the camera overexposed all the shots. that is, I did not know how to get the camera to take better pictures. i know once i figure out this exposure thing, i will feel even sillier that i did not figure it out earlier. it’s probably something really dumb that i am overlooking. like when i was totally overlooking the presence of the macro lens on the old camera. yeah. i’m a genius that way . . .

the closeup shot of the fabric is better

actually, now that i think about it, i HAVE been working on this! monday night i came home and took the swatch out again, and played with some finishing edges for the ends of the wrap. i want a deep (about 8 to 10 inches), knock-em-dead band of edging—something so fabulously stunning that everyone will say “yes! that is the essence of evening wear”. (right. i wish. i mean, do you get it now, how i live in a castle in the sky?? oy.)

i am experimenting with a combination of motifs that could turn out to be positively celestial—at least, that’s what ‘m hoping. i’m playing with the notion of something flouncy almost—not sure about that interpretation though . . .

9 thoughts on “i do other knitting too . . .

  1. I really admire, the abundancy of your knitting projects. Do you eat and sleep?! The holes aren’t obvious in the shawl, but I love the texture…I think it’s very masculine.

  2. Hmmmm….. yeah, I’m thinking the man lace fabric might be looking a little dense. Do you think it will block out more holey?? Your starlight wrap is really beautiful Ann. Your ability to crank the projects is amazing to me…. But I AM plugging away on that most wonderful Sangria Skirt pattern, that I love and have shown to 10 million people and they all concur it is the most gorgeous skirt pattern in the history of the world….

  3. Anne sleeps and knits at the same time, doesn’t everyone? I for one am certainly glad she does, that way, I can always justify my number of projects by always saying “Well, you should see how many Anne has going” 😮
    And yes Anne, this time of the year right now is so much fun, I love the zip in the air and the buz around the yarn shoppes, it’s so exciting!!

  4. Just my opinion, but the white speckles in the tweedy yarn seem to overwhelm the “Man Lace” pattern. With blocking, or with a change to larger needles, the holes will become more prominent, but the white speckles will still be a significant part of the overall effect. Perhaps a change to a “lacier” or “holier” lace pattern would be advisable?

  5. How do you do it??? Have you been taking sleep-knitting lessons from Hurricane Vanessa? You’re so productive! And all of it is gorgeous… that starlight lace is to die for.

  6. I agree with Lynne, I think – I’ve found before that a speckled style fibre will blur a pattern somewhat. But it looks so so beautiful that it’s just a case of adjusting your former expectation to match the actuality (did I just say that?)

    And you keep on starting projects, y’hear? You are my guiding star in this as up to now I felt like a – a – whatever you’d call someone who kept on starting different things and had more UFOs hidden around the house than years to her credit. Oh right, ‘normal’, is that the word? Thanks, Anne. Keep on knittin’. We need you.
    Celtic Memory Yarns

  7. Fabulous, Anne! I personally love the man lace. The photo is wonderful – I can identify the stitch pattern now, which I couldn’t before, and it’s one I’ve adored since I saw it in a book. I’ll be interested to see how it turns out.

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