it just keeps comin’

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ha! and you thought i was done boring you with filler my garden! even though you can surely see right through my diversion techniques, and will politely point out that there are no knitting pictures today, still, i feel it important for us all to savor these last (or nearly so) fruits of summer. especially on such a fine fall day as this.

technically, i don’t strive to put something de-lish up for eye-candy friday, but, as it happens to be friday and i had eye candy, here you are. actually, the red tomatoes i picked today don’t look that good—these are from a few days ago and have been ripening indoors. but those yellow ones—i got all those today and there are more out there that will be ready soon if the weather holds out!

this whole lot is what i have to somehow prepare, after work, for storing away. and then try to find room for it all in the freezer after that! i don’t mind though—it will be all-too-soon before i’ll be craving a fresh tomato to pop in my mouth for a snack.

meanwhile, i am hard at work on the casino shawl pattern and testing the instructions. i wouldn’t wish this on anyone—it’s a lot to keep straight.

i enjoy putting my brain through the paces—i just wish i didn’t have to share my headspace with other tasks that compete with it. still, i am making headway and we should have it ready soon, which makes me really happy!

i will update you on the man lace soon—i switched needles and am quite satisfied with that solution—it did a lot to make it a “happy project” for the time being. i realize too that the tweed is a little busy for the pattern right now, but i think once it grows some, that element will become less intrusive. i am keeping in mind that i might do a dye wash or stain to take the white down a bit. i think the white is cotton, which means if i use a dye for cotton on it, i might be able to change JUST the color of the white specks and little else. anyone have input on that? any suggestions for a good, easy-to-use cotton dye, in case i decide to go that route?

tomorrow is david’s birthday and i’ll be cooking most of the day, but i’m gonna try to sneak in a post, if only to taunt you with show you the cake.

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