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i’m a big fan of potato chips (or crisps, if you like)—a good-looking pile of chips makes me weak in the knees. i can’t scarf down a whole bag or anything, but i find a small bowlful now and again (ok, several times a week, if you must know) to be a very satisfying snack, indeed.

same thing with certain knitting projects—there are some that are best ingested in quantity, because they are so quick, fun, and delicious that one is just not enough.

the cabled keyhole scarf is turning out to be one of those. i knit up another one in briar rose cashmere special the other night while watching TV; it happened so fast i surprised myself. when i cast on at 11:30 pm, i thought, “i’ll just get this on the needles and knit a few rows, then it’ll be here tomorrow”.

but the combination of luscious cashmere and gratifying texture knitting (on size 7 needles) sucked me in big-time. next thing i knew, the keyhole shaping was done and i was barreling along the neckstrap, less than an hour into the project. at 2:00, i was shaping the opposing flared section and by 2:30, i was weaving in the ends. not bad.

and it probably would have gone even faster if i didn’t stop so often to admire the yarn (isn’t christmas great? we get all the pleasure of knitting with wonderful, special yarns AND a gift to give at the end. sigh.).

there’s just one problem—i’m not done loving this project. and there are so many yarns that are just right for it—i want to try them all. i want one in tweed now, and found just the thing in my stash, a gift that was included in a goodie bag from one of my teaching dates

berocco blackstone tweed—color 2631 clover—YUM.

here’s the thing—you know those little balls of DK that have 120-130 yards, which is not enough for a regular scarf or a hat or even a pair of mitts?? basically, there is almost nothing i can do with one of those EXCEPT to knit a scarf like this—they are perrrrrfect for it.

and it hardly needs blocking; just soak, squeeze, and lay flat to dry (or better yet, just wrap and go, haha).

and i have this large skein of spirit trail birte in colorway rosewood, too, which is a lovely merino/silk/cashmere DK, same as the sunna fingering i used for bel air. i wound it up to make color swatches for the bel air sweater project and now i can knit a scarf or two from the rest. a skein like this is good for us selfish knitters, who often knit a gift and then want to keep it—i can knit two from it. OR i could knit a coordinating pair of fine cabled mitts.

that’s what barb is doing—she’s testing the scarf in a few different yarns, but one of them is great northern yarns cashmere sport/DK in black, with which she’s already knit a pair of fine cabled mitts (i saw them sunday, but forgot to take a photo; they are wonderful).

hmmm, i have some of that GNY cashmere in gray and heathered plum . . .

the pattern is written and almost through proofing; i’m thinking that we will release it on monday or tuesday.

i’m trying not to allow my other knitting to suffer; i’m working on scarves as one of my TV time projects, so as not to get behind on other christmas knitting. i did, however, spend most of last evening at my desk, so not much other knitting got done. must buckle down from here on.

pieces of boy jackets are piling up all over the sofa in my study as i get closer and closer to having two of them finished. i decided i should knit ALL the pieces i need first, to make sure my yarn supply was sufficient. then i’ll block and seam them both. and if i have leftovers, i’ll add pockets

i started the baby version the other night and knit the back and most of one front that night. the second front is on the needles. i should be able to finish that and knit at least one sleeve tonight. i think i’m going to squeak by with the yarn i have, phew.

once they are done and seamed, i’ll do a photo shoot with debby’s grandsons before sending them off to the boys. then i’ll write up the pattern and get that into production.

in between all that i knit robin’s hat, which proved to be quick diversion project; nothing like a bright, yummy yarn to make a hat knit up fast

he says it fits perfectly. i didn’t take a picture of it on him in it, but had a little fun while we waited for him to pick it up.

hats are surprisingly difficult to entertain . . . all that pent-up energy and no legs to dance with.

but we managed.

actually, debby is keeping me pretty busy these days—in addition to knitting her husband’s hat, i’m filling a request for a pattern for kid-sized fingerless mitts (but only because i think it’s a great idea, too).

apparently, there aren’t many choices out there (i’m taking her word for that), in mitts that will fit ages 2-8 years. so, with very complete measurements taken from all of her local grandchildren, i spent yesterday writing up a pattern in five sizes that also provides a few choices for optional textural detail. last night i knit up a protoype in the smallest size while i watched TV, using briar rose fourth of july left over from my jackie jacket.

awwww—how cute is that??
do i feel another potato chip project coming on??
let’s add my hand for scale . . .

i don’t have kids around to try them on, but i can tell from hand holding experience that it’s about right. i did misjudge the thumb though—this first one is too small (when i knit thumbs, i tend to pull my yarn too tightly, ack). i reworked the pattern this morning and sent it to debby to start test knitting.

before i went to bed last night this morning, i started another in the medium size, this time in some leftover filatura di crosa zara DK. maybe we’ll even get some modeling shots this weekend with the kids. we should have the pattern ready very soon.

in the meantime, i can think of a few little texans in my own family who might want some of these hand warmers . . .

oooh, and speaking of spirit trail fiberworks, jennifer emailed today to let me know that she is restocking her nona lace yarn in 48 colors as we speak. above we have grizzly and below

we have raven’s wing. this lovely merino/cashmere/silk blend is the sibling of sunna and birte, with the luxury content pumped up a bit. the first batch of this yarn literally evaporated from her booth at rhinebeck, but not before i got some . . . here’s my favorite, the one i requested in advance

rosewood (same as the birte i showed above; sometimes i’m consistent). this is a slightly heavier lace yarn which is a favorite weight for me—you still get a delicate lace feel and drape, but it’s got more depth. it’s easier to see and handle, without being heavy. and did i mention luxurious?? oh yeah.

and i don’t know if i can adequately describe in words just how soft and lovely it feels; i can’t wait to work with it. clara gave it a nice paragraph in knitters review today, too, so you know i’m not kidding.

i’ll be playing with it once holiday knitting is done; i know just what i want to do (and here’s hoping it works!). if i could get that project on the needles before i travel in january, that would be awesome.

ok, i think i’m about tapped out for news, you guys; that’s all i’ve got. well, i think i might have a nap in me now, but probably not blog fodder, eh?
thursday is the best day of all for a nap, i think . . .

30 thoughts on “potato chips

  1. Your friend Debby’s right: there really AREN’T many child-sized mitts out there! I tried to put some leftover stash yarn towards a pair for my six-year-old cousin and came up empty handed. That pattern will probably get a very warm welcome when it launches!

  2. Oh man, I love that scarf – I can’t wait for the pattern to be up:)

    As for the fingerless mitts, they’re adorable! I finished the mitts for my niece, but I haven’t been able to try them out on her. I opted to use a hole for the thumb instead of knitting one, just to make sure I didn’t make it too tight.

    I really love how prolific you are – just at the time we need fun patterns to liven up Christmas knitting. You’re a marvel.

  3. Ok, hold on. Let me get this straight. You not only stayed up until 2:30 knitting, but then you wove in the ends AND THEN YOU STARTED ANOTHER PROJECT??!!!???? Holy cow. I need a nap just thinking about that.

  4. I can’t wait for the keyhol;e scarf pattern-the first time I saw it, I thought it would be perfect in the GNY mink/cashmere!

  5. I think your new scarf would also be perfect for those little skeins of precious handspun you can’t figure out what to do with!

  6. Fingerless mitts will be just right for my niece and nephew in Las Vegas (and just that much faster than the socks I was trying to figure out how to get done in time to mail out for Christmas!)

    The little neck warmer is a perfect last minute gift too. Must search stash.

    Eagerly awaiting the patterns.

  7. Oh that scarf will be just perfect! I love it!

    And the raven’s wing? WANT!! Oh my gosh how beautiful that would be in one of your shawl patterns (off to site stalk)

  8. Um, I may have just purchased 2 skeins of Raven’s Wing laceweight (blush) I know! It will be my late St. Nicholas present to myself (nods head) Now I can plan some me knitting for after the holidays!

  9. I love the fingerless mitts! I’ve always done mittens with peek-a-boo slits in the palm, but have been thinking I need to just go with the fingerless. I’ll look forward to the pattern!

  10. I love the keyhole scarf and can’t wait for the pattern to be released. I can see myself knitting it up in several different colors.

  11. I was just trying to cobble together a kids fingerless mitten pattern because you’re right–there are not a lot of great patterns out there. I’m very excited to have your pattern in the works!

  12. Oh, please hurry, I NEED this scarf pattern . . . I have several hand painted single skeins begging to be made into this scarf!!
    Thank you . . . 🙂

  13. Hey there! Those mitts are really fabulous. I have a nine year old and a teen and they have been over the moon about fingerless mitts because the most recent Harry Potter flick is filled with them. My 17 year old son asked me to make him some for Christmas. Can you believe it? Anyway, I think if you get several sizes in this patter, they have the potential for being a runaway hit. The 9-14 year old crowd especially because my 17 year old fits in the adult sizes. Lots of patterns out there for that size already. But you may really hit onto something big with the pre-teen size crowd. I hope so anyway. Best of luck with that.

  14. those little mitts are wonderful!!! they would be perfect for 3 of my grandchildren. cannot wait for the pattern.

  15. Hi,
    Anne, the “new” scarf is super cute! I hope you get the pattern soon, I suspect a great deal of people may be knitting these up as last minute gifts…

  16. Anne, I’m so happy to know that you have one vice – potato chips! (haha, me too). Love all the yarn and projects pouring out of this post, but the orange hat is my favorite. I just love me some orange. And the keyhole scarf is so fun!

  17. The fingerless mitts pattern for kids will be awesome to have–my two nieces, Mallorie and Natalia, will love to have a pair like their Auntie Chris!

    I love looking at your Spirit Trail pron. I was completely overwhelmed by their selection at Rhinebeck–so much that I was unable to pick something to buy. Love the colors you have on today!

  18. The hat photos are so funny LOL.

    So much beautiful yarn plus your clever patterns, I must make a serious resolution for 2011 to try to keep up with you. Or at least make a few of your delicious items!!

  19. Cute pattern, and perfect for my plan to knit the person who cuts my hair something, but alas my appointment is Thursday, so I’ll have to keep this one in mind for next year!

  20. Gads…hurry with the scarf pattern…..it is just exactly what I need to make for my sister in law…until I saw this, I was stumped!

  21. Perfect timing again. Little Miss Bella had on my Matterhorn mitts on today. They were a little bit too big :). Grandma will definitely knit her a pair so we match.

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