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wow! thanks for all your comments on my sweater washing! what fun—i had no idea it would instigate such a discussion. i must admit, i may have been initially offering it up as an excuse for why i never get enough knitting done . . . as in, i got nuthin, see my pretty sweaters

but who cares? i am just excited now that everyone is interested in some sweater action. oh, and i never meant to imply that lace knitting would take a back seat at all—just re-balancing the time i spend on it. at least, that’s what i’m thinking right now. believe me, i’m torn.

but what about that red sweater idea, eh? seems to have set off a little flurry of excitement.
hey, that’s fine with me—i say, let’s have a red sweater throw down! red sweaters all around. the more the merrier. but why red, why now? . . . for me, it’s about gray hair.
my hair is getting grayer as i write this, and i think red will look well on me now in ways it did not a few years back.

i’m thinking about two different red sweaters in fact. one is a turtleneck that i’ve had the yarn for since last winter. the minute malabrigo entered the shop, i had dibs on this red, and i knew i wanted a turtleneck because it is so soft.

i think it might have to have some soft cables and chunky ribbing. cozy, eh?

but i REALLY want a little red cardigan even more. i could use this briar rose yarn which i bought to make a shawl (oh, and WHAT a shawl—wait til you see it!).

but i could find something else for the shawl, something finer—after all, this IS the exact color i was thinking for my red cardi.

OR i could shop for some red wool at morehouse merino while i’m in rhinebeck. i love the sweaters i’ve made with their yarn and they wear like iron (yes, i am slowly talking myself into this choice. we’re going there anyway—i might as well do damage with something i’m actually searching for . . .). OR, i could buy their merino laceweight for the shawl, thus freeing up that BR red for the sweater.
decisions, decisions . . .

so i’m mulling over the red yarn choices for a few days while i finish up my two priority projects. the petite casino shawl i started over the weekend is well on its way.

i am trying, in a fit of complete madness, i admit, to get it done for rhinebeck, just because chris asked me if i could. briar rose will have a booth there, so keep your eyes peeled for a sweet lady with gorgeous yarn, who might or might not be borrowing my shawl! i think she is going to be outside.

i love the tencel/wool blend; it has the feeling of silk, and the sheen, but it not as catchy to the needle tips as silk can be—actually it behaves VERY nicely on the needles all around. it does not slip off easily or split, yet it slides along the wood nicely. it’s definitely not as fine a fiber as silk, but it is quite drapey and liquid and is a good choice for this shawl. since it is heavier than the cahmere i used originally, i am making the petite size shawl, and removing 1 extra pattern repeat.

now i know you’re dying to see a manLace update and i won’t keep you waiting any longer. switching the design for this particular yarn was the best choice i made so far in this project. just take a look at how hunky and studly it is—and lacy. it has a boot planted solidly in each camp.

i’m hoping like crazy to get this done before rhinebeck too (mad, i tell you—simply mad!). that way i can leave a little bit of me behind when i go away. (that, and homemade freezer meals ought to do it for the 6 days i’ll be gone . . .).

i am lovin’ this baby, boy oh boy! it is whipping up a real treat now. it is ten times softer and more drapey in this stitch. it is lighter and more fun to knit, too. all hallmarks of a great project.

19 thoughts on “reds

  1. OK, the first thing I thought of when I saw yesterday’d post was …. beautiful, exquisite sweaters but….NO color! I love vibrant colors and Anne, I know you, you would look smashing in a brilliant blue and ANY red of your choice. Go for it!

  2. Oh, the red, the red, the glorious, flamboyant, scarletty lusciousness of all that red. I say: new yarn at Rhinebeck, just because, and set the cruise control on “red” for the next few projects.

    Too hard to chose between/among all those yarns, so hurry up with the man lace (I agree, this incarnation is *amazing*) and Knit Red until you’re screaming for green or plum or whatever.

    One of the Fort Worth shops has an exceedingly tempting assortment of red sock yarns, and I intend to have a pair of red socks for/before Christmas.

    The ghost of the Unsinkable Molly Brown is whispering “red, more red, still more red!”

  3. Ymm, that Briar Rose red is rich beyond description. Eye-catching, heart-stopping, but not brassy red. I love it.

    The man lace is suitably handsome.

  4. How about the cardi pattern from the Girl from Auntie who made the Rogue pattern, of which I am just finishing up.

  5. Those reds are both so gorgeous. I can’t wait to see the projects. I can almost feel that Malabrigo just looking at the photo, and the Briar Rose. . .it is all I can do to not rush out and buy some myself!

  6. I love your choice of red for a cardi! I’m going to be swatching and starting a red sweater (pull over) next week! If you could see my closet you’d see that I believe in the theory of “you can NEVER have too much red”. I’ll be very interested to see your red project(s) grow.

  7. I knew that was Malabrigo in the picture even before the page finished loading. You can’t mistake Malabrigo for anything else. It is divine. Yarn of the gods.

    My heart goes pitter-pat when you start talking about mysterious new shawls. Whatever’s up your sleeve, I know it’s going to be good! 😉

  8. The man lace is really coming along. It looks great!

    Your red yarns are scrumptious. I think I’d wait to decide until seeing exactly what’s available at Rhinebeck.

    I think a red sweater knit along this fall would be awesome. I could really sink my needles into it. 🙂

  9. Beautiful shades of red! They will look exquisite with your coloring (clear blues, too). Stacey’s vision of a big turtleneck with ribbing and cables would be stunning. Can’t wait to see what you create.

  10. Ooh, the man lace just gets better and better. I love all the reds. Whatever you choose with it can’t be wrong. It’s all gorgeous.

  11. The man lace is looking spectacular!

    What about a lacy cardi in the Briar Rose red, like Serrano from Knitty? I love that red of the sample, Schaefer Anne too.

  12. funny – must be something to do with the impending gray of winter, as i’m also swatching for a red sweater! & hopefully the new sweater project will help me to remain patient until you get the casino shawl pattern ready for sale, as i’m desperate to knit it… 🙂

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