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no pun intended, but i have to hand it to my friend debby and her daughter hannah for suggesting this pattern project. hannah’s boys will not keep their mittens on when playing outside and her oldest was constantly stealing her own fingerless mitts as a substitute.

so she asked debby to knit up some child-sized fingerless mitts and debby said she could, if i would figure out the sizing and pattern instructions. we got to work, using a variety of leftover DK weight yarns from previous projects and once the kids saw them, they ALL wanted a pair.

then i showed them on the blog last week and you all wanted a pattern. so here it is—i think there’s still plenty of time to knit a pair (or three) for stocking stuffers. these little ditties work up incredibly fast and make for excellent TV knitting (ask me how i know). the pattern is simple, has multiple sizes, and even includes a few charts for adding textured panels (or you can add your own).

shown here, one in each of five sizes in a variety of yarn leftovers. from left to right we used knitting notions classic merino sport and a basketweave panel, briar rose fourth of july and a mosaic rib from the tesserae socks, classic elite waterspun (now discontinued) with a triangle rib panel, filatura di crosa zara in a cloverleaf lace rib, and a mystery yarn (we can’t figure out what that one is).

and those are just a few ideas—there’s plenty of latitude with this project, so go crazy! or stick to a plain version for the speediest of speedy last-minute gifts.

anything you have on hand that is cozy, cute, and knits to the right gauge should work. seriously, the hardest part of this project will be narrowing down your yarn choices.

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

if you prefer a lighter fabric and tighter fit, use a sport weight yarn and slightly smaller needles; knit the instructions for one size bigger to get the right size mitt at a tighter gauge.

thanks to all who rallied to test knit this pattern in each size—we’ve got a thumbs up from kids and knitting moms alike for the fit and ease of the instructions. my friend debbie knit two pair for her grandsons and is on the way to knitting three or five more pairs for the rest of the gang. our friend claudine not only test knit in two sizes for her adorable girls

but took the time to send photos of the mitts in use on their very happy little hands as well. thank you claudine!

and my dear friend barb is helping her daughter move this week, but did not (or cannot) go a day without knitting and made up a couple of pairs to help get this pattern out in a jif. then there was catherine, who knit two pair in beautiful pink from cascade 220—SO cute!

what would we do without them?

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  1. The pattern is fab but oh my….the photographs/styling are equally delightful! Can’t figure out who had more fun…you or David!

    Will get on these once Cinder Block socks are done. Well, at least they’ll go in the queue…

    Happy Holidays,
    Cheers, Barbie O.

  2. Of course that’s assuming David took the pics, but if it was you taking pics, then you had ALL the fun! 😉

  3. Well – they are just great – Hands Down! (Ok – sorry – had to do it! LOLOL)
    I just love quick little projects like this that don’t use too much yarn and can be done in a jiffy.

  4. Oh! I adore these! What cute pictures too. I’m off to buy the pattern, and to see if I could possibly complete a pair by Sunday. Thanks for another cute design!

  5. Thank you so much for these great, kid-size, fingerless mitts, Anne! My granddaughter, Cass, will love them. Pattern is purchased, now off to search my stash!

  6. Amazingly fun photo shoot And a special thank you for writing such very clear instructions for your wonderful patterns.

  7. Just LOOOOVE the mitts! It is really nice to have one pattern with variations. So, how much trouble would it be to change the patterns to fit adult hands??! I’m not a particularly confident knitter so would prefer to have an expert (i.e. you) do it rather than try muddling through it on my own… 🙂

  8. There are definitely NOT enough child sized patterns out there. These are SO cute! Can’t wait to make some for my munchkins!

  9. I LOVE the mitts……..but could I beg you for some mitten patterns to keep those fingers warm for those of us in the frigid north countries? LOVE YOU!

  10. Speaking of matching knits – would LOVE a wristwarmer pattern for the Citi neckwarmer ….. the neckwarmer is a great pattern! Thanks, and love the photos, blog, etc. Gets me thinking about all things cozy, food and knits and friends and family……

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