i lied

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i didn’t try out ANY new needles last night after all. sorry.

i meant to. i did. i ws going to start another pair of socks that i’ve been meaning to get on the needles for some time now. remember this?

yah, that’s still sitting in exactly THAT spot waiting for me to be interested in casting on the socks. i got started on the new casino shawl and i just haven’t looked at anything else since (except the manLace, but really, how could i not?).

so, yeah. that’s gonna have to wait, because i am hot to finish this shawl, and i am SOoo close.
check this out

i’ve got the body off the needles and am working my way across the top on the bird’s eye edging. i should have this baby blocking by tomorrow. it would be today, but i have work i need to complete before tomorrow, when i will be teaching all day instead (can we say “i hate the project i’m on right now??). oh well, i DO feel lucky to have a job—and i really mean that.

doing the shawl a second time gave me a chance to try out some modifications i made AFTER i had completed the cashmere one. for instance, on the cashmere one, i used a needle one size smaller than the body needles for the top edging, and i felt it still came out a little loose. so i changed that when i wrote the pattern. and now i have a chance to see it full-size and i like it much better. and i made the point different and i like THAT a lot better too (but no, not enough to rip out the cashmere one and redo it—i like my solution there too!)

i found a typo in point shaping instructions that got repeated about 7 times, to my own mortification. i emailed new patterns to everyone who purchased one, but if for some reason you are a purchaser did not receive one, let me know and i’ll resend that!

BTW, as with the moth shawl, updates will be posted to the casino shawl page as they come up.

as i mentioned, the manLace is the one distraction i have fallen prey to—and that’s because i really want to finish it too! it has been COLD here! it hasn’t gone out of the thirties in days. i mean it’s beautiful out, but B-rrr. now, here’s something you could really cozy up to though

do you know how many times this week i thought “too bad the manLace isn’t done” as david left for home depot (or wherever it is he goes for wood and plaster).

i figure i have enough yarn to last me through classes tomorrow and maybe into the evening’s knitting, and then, i should be done! right now, it’s about 48 inches or so (give or take). and i’m going for 72. that would be 6 more repeats of the pattern.
this was an extremely quick knit once i got the design straightened out for this yarn. the pattern just begs to be repeated (just one more—please?). and it doesn’t require my entire concentration, so it can be done while i’m watching TV. also, making corrections on it is really easy.

and yup!—i would make this again!

12 thoughts on “i lied

  1. Holy smokes!!! It hasn’t gotten out of the 30s in DAYS?????? You’re not talking night temps, are you??? Days??? Day time it’s only in the 30s???????? Oh my….

  2. The new casino shawl is looking gorgeous.

    The man lace is wonderful! Can’t believe how big it is already.

    Good thing sock yarn can be patient… LOL

  3. I can’t believe you’re almost done with another Casino Shawl. You are one amazingly prolific knitter!

    Can’t wait to hear what you think of the Celtic Swan needles. I almost bought a set for a gift for a fiber-friend, but wasn’t sure whether there would be as functional as they are beautiful.

  4. Do you think a novice lace knitter could manage the casino shawl Anne? I really love it’s softness and texture.

  5. Hang on… that’s a *second* casino shawl?!… My goodness, but you’re FAST!

    And ManLace looks like it might want to be AnneLace, if only just for Rhinebeck. 😉

  6. You knit so beautifully and design so beautifully. I have an idiot question. Do you knit fast? I am notoriously slow and cannot go any faster (I make many mighty mistakes when I do). It just seems that you accomplish so much.

  7. Anne, you really make me feel guilty that I just sit on the side of the knitters who follow patterns while you’re out there hacking through the jungel and CREATING them! For heaven’s sake, what do you do in your spare time?
    Celtic Memory Yarns

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