48 hours

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in 48 hours (or thereabouts) we should be pulling up to the cottage in which we are making our home for the rhinebeck trip—can you spell i-m-S-O-r-e-a-d-y?

actually, i am sooo NOT ready! at least, physically (mentally, i’m already IN rhinebeck). i have about 1000 things to do. i am terrrible about leaving home—i put off all the packing chores til the last minute, thus forgetting everything i really need, and bringing all sorts of things i DON’T need.

which makes for wonderful traveling, because it usually means that i am toting a stitch book, several different kinds of yarn, guidebooks, snacks, some sort of audio entertainment, and no underwear.
bite guard be damned! (what? you didn’t think i didn’t grind my teeth did you?)

so, what i’m trying to say is that i need to be fairly brief, though i would love to sit and chat. first order of business is that i need to finish up the manLace and man-oh-man am i close

see that little ball of yarn there? that’s all i have left to knit. i should be able to squeeze the rest of this pattern repeat out of it, and the edging. we put it on david last night and it looked great (even with the needles hanging off). i’ll be able to pin it out tonite after i finish it up and when i come home next week, we shall have some modeling pictures.

the petite casino is done and blocked

i unpinned it this morning and it just needs the ends woven in. look for it at rhinebeck—i’ll be wearing it at least one day and i’ll probably leave it with chris at the Briar Rose booth on sunday.

now tonite, if i have any time left over, and i think i will, i am going to start the cashmere manLace, and swatch for the red turtleneck in the malabrigo yarn. you can’t even imagine how i’ve been dying to get my hands into that yarn.

these hands are sore from all the computer jabbberwockey i cranked out all weekend. i’m not completely out of the woods yet as far as what my boss WISHES i would finish before i go, but at least i’ve got done what i was originally supposed to get done. (does that even make sense? does your boss do that too—add to your workpile before you go just because you are getting time off—like a hedge fund of sorts? jeesh.).

well for right now, i’m going off to knit! enough work for one day.

19 thoughts on “48 hours

  1. Wow it all looks great! Have fun in Rhinebeck!!

    My last boss was like that, but my current boss is far from that. I’m pretty lucky that way but I still work 14 hour days sometimes. I do payroll and people have to be paid, so whatever it takes, eh?

  2. Have a marvelous time at Rhinebeck!! Enjoy!!! You deserve it!!!! Be safe…..

    Can’t wait to hear all about it. Don’t forget to come back!!!

  3. The man lace is impressive — and masculine. Well done! The petite casino is lovely and the edgings are perfection. Again, well done! Enjoy Rhinebeck and I hope to run into you there. The weather should be pretty good.

  4. YOU? need a night guard? I, who must increase 2 needle sizes understandably wear a night guard but you, whom I idolize as laid back and relaxed and in the moment of life (even if you must have a demanding job)?

  5. Shades of jobs! I haven’t worked at the Public Library in 3 years but when I typed my first initial into the Mail field just now, my old ccrls.org address appeared. Downright spooky, since I often experienced the same pile-on before vacation.

    (That was so not what I had intended to write.)

    Less than 48 hours now. Get some deep, restful sleeps before taking off for Rhinebeck. Travel light and have a blast. (wishfully dreaming from the west coast) Hope you have a wonderful, refreshing, relaxing, and rejuvinating time.

  6. I hope you have a great time in Rhinebeck! I only wish I could go too…

    Your lace is so beautiful as always! And can’t wait to see your Red Sweater.

  7. Okay, that casino shawl is totally awesome. I am going to have to get that pattern. Dang! But I am still cranking on the Sangria skirt. You east-coasters are so lucky to have this Rhinebeck thing. How cool is that to go hang with your knitting buddies?? Well, I’m jealous. Pure and simple. But go have fun anyway! The manlace looks way sick (latest teenage lingo at my house for ‘totally 1000% awesome’). Can’t wait to see David in it.

  8. I hope you have a truly fabulous time at Rhinebeck.

    I usually leave packing to nearly the last minute, as well. My biggest packing faux pas? When I forgot to pack (or wear) even a single solitary bra when I went to visit my mother. Had to stop and *buy* one on the way to her house. Gads! LOL

    The man lace is incredible. Looking forward to seeing it being modeled. 🙂

    And the Casino Shawl is gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.

  9. you are almost there! i promise that if i see you in your new shawl, i will not dare peek to see if you have undies or not 😉 instead, i will admire your picots.
    i’m impressed at how manly the man lace is looking.

  10. Whoo hoo – Both gorgeous! This man lace works much better with this yarn than the other version. Funny about that, eh? How some patterns are perfect with one yarn, but meh with something else. BTW – The sea silk is going to be gorgeous in casino, but I have to frog it and start over – messed up the border. Not your instructions, just the problem with trying to knit lace late in the evening! Have a blast at Rhinebeck and splurge for us all! LOL

  11. The man lace and the casino shawl are gorgeous! The shawl is definitely on my “to buy & make” list, but it’ll have to wait until after the holidays, too many projects to finish first. After Christmas, the knitting will be all about me.

    Have a great time at Rhinebeck! I wish there was something simialr here in the upper mid-west. I can’t wait to hear all about it and see the pics. I’m already feeling sorry for your wallet. Have fun!

  12. Hi anne,
    Just finished my pair of pink mitts that are identical to those on today’s blog; now I need to knit something to go with them for my niece. A hat will go fast–do you think the trim yarn will stretch enough around the brim of a stocking cap?

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