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by this point, most of us are ready to curl up with a relaxing project, definitely something cozy that has no deadline. and once again, sixth&spring books comes through to provide inspiration. knitting at home by leanne prouse is a collection of accessories, toys, and wearables for the home, all knit in the very affordable ella rae yarn line.

most projects are simple in their constructions, but many feature lovely embellishments, such as embroidery and beading to add some sparkle—really, there is something for everyone’s taste here . . .

from the purely ornamental (but necessary, yes?) to the highly functional. there’s bound to be something you’ll want to make.

the book is packed with the expected number of pillow and blanket projects, some designed solely with comfort and simplicity in mind and others, more elaborate.

i love this classic throw—so usable, yet rich.

there is a bevy of possibilities for small projects that make perfect hostess gifts, or last minute birthday remembrances—things you could whip up in no time that make a lovely impression

very few wearables are included, but those represented are the epitome of homey comfort—an easy sweater/jacket/bathrobe

or a pair of socks fit for a lazy afternoon and evening at home

there is a great section of toys and accessories for kids

my very favorite are these felted boots—in my experience, when it comes to handknits, kids get as excited about useful gifts as they do about toys. i want a pair myself!

so cool and a thoughtful gift when visiting family, to keep children smiling and endear them to you as a visitor on their terrain.

many of these items would be welcome gifts for an expecting family as well—the baby blankets included are lovely, yet simple to create.

there are even a number of crochet pieces, for those who enjoy switching it up now and then.

and here’s the best part—sixth&spring would like to treat one of you to a copy of knitting at home. if you’d like to get in the drawing, leave a comment at the end of this post some time before 9 pm EST on sunday, december 26th. i’ll announce the winner early next week.

i’m still furiously knitting on my big christmas gift for david, but nearly done. i finished the body last night before it was time to watch TV.

and worked on the second sleeve while visiting with james and diana yesterday and also while watching TV last night—i’m almost to the underarm bindoff. however, i need to spend most of today cooking with beckie, so i’m still not positive when i’ll finish. and to make matters worse, my yarn supply is dangerously low—i’ve rounded up all my various swatches in readiness for possible cannibalizing to finish the last sleeve or knit the neck edging. this was SO not what i expected to be worrying about at the 11th hour!

the sleeve cap should go relatively fast; i’m bringing it along to beckie’s so i can work on it while food bubbles and boils. (we’re also planning on skype-ing kim sometime this afternoon, haha!)

hopefully, i can finish that sleeve today, so that i can seam it all up tonight when we get home. and there’s always tomorrow morning—this is when i’m grateful that david is a very late sleeper. i’ll probably have until mid-afternoon to finish up any last details (provided i have enough yarn, heh).

please, remind me next year not to go down this road??

well, happy, merry, christmas to all—i’ll be back tomorrow with a quick christmas post that’ll be sure to light up your holiday!

237 thoughts on “home (knitting) for the holidays

  1. Happy Holidays, Anne, and may the coming year be one of good health and happiness to you and yours! I would LOVE to have this book, as I am impressed with Sixth and Spring’s quality of inspiration and workmanship! Thank you for entering my name in the drawing!!

  2. Congrats on finishing the Christmas sweater. I am always amazed by how much you are able to accomplish! It’s inspiring! The book looks wonderful. Who wouldn’t want a copy for themselves?

  3. Hope you are including Canadians in your draw – it`s a lovely book.

    Glad you got the sweater finished, and thank you for the photo`s of Brett`s wonderful Christmas display. Love the elf with a pot belly LOL.

  4. That book looks like a keeper – may have to get it! I agree the felted boots look great.
    Thanks for the photos of the lights – love seeing them.

  5. Happy holidays anne I do hope you were able to finish david’s sweater! Love this new book!!

  6. Happy Holidays to you and David. Love that book, that sweater looks so cozy, and I feel a need for a hot water bottle with a knit cover with this cold winter. Thanks for the giveaway, and also thank you for a year’s worth of inspired and inspiring knitting

  7. I love reading all your adventures. You have a wonderful blog, and I still cannot fathom how you knit so many projects so quickly. Happy New Year! Good Yarn to Ewe!

  8. That sweater for David looks lovely – I can’t wait to see pics of him wearing it!

    So many throw patterns in that book. Seems a good way to beat the winter blues!

  9. Merry Christmas, and thanks for all the good inspiration. Thanks also for the chance to win the book.

  10. Ann,
    Happy Holidays to you and David! Wishing you allllll the best in the coming year. David’s sweater is beautiful or should I say very handsome. Oh, what the hell – it’s great!

    As 2010 comes to a close, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your knitting, your creations and your inspiration on your blog. Such beauty! And such fun! I wouldn’t miss it for anything.

    And, thank you for the chance to win this book – I agree, lots of inviting knitting projects.

    All the Best,

  11. Wishing you a happy holiday season. I enjoy and learn a great deal from your blog and am looking forward to meeting you next November when you visit here.

    Looks like a really nice book with lots of useful projects. How nice of the company to offer it as a fun prize.

    Best to you in 2011.


  12. I was almost too bedazzled by the light display to scroll down to the next post, but I’m glad I did! What a nice giveaway. And your neighbor has a gift … both space planning AND vision. Put a smile on my face.

  13. Would love a chance to win the book…..great job on David’s sweater…..I really like it. Hope you got it finished and had enough yarn!

  14. Thanks for sharing this year’s amazing light display. There’s nothing that comes near it in my neighbourhood. The book looks lovely too!

  15. I cannot believe how quickly you knit David’s sweater. Congrats on meeting your deadline. The book looks great…please add my name to the draw. Thanks Anne.

  16. What a lovely book! Please add my name to the drawing! Thanks for such a lovely blog and either you or David takes fantastic photos! Kudos!

  17. I love those boots! I hope the size goes up a ways, or I’ll have to practice sizing up…I’ve got to make some for my 13yo sister.

  18. I’ve had my eye on that blue throw…

    Congrats on getting the sweater finished again this year!

  19. Thank you for all the lovely inspiration throughout the year. Hope your Holidays are merry and bright!

  20. Merry Christmas!! Planet Purl had an interview with the author and it was very interesting. I put this book on my wish list. Love your matching jackets for your nephews. They are adorable.

  21. I am just getting in under the wire. My feet are freezing and I could use the hot water bottle covers. Please pick me.

  22. What a wonderful book! I really like the various easy and fast project suggestions and what wonderful gifts one could make!

  23. The sweater looks like a work of art. I think the book looks wonderful. Many interesting projects. Happy Holidays!

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