manLace blocking . . .

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i set out to do two things with this project: i wanted to knit a piece that as a) manly AND lacy,
and b) knit a piece that was manly and lacy AND that my husband would love to wear.

this is hypoteneuse. yes, it’s manly. . . .

and . . . lacy. AND there is shadow play . . .

play is good! sometimes the holes are fully visible—perfect for peekaboo moments

and then—mysteriously—they disappear, just begging to be hunted and caught in my fingers.

when it’s unpinned, the pleating will come back a bit too (in case you missed it . . .)
will he wear it? he says yes! we’ll get to see it on him next week.

until then—on to the next phase of the manlace project. we are calling this new one obstacles, and i cast on last night in fearless fibers DK cashmere. i’m already wanting to hole up alone with just me, the cashmere, and a bottle of very, very, good scotch.

28 thoughts on “manLace blocking . . .

  1. Oh that looks GREAT!!! It also has Mason’s seal of approval and we all know how picky he is haha. Ya know, you could always leave that and the casino shawl with me for safe keeping until you get back from Rhineback….I’d be happy to “knit-sit”..I’m just sayin’…..

  2. I’m stunned by your manlace! It is beautiful and yet manly as you say. Words fail to describe how I feel about your scarf.

  3. That’s lovely! it looks easy enough to figure out, but any chance you’d post the stitch pattern? Otherwise I may have to fudge it. I love your blog, btw. Such beautiful lace, and beautiful yarn!

  4. We have a winnah! It really is manly AND lacy. When do we get to see it modeled by a real may-un?

    Can’t wait to see “Obstacles” in cashmere, too. I always thought the stitch pattern looked like wings…. I’m thinking black swan wings. *sigh* I don’t think there’s a chance in hell of my DH wearing manlace, but I’ll have to show him Hypoteneuse and see if that sways him!

  5. I like it! I also like the reversibility of the pattern. Great job, and very manly indeed.

    And hear hear on the bottle of scotch! But don’t knit on scotch. I learned that the hard way.

  6. The man-lace is gorgeous! I’ll have to show it to my husband, he’s an artist, so maybe there’s a chance. I know the color would look great on him.

  7. ManLace totally rocks! Seriously, that is as beautiful as your shawls…would you consider posting the stitch pattern sometime in the future?
    Or even doing a 2 in 1 published pattern of this and “obstacles” maybe?
    I love the texture of the open but not overly laciness of “hypoteneuse” you hit it spot on.
    Great knitting and always an inspiration.

  8. Beautiful as always Anne 🙂 Lace with just the right amount of man. Have fun at Rhinebeck this weekend and fondle some fiber for me while you’re there okay?

  9. I wonder, if I knitted up something similar, if it would attract a man worthy of it (and by extension, of me)???

    Congratulations on creating the More Macho Than Metro Scarf 🙂

  10. Love it, of course! I showed it to my husband and he’s holding off on his verdict until he sees “an actual man” wear it. I suppose that means there’s hope!

    Have a fabulous time at Rhinebeck. Safe trip!

  11. Looks good — just the right combination of texture and, umm, holes. Still not sure I’d use one, though, unless you called it a blankie. 🙂

  12. Just love it! Now I’m going to go looking for a man who I can knit for… exciting; the knitting bit not the man hunt, of course!

  13. oooh, the man-lace looks terrific! i’m going crazy here imagining dirty harry flipping back his man-lace and going for the revolvers in his holsters. i’ll have to bring a picture of the inspiration!
    see you at sheep & wool 🙂

  14. Man lace–say it fast and it sounds almost like “Manliness!” I think you have created a whole new category of knitting obsession 🙂



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