and now, the knitting

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the knitting over the weekend was not as intense as i had expected. due to time constraints, i had not been spinning much before i left for rhinebeck, so naturally i brought a lot of knitting along thinking i would complete a couple of WIPs.

and i totally forgot that this was a fiber trip and that i would be spinning (having packed my wheel—did somebody mention that the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing??). in fact, i did not even pack fiber to go with the wheel, so i had to mooch some off of beckie for the first evening’s spin-in. i think i mentioned in an earlier post that i am a highly-challenged packer.

(and for those of you who might be wondering, i did remember underwear—i did not have to mooch that off beckie . . .)

but still, i was determined to make some progress on the knitting i brought—i have to keep up! there is so much in my backlog to be knit and patterned up . . .
on the way out to the catskills i worked on my sorely-neglected brownTreXX sox—you know, those ones that have been sitting on my desk for an eternity, growing by blips and millimeters, rather than inches? (i do work on them, really i do . . . just not, you know, . . . a lot).

and so i have for you here the results of my car knitting

are you proud of me? cuz i feel pretty good! i should be able to get them done for socktoberfest—i have only a few more inches to do and at least one whole day of classes at the shop. i can probably even put aside the new manLace project for one evening to get them done.

i took along the briar rose waterfall sox, too, but they didn’t even make it out of my bag. the fiber called and i succumbed, gladly and with abandon (as they say).

but, speaking of briar rose and sox, i did have the unique opportunity to compare a day of wearing my autumn spiral sox (made with her yarn)

against a day of wearing my plum striped trekking sox. both pairs were brand new and worn for the first time over this weekend.

i did not plan this, but the difference was SO noticeable that i had to report it here. and granted i am something of a tenderfoot, but i thought it was interesting; i never believed there was that much difference between sock yarns, because there isn’t that much difference between hanspun sock yarns in terms of comfort (they all feel nice).

briar rose sox felt cushy and comfortable all day and did not slip down into my shoes even a bit. and they looked just as nice at the end of the day as at the beginning. the trekking sox were not as comfortable—i could “feel the stitches” underfoot, they kept slipping around and making wrinkles, and they sagged. plus, the fiber itself did not feel nearly as lovely. i knit both pairs to a gauge that i felt was comparably tight, given that the trekking is a thinner yarn. now trekking is one of my favorites to knit, so i was a little surprised at how much less comfortable they were to wear. too bad, because i thought they made a handsome lightweight sock.

ok, so the other thing i brought along to work on was the second manLace project—the obstacles shawl. i am knitting it up in fearless fibers DK weight cashmere, sodona coloway.

the stitch looks much better in this more relaxed yarn—it is still cushy, but not nearly as tightly pinched, and the holes are showing up quite well

hahaha! i had plans to finish the whole shawl while i was away. right.
oh well, it will be my main knitting project for the next little bit. i’m pretty sure i’m going to need more yarn—and i think deb is on it, but i may run into a situation where i have to put it aside for a while til the yarn is ready.

which is fine because i have YET to start my red sweater for the KAL! i know—bad blogger. sigh. i just ran out of time before i left to swatch and get started. and as it it turned out, this trip was more conducive to getting socks and scarves made.
hee-heee—and last night, i sat down around 12:00 to get started and fell asleep even before the first TV program was over. that is so sad, right?
not the falling asleep, but the way i am completely out of touch with how much energy i have. i mean, i had no idea i could not sit down and design a sweater before i passed out . . .

so anyway, that is my priority for tonight—get that baby on the needles.

i have some very nice final pictures of hypoteneuse, but i haven’t been able to pin david down for a modeling shot yet (he promises that over the weekend we can do that). however, let me just leave you with a taste . . .

is that luxuriant or what??

14 thoughts on “and now, the knitting

  1. That is truly luxuriant! And obstacles is something else again — over the top! Can’t wait to see the patterns.

  2. What a great parade of FO’s! (or just about FO’s!) – surprising the difference between the socks – I have worn some of mine and on some I notice the stitches (though no twisting or slouching) and some I don’t. I’ll have to take a closer look!

  3. Obstacles looks fabulous. Have I mentioned I lurrrvve that stitch pattern? You’re right, this yarn does it justice. Manlace is established for good. I can’t wait to show DH pics of Hypoteneuse modeled. Will he commission one, or won’t he? I didn’t think he would, but I’m starting to wonder….

  4. As always, everything looks so lovely! Each time I see the Hypotenuse, I love it more and more.

    And I promise, I’ll have more Sedona cashmere for you soon. Just don’t knit so fast 😉

  5. Anne, I’m working on some trekking socks right now, and am not very enthusiastic about your assessment of the sock after wearing it all day! Boohoo!!! What size needles did you use? I am wondering if I should just rip it out and be done with trekking if it doesn’t feel good to walk in! PS – Sangria is cooking along…. And I am very jealous of the Fall Leaves by the ManLace….

  6. Hypotenuse is lovely. If I saw it in an “accessories for men” book, I’d never give a thought to the fact that it uses a lace pattern. Your knitting and finishing is beautiful, too.

  7. I love your new projects, and I wish I had gone to Rhinebeck. At least I’m off to Stitches East next week, and hopefully the red sweater will be worked on.

  8. Heavens above, girl, will you stop making me TIRED! How on earth can you accomplish so much and fit sleep in as well? At least I’ve cast on for the Red Sweater KAL, although at two hours per row, it’s not going to get much beyond that in the foreseeable future.

    And I’ve been noticing too that some yarns make far more comfortable socks than others. That feeling of noticing the yarn under your foot… Oh well, have to keep on trying until we find the ideal pair!

    Celtic Memory Yarns

  9. I was just wondering what the #’s are for the brown and the plum trekking sock yarns? I also wanted to say how pretty your shawl is. Do you have a spot where you tell what yarn, etc. was used for your finished projects? It’s pretty hard sometimes to track all that down. It would be sort of nice when you finish
    something you could list all that sort of stuff. Thanks for sharing your talent! Such beautiful stuff to look at.

  10. Interesting comment about the Trekking socks not feeling great when worn. I’ve made lots of Trekking socks as gifts, but have not made myself a pair until just recently. I’ve only worn them once so far, but I’ll have to wear them again soon and pay attention.
    I think my favorite socks to wear are my Mountain Colors Bearfoot socks.

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