i was this close . . .

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can you believe i got this close to being finished with waterfall sock #1, and i stopped??
well, it was 3am, but i DID have a nap yesterday . . . i just got stupid-tired—and realized i should not keep working. ha!

(i do, however, desperately want to finish at least one of the pairs of socks i have going by tuesday . . . it would be just like me, after doing all those socks ALL year long, to not be able to get a pair done for socktoberfest.)
but hey! does a non-matching pair count? anybody know??

i’m pretty happy today. why?
because i totally forgot that the time changed. i remembered yesterday at some point but did not want to change the clocks then. and then all thoughts of it vacated my mind until just now when i sat down to work. so now i have a whole hour to write my post and play with pictures before i had intended to start work.

never mind that i intended to start work two hours ago, but started knitting instead, and my good intentions just whirled down into that proverbial black hole of suspended time. oh well, it’s sunday.
i’m allowed.

i did do a whole schlew of other knitting/fibery things yesterday, so i feel good about that, too.

debbie came over for knitting and LOTS of talking and fiber drooling (she hadn’t seen my rhinebeck stuff in person). she worked on a variety of christmas gift projects and i spun. it was heavenly.

i finished spinning that bump of 3 Bags Full fiber acquired at rhinebeck, which i started working on at the cabin last weekend

i spun this quite fine—like i could see the individual fibers in the drafting zone, but it still plied up fairly lofty, which speaks to me of a nice springy yarn, maybe perfect for cabling.

this piece is just off the end of the bobbin; most of it plied up tighter than this. and it will poof up even more when i wash it. it will be a great fingering yarn. i will probably use it for a new men’s scarf design—people at the shop are looking for those kind of patterns now to make christmas gifts.

this was fun to spin—highly irregular due to the silk noil and the variety of wool and silk neps in it. there was a large vein of bright, very shiny turquoise silk which i sometimes tapped all by itself, and sometimes got mixed with the gray wool (the other main ingredient). i left it on the bobbins to set the twist and will wait a couple of days to skein it for washing and a yardage check.

my other big project yesterday (besides that three-[cough]hour nap i took), was to finish swatching for my red malabrigo turtleneck, and get started on the actual sweater. i have yet to find a name for this piece, but it has to be something that conveys the unashamedly lusty lusciousness of the red.

the color is sealing wax, and well . . . so much more, eh?
the yarn. i would hoard it if it didn’t just scream bloody murder to be worn.
what?? you want a better picture? head over to the Red Sweater KAL for details.

4 thoughts on “i was this close . . .

  1. As difficult as it is to imagine, I know from personal experience that sometimes a person is just too tired to knit… even if there are only a few rows left. The sock is looking great, your homespun divine, and that red yarn scrumptuous.

  2. The red yarn is really great – such a rich red! It’s hard to stop when you are that close to finishing socks – but they will be done really fast when you pick them up again!

  3. I haven’t spun any of the Rhinebeck stash yet, but I did start playing with the CVM I carded. Gonna do a 3 ply sample with the 2 oz batch I have. I’m curious to see your yarn knitted up.

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