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all i’m saying is: clint wore one.
(thanks denise, for pointing that out . . .)
this generous rectangualr shawl or scarf (directions for both included) knits up quickly into a lightweight, warm garment meant to be wrapped several times, replacing the need for a bulky jacket—perfect for driving or a quick run to the mailbox. or to just . . . horse around.

hypoteneuse shawl or scarf

  • Suggested Yarns: Rowan Felted Tweed, Yorkshire Tweed 4-ply, or Scottish Tweed 4-ply, Fearless Fibers DK cashmere or Merino Sport, Classic Elite Blithe, Briar Rose Heritge or Legend, Elsebeth Lavold Silky Tweed or Silky Wool, Jaeger Shetland, Mountain Colors Bearfoot, or any light fingering yarn.
  • finished size (blocked): Shawl: 18�? W X 84�? L/Scarf: 12�? W X 64�? L
    Final measurements are dependent on yarn/needle choices; finer yarns and smaller needles will reduce the overall dimensions, while heavier yarns and larger needles will increase the dimensions.
  • yarn requirements: Shawl: 850 yards/Scarf: 450 yds
  • needles:  Size 8/5mm (or size to obtain correct gauge); needles one size smaller for garter edgings
  • gauge: 16 sts and 24 rows in stockinette stitch (unblocked; fabric will feel light and be somewhat open)
  • pattern price: $6.00USD (ohio residents, plese add $.36 sales tax)
  • payment method: please visit our pattern shop!

My thanks to carole for test knitting the pattern and offering suggestions!

33 thoughts on “hypoteneuse

  1. How beautiful! The fiber and stitch pattern are perfect together. I love the way it drapes. It looks great on David!

  2. Wonderful…I can really see and feel the texture of the stitch. Well done Anne; another success.

  3. Yeah David, you look great in that!! Thanks for modeling it…better watch out now, the fashion mags are not only gonna grab Anne up for pattern designing but you for modeling the,,, OMG, I have a GREAT idea, we can start a design line, lemme get a sample of your handwriting first so I can sell it on EBAY when you both are rich and famous 🙂 Ok peeps, there it is, not only is Anne the BEST pattern making gal in town, BUT her patterns are wearable, David is living proof and they look FABU!!! Ya know what Mason said, well, let’s just say he is giving Mr. David 2 thumbs up and saying, “Well, Miss Anne DID pick the colors out ya know;)

  4. Somehow, it looks even more impressive on. On first seeing the top picture I said “Oh wow” out loud, totaly spontaneous.

    Don’t you wish you could somehow be there when someone sees your work for the first time?

  5. Love that Man Lace. David wears it well. Very handsome (the man and the piece). Please tell him that I adore his locks too!

  6. Looks great and David is not too hard on the eyes either. I wonder if my husband would wear one.

  7. Gorgeous, or should I say handsome! It is am amazing piece, now my guy just wants to know if I make him one can he get the locks too!

  8. Hi, I just bought a copy of the pattern and I was wondering what size is shown in the picture. I want to make one for my man, LOL. Thanks!

  9. Anne, it is fantastic! I just love it.

    And David’s hair! Gorgeous! I’ve tried to talk mine into growing his hair just like that, but he’s of the “shave it totally bald” school. Which looks good too, of course.

  10. You have an awesome serape and an awesome model. Great design, great drape, and please tell David I am in total envy of his dreads. If someone could give me the instructions for hair like that…!

  11. Is that David?! You’ve been holding out on us… he is HOT! 😉

    I really do think the scarf/shawl/comfy wrap is sufficiently manly, too. My husband would wear that, no doubt about it.

  12. I would like to buy this pattern but am confused (so what else is new?). Is there a link I am not finding? What do I do? Thanks, Anne.

  13. Since I’m technologically challenged and can never get direct paypal payments through, would you send me an invoice so I can order this gorgeous pattern (but I’m not knitting it for my husband, I’m making it for me!) Thanks.

  14. Hi :: did you use the Silky Tweed for the one pictured ?
    i think it will be a mathematical Xmas for my son and daughter in law :: a hypoteneuse, a fibonacci and a moebius !?
    ~*~ eileen

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