giving october the boot

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goodbye october, and socktoberfest!
you force me to look into the cold, gray depths of november by leaving me like this.

but, just in time, i have finished socks—the brownTrexx.
dave is gonna be SO relieved not to see them on my desk any more . . . along with a few other
of you i’m sure

it was slow there for a while, but we got through it! i also have half-finished socks—the waterfallSox, knit with grandma’s blessing sock yarn from briar rose

why, they are even a little bit more than half finished. i know they look disproportionately long and skinny. that’s partly due to the ribbing all the way down, and partially due to the fact that they ARE disproportionately long and skinny. trust me—i do know someone with feet shaped like this . . .
AND, i even have just-started socks

in fact, these socks are so new, that i decided to redesign them after just 4 rows. they will be reincarnated as barkingSox, for that tree-bark-scum color of theirs (go here for the details behind that story . . .). i found a stitch pattern that evokes tree bark in a more abstract way, i think (there was a cable too, but it was a pain in the neck to execute, and i like my sox to be easy, for the most part).

so let’s see—i have now just two pairs on the needles (well, plus that hemp/wool pair i flung in a drawer back in june . . .).
yeah, you know what? maybe i will get those out—er, well, maybe after the briar rose ones are done. right now, i need to start a new pair for a gift (i am shamefully behind on that—the jKnits yarn is still sitting there, waiting) (maybe it is becoming a conceptual installation next to my end of the sofa?)

yes, i’d better get on top of this yarn, like NOW.
and i want to get my hands on some of my fearless fibers sock yarn—which i have YET to sample!! i have several hanks, and no sox done in them yet. and i am betting that i am in for a real treat, too.

well, that’s the end of socktoberfest for me i think. there is more red sweater than you can imagine going on over at the Red Sweater KAL.

here’s a hint at what you can see today if you just click

7 thoughts on “giving october the boot

  1. The “brown” sox are the loveliest, softest, muted colors. Very autumnal. I especially like the little streaks of lavender and orange.

  2. So…
    I’ve read that those cables are going up the side seam. Very nice. Many many rounds of stockinette leaves time to think (and unfortunately it leaves time to forget to increase) so I’ve been thinking of all the things to do with the sides of my next seamless something. Seems like an under used opportunity to me…

  3. Love the brown trek socks – what Trekking colorway is that? It’s so hard to tell from the ball what they look like knitted up!

    So much great sock yarn! Good thing you have 365 patterns to choose from!

  4. I think I have that same color of trekking (the brown with the bits of orange) – great to see it knitted up – NOw I can truly make an edcuated decision about keeping it, versus not. I think I’ll keep it – yours looks great!

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