sad sock

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yeah, i dunno what’s up with my socks this week. i’m just not finding the right expression for them—y’know? i have great yarn and even some good design ideas, but i am a-g-o-n-i-zing over the stitches. here’s where i am with barkingSox

you see the problem? that is NOT progress.
but! i have a plan. i scoured every book, and i found something new that i like.

actually, i love what i found, but it’s too big a pattern for sox. however, i can easily scale it down—it’s not at all tricky.
i love it because it is reminiscent of sycamores for me (you’ll see), and you know what color(s) they are??—yup, browns and bright greens. and they peel. i will show you that tomorrow—i hope it works

i did nothing with those pastel socks last night. i ripped them out and showed my evening class about the toe-up method. and that’s about it for those til the next time i can fit them in.

what i did work on was the new manLace . . . oh my.

it’s lush. it’s taking a lot more yarn than i planned (again), but isn’t that always the way with high-end types? now this piece could present a real conundrum for some guys.
it’s as soft as anything, and they like that.
but it has colors. colors that are not gray, brown, black , or blue.
it. could. be. too girly.
(wink). just sayin.

i’m a knit-tin, knit-tin . . . knittin’ machine
the malabrigo advances at an alarming rate—my coffee table is covered with red knit sweater.

13 thoughts on “sad sock

  1. the malabrigo is making me really really want, well, some malabrigo! it’s totally lucious. Also, the sock may not be a sock, but it’s a good picture.

  2. Your knitting productivity stuns me! I don’t know how you fit it all in. I agree with Laurie that a man may not wear pink lace. But muted pinkish man-lace on your David? I think he can carry it off royally.

  3. i’m always and forever a sock-ho, but my eyes are so tired tonight, and i’m so tired i can’t make myself go to bed! but, i am not tired enough to not recognize that the newest man-lace is so dimensional (oh! you should really see it on my monitor!)(and i am tired enough to know or not know if my grammar is correct, much less my spelling). is it for “the man” ? he’s sooo lucky!
    why aren’t there any knitters in MY family?!
    someday, i’d like to knit a next-to-skin sweater in malagbrigo for myself. i don’t care how much it pills or fuzzes, because it is soooo sinfully soft!
    knit on, you knit-knit-knitten’ machine 🙂

  4. I’d wear it…
    I look great in reds and pinks…
    (i’d insert a smiley face here if I knew how to)…
    It’s not like it’s all THAT lacy.
    And it’s not like it’s sparkley eyelash either…

    I’m just sayin’

  5. Yes, I agree with Corbett. It’s not foofy girlie girl looking. It will have to be worn “a certain way,” not too “placed,” if you know what I mean. Just kind of thrown rogishly (yes, I know that’s not how you spell it, but cut me some slack…I’ve been knitting my sangria skirt for a couple hours) around the shoulders…. Anne, you ARE a knittin’ machine. Don’t your wrists EVER get tired????

  6. Too bad about the sox – they will tell you what they want to be, then they’ll fly off the needles! The new lace and sweater are looking great!

  7. The man lace looks great. I can completely imagine the feel and fluidity of the cashmere. Mmmmmm…

    Is it just the photo and monitor variations that make it look pink, rather than shades of brick and mocha? Or is it one of those mind-bending, inexplicable oddities of yarn where it just seems to transform its color when moving from in-the-skein into knitted fabric? Just curious, as I haven’t knit with this one myself yet.

  8. Oh I hate that, too. You get out new yarn that you’ve been dying to start a project with and half a day later you’re still roaming through pattern books feeling like you just can’t find the right one and now it’s time to go do something else like *gasp* work! and you’ve knit nothing. Grrrr. But that man lace is bee-oo-ti-ful and if no guy you know wants to wear it there are plenty of girls at my house who would line up for the chance. I’ll send you my snail mail addy any time! =)

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