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when my friend erica at kollage yarns sent me this creamy yarn to play with, i knew immediately that i wanted to surprise her with a wedding gift knit from it. i had a lily of the valley motif earmarked in my book of stitch patterns, which knit up perfectly in this yarn and and my hopes for a beautiful bridal gift were confirmed.

in celebration of all things loverly, we’re releasing the pattern just in time for a valentine treat. i’m so happy for my friend; getting married is the start of a wonderful life adventure and i wish her and her husband matt all the best on their journey.

shown here: the petite shawl, in kollage yarns creamy, a milk/cotton blend in colorway natural.

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

this is the second or third time i have knit a project in kollage creamy and each experience has been a complete pleasure. kollage has a wide selection of unique fiber blends and colors, which they enthusiastically offer to support the work of independent designers. please take a moment to tour the kollage website and take a look at their luscious yarn offerings.

many, MANY thanks to my friends vanessa and nan for their beautiful test knitting and helpful feedback on this pattern. i say it every time, but really what would we do without them?

and last but certainly not least, my admiration and gratitude to my beautiful friend kim and my talented husband david for bringing in this incredible photo shoot—they make a GREAT team, don’t they?

34 thoughts on “LOVe shawlette

  1. I love how the waves of the scalloped edge of this shawl echo the waves in the outline Kim’s curls. It’s these kind of details that make all of your patterns, Anne, but especially this one. It’s a LOVely gift. Thank you for sharing it with us all.

  2. I’m always blown away by your design and knitting. I’m so grateful that you share your knitting journey with the world, it’s so inspiring! (and gosh Kim is pretty, she looks born for that shawl… great pictures!)

  3. Another beautiful design and such wonderful photographs to show just how beautiful it is! And I LOVE Kollage yarns too. They are yummy.

  4. Wonderful pattern! Will make a perfect wedding shawl for my daughter. No nupps?? I’ll meet you tonight as I am coming to Albany for the classes!

  5. I am so honored that you designed this shawl for my wedding. LOVe is stunning! It reminds me of the Lily of the Valley that bloom by my parents’ front door.

    Our New Year’s Eve wedding was perfect! I married the man of my dreams and we are so happy. Matt is taking me out this weekend for Valentine’s Day, so I can wear your shawl for the first time.

    Lots of love and gratitude!
    Erica at Kollage Yarns

  6. Great pattern. Another one for the (way too long) queue!

    I really like how that center motif works down the shawl. I’m so curious about how you did it that I may just have to knit one to find out!

  7. I have never seen so many pictures of me in one place at one time. I am going to go hide under the bed. But not before I buy this wonderful pattern!!!

  8. ooooh have been dreaming about this gorgeous pattern. it is absolutely next!
    and kim get out from under your bed you gorgeous thing!
    welcome back anne.

  9. The shawl is beautiful as well as our trip to Europe. Thank you. I am still looking for the Eliza mitts pattern but haven’t been able to find it. Hope you can help. Thanks once again.

  10. Oh Anne….this is SO lovely!! This may become my mother of the bride shawl…so lovely!

    Kim looks stunning in these pictures…well done girls!!

  11. LOve the LOve Shawl, Anne. As soon as I post this I’m off to buy the pattern. I may have been experiencing a few withdrawals from not being able to buy any new patterns lately from you : )

    David did a great job with the photography – as always. He’s so talented. Kim looks stunningly beautiful. And you’re just a creative genius.

    Thank you so much!

  12. Another gorgeous pattern and a great set of photos of Kim modelling it. Off to the shop to get the pattern.

  13. Really pretty, and a lovely wedding gift for your friend. I especially like the edging and the pattern down the central spine of the shawl. This may well have a more technical name, but I’m still a shawl novice! (That’s my excuse anyway!) However that’s soon to be remedied, as I have picked out a yarn (and beads – aiming high here!) ready to start Les Abeilles.

  14. Beautiful! Bravo on another beautiful design and shawl. Thank you so very much. I also especially like the pattern down the central spine of the shawl. All the Best, Peg

  15. It is absolutelyy LOVely Anne! Just gorgeous, as is Kim!! I know Erica was so excited when she received it! I can’t wait to see it in person when she’s at Stitches West next week!!

    Beautiful job!

  16. Lovely! I’ve always been a fan of the lily of the valley patterns. What I really like here though, is the strip down the center and the way the edging pulls it all together.

  17. I know the photos were taken in California but with the landscape plants, the light, the wonder blues and lavenders in the mitts and Kim’sweater AND the wonder pattern of the lace shawl…it seems to just spell out… Provence. Great photos!

  18. Strike the pose, Kim! You look fab! Great photo shoot and if that is what winter is like in San Diego, I just wanna cry right now.

  19. My daughter Erica was so honored to receive such a lovely unexpected truly beautiful gift, it brought her to tears, in a good way of course. As her mom I’m pleased she has so many wonderful friends in the knitting and designing world that she truly cherishes. thank you Anne!

  20. Thanks for your tavel log. I really enjoyed your trip through your eyes. I couldn’t wait for your next adventure and anxiously awaited the next set of pics of your journey. This wrap is so pretty. It makes me want to pic up my needles and begin. Wait, I need yarn!

  21. LOVerly shawl, Anne! LOVerly you, Kim, Kim, Kim! Needless to say, my Anne Hanson projects queue groweth greatly….

  22. I kept coming back to look at this gorgeous shawlette. Then a sudden need for a quick present arose and … the Love Shawlette has this one covered!

    Anyway, just bought the pattern and will cast on today in Koigu.

  23. Gorgeous, gorgeous, just as everyone has said. What lovely photos. Which mitts are those? They’re fab too (of course!) That yarn sounds very yummy… off to check it out.

  24. Beautiful indeed! I want to make that shawl now, and I’m not even getting married!
    I hope you are safe at home at last and are getting some well deserved rest. Thank you for a great workshop yesterday!

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