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Hello All, firstly, thank you to everyone that recently participated in our club poll. Most endearing to how many of you found the time to assist in a bit of research, it was greatly appreciated. Sadly the poll was not configured properly, as a result the data was not terribly useful. To this end we have created a new survey of which will collate the data in a more meaning way. I humbly ask, if all of you with a desire to see a Knitspot club come to fruition, please take another moment and partake of the survey anew. See link below:

when finished, click the ‘x’ in the upper right corner to close the survey window

Thank you so very much and apologies for the inconvenience.

-Mr. Knitspot

41 thoughts on “poll redux

  1. Dear Mr and Mrs Knitspot,

    No worries, I will fill it in again….it’s kinda reassuring that I’m not the only one who has to redo stuff.

    Thanks for knitspot….I always look forward to reading it.

  2. I’m not sure if my survey was submitted properly – I clicked on the “Finish Survey” link but the survey screen did not go away as I was expecting.

  3. I had the same problem as Diane, I clicked “Finish Survey” twice, so you may have gotten my responses 2x.

  4. Hi – When I went to take the survey a second time (because I REALLY think that a Knitspot club would be AMAZING) it told me I had already successfully completed the survey. So I am hoping that in fact you already have my votes! Thanks for trying so hard!

  5. i didn’t mind at all retaking the survey, but when i went to take the poll a 2nd time and it says that survey has been completed, so i hope you were able to get my vote/thoughts. a club sounds very exciting as i adore your patterns.

  6. I’m afraid I may have submitted my survey twice, because the survey tool I’m used to directs me to another website when I’ve hit the submit button.

    Oh. Well. What everyone else said …

  7. I didn’t take it the first time. I did take it just now. Possibly twice. I did not get a confirmation. I think there is still something wrong with the poll.

  8. I also hit “finish” twice and the screen did not go away. Sorry if I voted twice – but I hope I did vote! Thank you, Mr. and Ms. Knitspot!

  9. Same thing happened for me – poll didn’t disappear so I may have entered my info twice. You’ll be able to see my email address I guess,so hopefully all will be ok!

  10. Hi – I completed the survey as well – hit “complete” and the “finish survey” never went away…
    then I came back into it and hit “complete” and it acted as if it counted my tally again… and again…
    So… not sure my answers have computed yet.

  11. arg!!! Won’t let me “Finish Survey”….I just kept clicking and clicking and clicking-hope that doesn’t skew your results šŸ™

  12. Oh dear…I’m sorry, David. I also clicked a second time, then closed the survey with the X in the upper-right corner.

    I hope we don’t skew the survey too badly.

  13. Had problems with the survey after clicking complete. Here are the comments I wrote in case it didn’t go through:

    This is the first year that Ive signed up for a club, STR, and I love it. Would love to join your club too. Am very interested in lace, scarves, wristers/gloves, and of course socks. Im still working on the Leaving sweater. Love all of your patterns!

  14. If it did not go through, I vote a big yes. I love the blog. I am game for anything on your site. Love it!

  15. Hopefully, everything went through.

    I love the idea of a separate pattern option to help keep costs down. Plus this option might help with stash reduction.

  16. I too finished the survey but it just came back. I clicked it several times so I’m not too sure if I helped or hindered. Keeping my fingers crossed that a club will be possible. šŸ˜‰

  17. Another multiple clicker but in case it didn’t take my vote, I vote yes on whatever form you want the club to take.

  18. Interesting . . . I wondered if it was because I didn’t check a ‘YAY’ box, but it sounds like I’m not the only one whose comments may not have made it?

    Anyway, I’m happy to share my thoughts here . . . I foresee that I may have regrets when I see what I’m missing, but right now, I’m not particularly interested in joining anybody’s club. I guess I’m a kind of a commitment-phobe, or maybe I just don’t do well with surprises – even lovely, squishy, and/or lacy ones!

    I really enjoy the freedom to invest only in designs and fibers that I know I’ll love, at the time when I need them. Your work is beautiful, Anne, and your taste in yarn is impeccable! I wish you the very best with a club for those who are interested, but do hope that you’ll continue to make all of your designs available to all of your customers, preferably without a lengthy waiting period.

  19. Hmmmm – I clicked finish survey, then the X and it all seemed to be fine.
    Anyway – thanks for the opportunity! I love your patterns and the yarns that you find! Can’t wait to see how it works out!

  20. I also clicked finish survey, then the X. Thanks for Knitspot – read it all the time and will wait for the “club” update!

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