ok, you talked me into it

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i’m succumbing to peer pressure (and quite gladly, i might add).
i had a lot of emails after yesterday’s post telling me that it was ok to take a break, so i figured—it’s ok. i’ll do what you tell me (evil grin).

i took a break from clogs to knit on the lace mitts i started and have only been thinking about all week. now first off, i know i can make several pair of these pretty quickly and just have lots of variations, but of course, i was trying to be efficient and have all the perfect parts in ONE project for once.

however i’ve hit a tough spot. a fork in the knitted road, if you will. i need to decide. here we have the finished first mitt in it’s originally conceived form (don’t you love how my new camera takes pictures—i mean, that is BLACK yarn, as in, very black. and just look at the details . . . sigh).

i like it fine, but then as i started the second mitt, i considered what it might look like if the lace ribbing went all the way down to the cuff. so on the second mitt, i tried that variation. (yes—i know—trying variations on christmas gifts??). i hear you. believe me, i do.
anyway, her is a partially finished one with lace all the way down.

i like it too, but i really don’t know which i like better.
the lace one doesn’t seem to define and sculpt the hand as nicely, but then, it’s LACE—who’s looking at the hand inside? and, it’s only half-done, so that could be a factor . . .

the one with the ribbed cuff seems to cut the lace part a bit short though . . . hmmm. on the other hand, there will be a third pair, which will be a LOT more lacy, so maybe this pair should have the more temperate ribbed cuff?

and, if i decide to use the lace all the way down, should i use the lace rib all the way ’round the cuff, or make that rib plain? (you don’t have to answer, that question is just me blogging to myself . . .)

(do you see what i go through?)

this is what makes knitting fun for me—helping a design evolve and coaxing it from the ball of yarn just so. thinking and shaping the idea til the light bulb goes off. knitting clogs is good, too, but this is it for me.
of course, there is bound to be a sacrificial mitt or two in the process, and that sorts sucks when one is on a deadline, but it makes me knit faster.

and hopefully, it’s not too pathetic, spending one’s time fretting over which rib goes where, and whether it should be one-quarter inch shorter or longer, and have yarnovers or not.
(i try to compensate for that by living very simply most of the time, and giving LOTS to good causesthroughout the year. hopefully i actually am striking a balance there . . .)

so, tell me—which mitt??

30 thoughts on “ok, you talked me into it

  1. I personally like the solid cuff best. The yarn is so dark it has a personality of its own, and I think the holes down the wrists are too jarring. The holes on the hands seem more subtle and flattering, to me. Either way, they’re lovely.

  2. Compromise. 😉 Make the ribbed part about half what it is with the lace picking up just below the wrist.

    Seriously, with time short, do the ribbed cuff.

    What kind of camera do you have?

  3. My 9 year old artist (and young knitter) daughter and I agree, the ribbed cuff is nicer. Good luck deciding! They are beautiful, and I love the clogs too! I have to try those some day.

  4. I just LOVE it when someone asks my opinion, because I always have one! ha! Okay, I think the ribbed cuff should be about 25% shorter, but I definitely like it better with the cuff than all lace. I think the cuff kind of sets off the lace nicely…. okay, you asked….

  5. The lace all the way to the wrist looks great, but I think it will hug the wrist better if it is ribbed, but maybe a shorter rib. Also, may I suggest making the beginnings of the fingers? or, at least, sewing a stitch between the fingerless areas? The glove may slide up and down on the hand if it isn’t anchored. It is gorgeous. I love the lace. It will be very romantic looking. Lucky receiver of this gift!!

  6. I am going to have to agree with several of the others…I like the ribbed cuff, but think it needs to stop sooner, with the lace starting a bit further down the wrist. The mitts are beautiful:)

    I just found your blog a couple of months ago, when looking at the red sweater kal, and I have read everyday since. I love your patterns (and plan to order soon) and enjoy reading your blog. Thanks!

  7. gray la gran wrote this when she should had been in bed ….
    i think i’m laughing too hard to really contribute anything 🙂
    okay, seriously now … i like the all lace, but feel that the cuff end needs some kind of trim, though not ribbing. just something different to define that edge. or, if you do use ribbing down the cuff, perhaps a twisted stitch rib vs. just 2×2. (like faux mini-cables)
    where’s the thumb? is there a gusset?
    i am “on break”. it feels good. i’m in a sort of holiday bliss now, and guilt free. i didn’t finish everything, and i realized i wouldn’t/ couldn’t, so i let myself off the hook.
    i would love to test myself by dedicating a month, perhaps march, to knitting things only of my own design.
    i think i’m going to attempt discipline in the new year. maybe 😉

  8. Thought I would be different, but I like the ribbed cuff better which seems to be the consensus. I like the wrist being “smaller” or more delicate and I thinkg the rib cuff accomplishes this more. The all lace has a more gothic look to me.
    SOme girls would love the all lace.

  9. i LOVE the lace all the way down…but then i am definitely a lace fanatic..and your stitching is always so pleasing to look at. on a young girl the mitts make a statement..the lace statement is i’m cool..but cute too. 😉

  10. Another two cents in! I’m in agreement with LaurieM. The beautiful lace should flow from the ribbing. They are lovely and elegant.

  11. I definitely like the ribbed cuff better. Even better would be a different rib pattern so the knit stiches line up with the raised bits on the lace.

  12. You know, I think I’m going to have to go with the minority here. I like the lace cuff. It looks so much more romantic–the perfect accessory for handkerchief dropping and eyelash fluttering. But I also agree with above opinion that it would also be very nice if the lace flowed out of the ribbing.

  13. Yes I like the lace all the way down too. It has a dramatic, gothic feel to it. Can’t believe I’m debating lace over rib when I have all my presents to wrap yet!

  14. Both are lovely. I like the lace all the way, but like the ribbed cuff just a bit better. Shorter though, and agree with the ribbing aligned with the lace as purls to purls, and knits to lace. Oh, wait, you didn’t give us that option.

  15. Both verions are really lovely! Hmmmm ….

    I think the allover lace appeals to me just a tiny bit more aesthetically, but the practicality of the ribbed cuff for a good fit in the long-term would have to win out over the very slight edge I give to the all lace version for its beauty.

  16. Looks like everyone has come up with some great ideas. I will concur with keeping the ribbing, and coordinating the lace with it. Either way, it is lovely!

  17. I like the solid cuff; when I’m tugging to put mitts on–I need something substantial to hang on to.

  18. I like your first version, with the ribs. You are right, it shapes the mitt to the hand, making an elegant line, which works beautifully with the lace.

    I feel the same way as you about knitting. I am so much happier with my projects if they are evolving as I knit. It is what drives me to keep going, solving the problem makes it more exciting.

    They are, by the way, gorgeous.


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