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i woke up early today and used the extra hour i had to soak the crooked walking shawl so i could block it—it’s been so long since i blocked something big and i was really looking forward to it.

i was NOT going to blow the opportunity by rushing things. i plugged in my audiobook, set up my blocking area on the living room floor, and settled in for a nice, relaxing blocking session.

i love how the stitch pattern for the hem shows that beautiful shading that looks like alternating stripes of velvet and satin from certain angles.

the yarn—great northern fibers mink/milk/merino blend—continues to impress me with its superior performance. this beautifully engineered 4-ply blend has an extremely consistent hand, which you can feel while you’re knitting it, but the proof truly comes out in the wash—you wouldn’t believe the body it has when it’s soaking wet.

the pattern is very simple to knit, but has a striking effect, especially over contrasting fabric. and the shape is going to be lovely; you can’t tell here, but the piece completely encircles the shoulders with a tiny collar at the top (to fit three sizes), where you could add a pin if you wanted. plus, you can combine any size yoke with any length of hem for a wide variety of options.

would you like to see the whole thing?
ok, here goes . . .

the test knitters are busily working away; i’m not sure exactly when it’ll be released, but probably very soon. i’m very happy with it.
i cana’t wait to unpin it and take some pictures on the form and with a live model.

actually, i’m psyched about the amount of work i’ve gotten done this week. a shawl pattern, two sweater patterns ready for tech editing, another sweater drafted, and some swatching. not to mention all the usual stuff i have to take care of on a weekly basis. i still have to finish my gray scarf and a shawl i’ve had on the needles seemingly forever (wasp and rose), but i’m working on a sample sweaters to go with those patterns.

one is david’s cable and rib pullover and the other is the whitfield shorty. finally moving forward with those projects, yay.

and i’m all done with my class prep for sock camp too

just a peek as we don’t want to spoil the fun . . . but wow, am i glad to have that done; i hate being behind on class prep.

speaking of which, it’s almost time for the spinners to arrive—more later . .

27 thoughts on “i love it

  1. I was wondering what happened to Wasp & Rose – I’ve been waiting and waiting for it to be published. I went to the Fibre Isle website to order yarn but they only had a link to Louet for Mooi. I hope the Kami Bison will be available again – the colorway you have used is beautiful & I would love to have some.
    This is a perfect transitional seaon design. I hope the companion scarf is ready soon, too.

  2. Ooooh, so pretty, Anne. Your blocking is perfection – as always. Beautiful shawl.

    I’ve been wanting to ask about Wasp & Rose. Glad it’s back in the line-up. It’s kind of like the red-headed step-child. But I’m sure that when it’s published it’ll be dearly loved.

    Enjoy your spinning.

  3. Beautiful shawl. Such an interesting shape! Have to admit, I get a little exhausted just reading what you’re doing. Don’t know how you fit so much into a 24 hour day.

  4. I am suddenly feeling the need to block….it’s been a long time since I’ve had any new lace finished, and the transformation is always so magical. Soon, I hope.

  5. I am feeling the need to start a new shawl…
    I loveloveLOVE the angles on this one. It’s so different from the curvy lace.

  6. I LOVE it, too!!!!! I can hardly wait for this pattern…and then there is Wasp and Rose in the wings….and THREE sweaters coming up! Ditto, Harriet, I have often wondered if Anne has the same 24 hour day that I experience. BTW, Anne, I received the loveliest compliments on my les abeilles shawlette today – you really must have a share of the ooooh’s and ahhhh’s!

  7. I really like the shape on this shawl Anne. You did a fabulous job, as usual. One more piece I can’t WAIT to make! It looks like something you would wear on an English moor on a blustery day. . . . I’m thinking Wuthering Heights. . . . hahaha

  8. Anne this looks absolutely fabulous. I’m really looking forward to the pattern.

  9. The shawl is absolutely stunning! I love the pattern and shape, and it looks so practical/wearable too.

  10. Oh Anne, the shawl is just stunning! Simple elegance. I am soooo glad my yarn – same yarn, same colorway – arrived this week. Just beautiful:)

  11. I love that shawl too! It’s beautiful. I’m eagerly awaiting the release of the pattern. Simple to knit is just fine for me.

  12. I love the shape of this piece. I can see it being very useful as a work wrap fastened with a pin. Truely beautiful and the way the light reflects of the different stitch patterns is stunning.

  13. i loooooove this! especially how the angularity of the stitch pattern is echoed in the overall shape. blocking it in that shape reminds me of a badge or coat of arms – a beautiful, regal shape!

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