a quick thursday treat

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some of you may recognize these—i’ve been checking every day to see if they were up, but until today, no show. then, on this cold, colorless morning i looked out the kitchen window and saw rows of 5-inch sprouts, where there was nothing yesterday; how does that happen?? and look—every single one came up and is the same size

yes, those are snowflakes dusting the ground around them—the temperature is hovering around 28 degrees right now and the forecast says it’s going to stay there for several days, with more snow showers on the agenda as well.

i think though, it makes me appreciate every miracle of spring even more, as well as the friends who provide these special experiences—many thanks to michele for sending me garlic to plant in the fall; i have SO enjoyed the anticipation of waiting for it to appear in my own plot and look forward to the pleasure of further sharing our extended garlic family with you throughout the season.

14 thoughts on “a quick thursday treat

  1. How exciting! I loved reading about the garlic last fall and now seeing it sprouting is terrific. Last fall’s post inspired me to plant some as well.

  2. If it weren’t for the robins flitting around and the daffodils poking up through the ground to show that spring is indeed on the way, I think I would be really depressed about the current weather situation!

  3. I live vicariously through your garden. I can’t have one where I am. I love all the receipes and pictures.

  4. I planted some this fall as well….fingers are crossed that it comes up once the snow melts off the beds. :0)

  5. I live in Central California and occasionally go through Gilroy (the Garlic Capital of the World) during processing. I love garlic, but the air is SO redolent it will bring a tear to the eye.


  6. 8 inches of new snow on the ground, 13 degrees this morning…it will be awhile yet! So, I sit and knit!

  7. Oh, you rascal! Did you hear? Minnesota got hit with another snowstorm. I was just dreaming about asparagus spears when I awoke to the sound of ice pellets at my window. Wherefore art thou Spring!? . . . apparently at your house.

  8. If you ended up planting them a bit too close together and need to thin them a bit green garlic is wonderful to cook with. We get some in our veggie box every spring.

  9. That is it… I may have stayed home from work with a cold too much to deal with there…but I am braving the muddy 400′ walk back to my garden today in our sunshine here in Central NY – I am up on the lake but still maybe the garlic is popping up or little asparagus spears!

  10. How Sweet! You always have such a beautiful garden!

    My garlic is about 18″ tall now, I did pick some already because I got to craving some spaghetti sauce and garlic mashed potatoes, and it was awesome! I’m sure you will love yours when it’s ready!

  11. How exciting to see those shoots emerging. Our garlic looks pretty healthy this year too, and I think we are going to be overrun with shallots and onions. You can’t beat fresh veggies from the garden.

    (I just saw the class schedule for KnitNation, and I’m so disappointed that I will be missing your sweater fitness class – I’ll be in school teaching! Oh how I’d love to be able to bunk off school! You’ll just have to come back again another year!!)

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