cherry pie sock

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i spent the last few days in seattle where, coincidentally enough, it is cherry blossom season and beautiful floral compositions grace every nook and cranny of the city and flower-petal snow showers fly through the air (sorry, new york).

i also happen to be at sock camp this weekend, where we are kicking off the first classes this very morning (no pun intended)

as luck would have it, i’ve got a sock pattern to release that fits these festive events perfectly. this sock was designed for a woolgirl club last summer to celebrate the life and work of julia child. my design was paired with this pretty sugar and spice yarn by miss babs.

it features a pretty piecrust edging around the top and a vertical ribbed pattern of cherries strung along the leg and over the foot.

it’s surprisingly easy to knit and looks great peeking from under the hem of an airy summer dress or over the top of your favorite open shoe.

shown here: size medium, in miss babs yummy sock, colorway sugar and spice. miss babs will have the color ready to ship on April 7th and you can email her to place an order for it until it is up on the website. It won’t take her long to get some dyed for those who want some!

the yarn is delightful to knit with—despite its tight twist, it knits into a soft, dense fabric with a lovely surface to cuddle your toes; it’s really quite wonderful.

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

many thanks to jen at woolgirl for including me in the great women club last year; i was thrilled to represent julia child in the lineup and have a chance to work once again with miss babs delicious yarns. thank you as well to my friend helena, who modeled the sock for us on such a chilly early spring day.

i know i owe you a good post and there’s so much more to tell—but i’ll be late if i linger, so tune in later for more . . .

20 thoughts on “cherry pie sock

  1. gorgeous sock & perfect yarn!! (p.s. speaking of perfect yarn, i’ve ordered my oasis for my forthcoming leaving cardigan & am very excited!)

  2. A sock pattern release here and a shawl pattern release in the Twist Collective. It doesn’t get any better than this, Anne. It’s an Anne Friday, for sure!

    Got the shawl pattern just a bit ago. Off to purchase this yummy sock pattern.

    Hope you’re having a blast on your trip. Thinking of you and can’t wait to hear all about your travels and adventures.

  3. Oh, Anne! I haven’t knit any of your sock patterns, but I think this one might just be a must-knit. I so miss the cherry blossoms from when I lived in MD. Love these socks!

  4. That is such a beautiful sock Anne, and the colourway of the yarn you chose is perfect. Another one for the list! Hope you are having fun.

  5. Anne, what a pretty sock. Wish I were at Sock Camp with you all. We’re getting over a foot of snow in Maine….a long way from cherry blossoms.

  6. love the sock, laughing at the name though as i was looking at the lemon meringue thinking mmmm as i read cherry pie!

  7. I love that your posts went from Lemon Meringue PIe to Cherry Pie. Maybe Apple Pie inext?

  8. Oh Anne, it’s so yummy that even this sock-free knitter might be tempted! (Did I just say that?)

  9. I love cherry blossoms-I’d be standing under that tree just inhaling the fragrance. Lucky you! Lovely sock pattern-perfect timing for the season out there!

  10. I have recently started following and reading your blog and have really enjoyed reading it. I LOVE the sock pattern in this post, beautiful! I will be in your Advanced Lace knitting class at the DFW Fiber Fest next week and cannot wait! Really looking forward to the class and to meeting you!

  11. Love the new shawl AND the Kollage yarn.

    Thanks for the great classes at DFW Fiber Fest!

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