freakin’ friday

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fridays are rough for us.
work-related communication usually takes on a frenetic keening quality just after lunch, which crescendoes into a volcanic spewing and spitting of distress while everyone at the office scrambles to get things done before the weekend.
it’s hard to feel like i get any of my own work done on friday—there are necessary interruptions, and people who need to talk, you know, because they are stressed or because there is a crisis. and then there is a meeting or two in which a few people decide that many tedious parts of our work will change globally—across all six volumes of the project we are involved in right now. oy!
around 5pm, everyone else’s “done” work starts coming to us. it often feels like a landslide.
what can i say? yay.
i feel like a wrung-out dishrag.

unfortunately, i do not get to drop stuff off with others and leave til monday. i work on the weekend because i am “offsite” and because i have monday “off”—i teach all day monday at the LYS. i don’t mind so much though; it’s always quiet on my weekend work days, and i get tons accomplished. it’s refreshing and satisfying. i don’t have to be at my desk at any certain time—i can stop at 5 pm instead of 6 if i want. i can cook, and leave things simmering while i work. it’s rather nice.

i’m lucky to have a job with flexibility; the flip side of that is a little chaos at times. it has to balance out somewhere. (this is me, giving myself a pep talk)

by this hour, i am SO craving the comforts of wool. let’s see what we can do about that.

first off, we LOVE the new socks. math whiz socks rock. i’m having trouble getting the color to represent well in pictures, but not worried enough about it to deny you a peek

just look at all those sexy right-triangles (who says creative types can’t be good at math). and, i like the way the yarn is working up. because well, i am by no stretch of the imagination a Dyer. i am totally not disciplined for that at this time, nor do i have an area to set up and control the process properly. i get a lot of blotchy yarn when i dye, and this skein was no exception. but it is working up very nicely and, (knock wood) there is so far no evidence of pooling. so i’m pretty chuffed about that part.

these are my late-night comfort project right now. i am budgeting my time of working on them, because if i didn’t i would abandon all else. but i’m being good—i only work on them for about an hour, just before bed. the rest of the time i am finishing up mitts and the smokin’ sox.

which are looking might-ay, might-ay good too

go on—give ’em a squeeze. i know you want to . . .
seriously though, i am trucking along on this second one. i dunno what i was whining about. this one is not going too slowly, the way i’d imagined it would. ask debbie—i was whining about sock two of this pair. as in i don’ WAnna make another one . . .

of course, socks just fall off the needles when i actually WORK on them. and it turns out, it’s just the perception i have in the middle of sock one, that there is still a whole lotta sock knittin’ still to go. sock two always goes so much faster for me.

my name is anne, and i have FIRST SOCK syndrome.

i’ve been keeping up the spinning too—it’s a natural. i dug into that red fiber the other night and spun up a whole bobbin and a half of thin singles for sock yarn (for the non-spinners, that’s a lot if you spin fine, like for sox or lace . . .).

i had entertained the idea of making some lace-y weight yarn with it, because the color is so stunning. i did some sampling

but i wasn’t exactly in the mood, even though this fiber does make a delicious fine yarn. it’s very soft and lustrous, and doesn’t want to be too cushy—it has potential for a nice drapey yarn.

BTW, this is columbia fiber that was a gift from steve (hi steve!!). he bought debbie and i a little fiber last year . . . i dyed some recently and knew right away this was slated to be sock yarn.
i mean, i can just picture this knit up into a torrid little lace stocking, can’t you?

i can always dye some more for the lace yarn—i mean, it’s not like i don’t have enough.

so that’s all i have today for a post i’m really idgety to get away from the computer.

if you came looking for the blogoversary information, go here to look at the prize pool, and click the button in the sidebar to send an entry. much thanks to all who have emailed me with good wishes, comments, and entries. i am flabbergasted at the response.

17 thoughts on “freakin’ friday

  1. Great socks and nice spinning, too!
    I hope the pep talk works for you. At least, there’s always the wool.
    You really cracked me up with your first sock syndrome! I’m currently knitting clogs (yeah, just like the ones you knit before Christmas, only plain, and big!); I’m on the first and that’s the first pair of anything I’m knitting (no socks yet, but it should come soon). These clogs are late – they’re meant as my boyfriend’s Christmas gift – so I sure hope second slippers syndrome won’t strike!

  2. Ha! Just mention contest and prize yarn in a sentence and you will be besieged by knitbloggers. I wish I could spin that fine. Beautiful…simply beautiful

  3. Hi anne!!!! I hope you are NOT at your computer, and that you ARE knitting your heart out, and eating a little chocolate to boot!!! You deserve it! So do I. Goodbye. Gonna go knit and eat chocolate. ha! PS – the socks are waaaaaaaaaay coooooooooool………..

  4. Those socks look great. The yarn looks really yummy too. They really need to invent a touch screen so that we can feel the yarn that others show on their blogs.

  5. Ummm I love those ‘smokin socks’. This post is a feast of colour. I hope you have a great week-end and manage to do lots of knitting, to recover from such a stressful day.

  6. It seems like a lot of folks in blog land are spinning rich, ripe red colors right now. Think it’s because of winter dreariness and/or lack of color outdoors? The colors in your hand-dyed sock yarn are pretty bright and perky too!

  7. The socks look scrumptious! How nice that you can work your work crazies out during the quiet of the weekend – thats pretty cool actually. Even if it does cut into fiber time.

  8. Hello Anne,
    I’m very glad your putting the fiber batch to good use. Deb says it is time for more, no?

  9. Anne,I knocked on wood for you ’bout that pooling business. I’m feeling rather sick today, and your blog just cheered me up alittle. The new socks look beautiful. I’m sad to say that I myself am math impaired, born that way I guess. Those smokin’ socks are just truckin’ along!

  10. HI! Laurie from Issues With Knitting sent me. I love your spinning! It’s beautiful! I would love to be able to spin that finely. I’m glad I found your site!

  11. Hi Anne, I love the socks…all of them! I’ve not made socks and the thought is daunting. But I”m determined to try. What pattern do you suggest for a beginner.

    Do all really good knitters spin? The reddish pink color is gorgeous!

  12. Yes! I for one firmly believe that the world needs more red lacy socks. 🙂

    And I really, really like the colors in the math whiz sock. I like that the orange is a subtle note that just pops up here and there–the proportions of the two colors are just right, I think.

  13. Monday is just around the corner. A full day of fiber and knitting. 🙂 I’m with Beth S on the subtle note of orange flashing.

    The red yarn spun up beautifully.

  14. go socks go!!! the triangle socks are really neat – love the pattern – just subtle enough, but still there. the smoke socks are looking great! not too much further!

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