and now, a drum roll, please . . .

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(foreword: i fully intended to post this much earlier in the day, but i have been gone from home practically since i got up this morning. so instead, i’ll split the post i had planned in two—part for now and part for the morning. otherwise, i’ll probably fall asleep in the middle of writing it.)

well, it’s been a remarkable and rejuvenating year. i know you REALLY want to read all my innermost thoughts and revelations about it, and wade through pages of navel-gazing, so let’s get the dirty task of announcing the winners of the BLOGIVERSARY DRAWING out of the way first, and then we can talk, m’kay? (i know—it’s hard to pay attention through all this, but please bear with me).

first up, the fearless fibers superwash merino sock yarn, in colorway smoke, and the smoke socks pattern

goes to kaitlin!

the next prize is the winner’s choice of a skein of fearless fibers superwash merino sock and the delicato mitts pattern, and that goes to


the alpaca cloverleaf (AKA “mistake”)mitts in handspun alpaca

go to ann-marie!

another pair of (correctly-knitted) cloverleaf mitts

will go out to melanie s. (who seems to be blogless, at least from her email)

Laurie has generously offered pattern and materials to knit her fiber fish mittens

and these will find a home with kara p. (who also mentions no blog in her email)

the bundle of paton’s classic merino dk/lt. worsted—enough for a sweater—from me.

will go out to paula in california

aija will send three sets of her gorgeous stitch markers

out to ridgeley, elaine l., and nancy s.

and last but not least, chris at Briar Rose Fibers will be sending this Abundance! Worsted weight Corridale, 850 yds

to lene

congratulations to all the winners and thank you all for entering.
over 400 entries were mailed in which blows my mind—last time i had a contest it drew a whopping 35 entries and i thought THAT was astounding!

and now, thoguh i intended on blathering about the year past, it will have to wait for tomorrow—i am exhausted.
i’ll be back in the morning full of chatter about what’s in the works.
thank you again for making my birthday lovely!

11 thoughts on “and now, a drum roll, please . . .

  1. Happy Blogiversary!!!
    Congrats to you and congrats to the winners.

    How awesome to win those beautiful items 🙂


  2. I assumed that your being out all day meant that you were doing your birthday up right !

    Thanks for the chance to win…….it was fun anticipating your announcement, and I am green with envy over all of the winners.

    Wishing you another year filled with friends, yarn, and lots of fun !

  3. Happy birthday and congratulations for that first year of blogging! I’ll be back tomorrow as I’m sure it will be very interesting to read what you have to say about it. “A remarkable and rejuvenating year”? Well yeah, that’ll be interesting to know more!

  4. Happy Blogiversay to you
    Happy blogiversary to you
    Happy Blogiversary dear Anne
    Happy Blogiversary to you

    Congratulations to all the winners.

    Do I win a prize for singing so publicly and beautifully?

  5. Good morning Anne! I wish you the happiest of birthdays and many more to come, filled with love, David, family, friends, happiness, peace, creativity, continued success with your wonderful blog, and a good yarn or two! You are a dear!

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