holiday weekend

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i’ve been holding my breath, waiting to see if the poppies would bloom at the usual time—everything else was late coming in this year and i expected these would be too (they usually bloom a day or two before memorial day).

i had pretty much given up, due to the chilly, rainy, and dark week we’ve had, when last night as i pulled out of the garage, there was the first one, opened up in the most perfect way. it was red.

and this morning, these lovely pinks joined it if i stand there long enough, i can watch them open, one after the other.

around the corner a sea of cranesbill blossoms crowds the dye bed, but we don’t mind . . .

more and more sprouts are joining the ranks of the up and coming—today i see squashlets and beanlets

and the berries—wow (everything is the most amazing green right now, too)

these aren’t even close to being ready to eat this weekend, but theya re still awfully pretty . .

as with the other day i have no knitting i can share; plus, we’re having company for the weekend so i won’t be back to blog til tuesday (i KNOW!)

but i have something else to share that i think you’ll like—a little surprise to tide us over . . .

a new book, knit, swirl! by sandra mciver

in this book, ms. mciver explores variations on a single architectural theme—the sweater constructed from a single circular piece.

the book begins with the simplest welted versions

including this luscious one in mink/cashmere from our friend craig at great northern yarns

where the virtues of gorgeous fiber are shown off to great advantage.

there is a section for tips and techniques to help you understand and navigate the unique construction.

patterns include both written and charted instructions

though for the most part, the stitchwork involved is not complicated.

mciver explores a variety of fiber combinations as well as the effects of self-striping and hand-dyed colorways

as well as variations on edgings and finishes to set each style off.

there are a few styles with some openwork, too

for the most part though, the stitchwork does have to be such that it has an attractive reverse side; thus the simplicity in the motifs.

all in all, this is an interesting foray into a unique sweater architecture that some of you may want to try.

now here’s the holiday celebration part: i have an extra copy of knit, swirl! to send one lucky reader. if you would like to be in the running to win it, please leave a comment at the end of this post by 9pm EST on monday, may 30th. i’ll announce the winner on tuesday morning, when i’m back at my desk.

368 thoughts on “holiday weekend

  1. I saw myself wearing one of those swirls during our hard WI winters…really, a vision! hehe

  2. those poppies are such a lovely color!!

    oh, that book looks fun! count me in!

  3. Can’t you just see those poppies as a glorious swirl.

    Loving your garden colour as we head into winter on the other side of the world.

  4. Just stumbled across your blog while perusing a few garden blogs and knew the connection of gardener & knitters was pretty universal! This book looks so interesting and innovative! And because today is my birthday I thought it would be pretty amazing if I won this book!

  5. Looks like an interesting book–thanks for the opportunity to win it!

    Love your beautiful garden posts–thanks for them, too.


  6. Wow! Wouldn’t I give anything to have that book? YES…Please count me in.

  7. Love all the flower pics and things that grow just peeking out of the ground. Thanks for the opportunity to win the knit Swirl book.


  8. those poppies remind me of the ones I used to grow. I think I need to plant some more.

  9. Just looking at your poppy photos revived me and made me feel as though all things are possible — including my knitting one of those luscious sweaters…


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