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what a day. i knew as soon as i got up and moving that it might not be my best day yet.
i just couldn’t seem to get moving, for one thing.

i sat down to begin working on the charts for the starlight wrap and quickly became stymied by the new software. it’s kicking my butt, actually. in fact, i think i can even hear it snickering.
i’ll get familiar with it eventually, but i had a lot of trouble concentrating on it, so i went and unpinned the shawl.

nothing curled or shrank back horibbly—in fact, it looks lovely, so THAT was a good thing. i snapped a few pix and then went back to try at the software again. made some headway this time but it’s slow.

part of the problem is that i think the starlight lace pattern (the body stich), might be unchartable. the repeat part of each row shifts back and forth. it makes total sense when written out, but not when i try to chart it. hmm, much as i love pattern challenges, i guess i’m just not in the mood. i may forgo charting the body portion of this piece in lieu of written-only instructions, making charts for the star panels and edgings only.

beckie and jasmine came by in the early afternoon for some knitting and an all-too-brief visit; they had to go to a little party so they couldn’t stay long. jasmine is now 6 days overdue and we ask her every five minutes how she feels and if the baby is coming yet, but so far, he’s not budging.

after they left, i snuck back to bed thinking a nap with david would perk me up and, well . . . it did, of course. we finally got up in the late afternoon and had some lunch, after which i sweet-talked him into doing a photo shoot of me modeling the shawl. he agreed so i headed off to get all dolled-up.

(well finally, you say, where the heck is all this leading and where the hell are the pictures she promised???)

well, hold on, i’m getting to that. we did a great photo shoot and got nearly 300 shots. lots of pretty ones of me too, but not so many of the complete shawl (blush—he likes me!). still, there were a few in the camera that looked good so i headed down to the computer to download.

and . . . nuthin’. sigh.

the memory card in the camera won’t give up the goods.

i mean. i even had make-up on! and a dress. a nice dress. i looked glam.
(ok, g’head—say it—”i looked glam, for once“)

and now it’s way too dark to do it again today.

of course, this means not only do we not have those pictures, but we have NO pictures (at all) til i get a new memory card (i wonder if the card from the old camera will work?)
we are still trying to salvage a few pix and if we do, i’ll post them tomorrow.
and if we don’t, well . . . i’m gonna have to do some more sweet-talkin’.

hmmm . . . and maybe another nap, eh??

30 thoughts on “bummer

  1. It’s amazing what those naps will get us. 😉 LOL

    I hope you can get the pictures off the card. That really sucks a big one.

  2. Gosh, I could use a ‘nap’ like that! 😉

    Sorry to hear the pics got trapped in memory card pergatory. Hope you find a way to extract them.

  3. Don’t pitch the memory card until you’ve double-checked the cable connections and the computer software. If you can still view the photos on the card when it is in the camera, and if you’ve downloaded pics from that card before, I’d suspect that something other than the card is faulty.

    Apologies if you’ve already tried this, but my Panasonic Lumix manual says that if you can’t upload your pictures, you should check the connections, check that the computer has correctly recognized the camera, and set the mode dial to something other than Print mode. (Alternatively, if the computer doesn’t recognize the card, but recognizes the built-in memory instead, you should disconnect the USB cable, insert the card, and reconnect the cable.) To this I would add, try reinstalling the photo software.

  4. Oh, no! Hope you can recover the photos… we’ll wait patiently. And I can vote that I’d be happy to have an uncharted star pattern. best of luck!

  5. I’m sorry you had a bummer of a day. Mine wasn’t exactly thrilling either, but I have to say your last line made me smile! Hope tonight is better . . . .

  6. Well that stinks! I’m sorry about the memory card but I’m hoping you can extract those glam shots. It must have been some nap. 😉

  7. Yeah, if the first day was successful (except for the pix coming off the card), then do it again! *sigh* 300 shots, gone. I might come close to crying.

  8. Hi, I’ve been reading your blog for a while. Stumbled onto it from a friends’ blog 🙂

    Camera – is there a spot for a cable? A lot of cameras come with or have the ability to use a USB-like cable to transfer pictures directly to your computer. I use the cable so often I can’t remember the last time I took my memory card out of my camera.

  9. Maybe (she says, hopefully), it’s just a reading issue, and if you took the card to some photo shop, they could burn the images onto a CD?? Possibly?? Hopefully, she says again??


  10. Aww…boo, camera. When it’s fixed, any chance of seeing Obstacles modeled for us?

    I am a firm believer in the power of naps.

  11. I’ve got another suggestion for the memory card. There are little reader thingys that you can plug into your computer with a usb cable. I’ve had trouble with getting pictures off my memory card through the camera, so I bought a seperate reader and just take the memory card out to get the pictures off it.

    That does sound like a bummer. I hope you get those pictures, if only because you looked glam in them 🙂

  12. Oh no! 🙁 This is a shame. I hope a little concentrated geekery will get those pictures off the card somehow. I’m dying to see you all done up. 🙂

  13. Did you get the reader card issue straightened out? I’m with Lynne E on trying various connections or reinstalling the software. Maybe just turning the computer off over night has the pictures coming up.

    You didn’t get in the Sunday bike ride but at least you took a nap. 🙂

  14. One of my memory cards gave up the other day too – and it would not let me take a photo on it. I thought there was something wrong with my camera – but as soon as I changed memory cards everything was fine.

  15. How about a card reader? I’ve had trouble in the past downloading from my camera to the computer, and a card reader has worked.

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