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i think all the waiting was worth it!! kudos to david for taking some of the best modeling shots on this blog yet—he’s got a good eye for knits (among other fine things he has . . .)

i know—that one doesn’t really give you the detail you want, but i had to put it first.

i like this one a lot too—the shawl is long and sweepy enough to wrap around a couple of times

after i stopped being worried about getting it blocked so that the trim was even with the body, i started to worry that when i unpinned it, the points would all curl and twist when it hung from the body, but no.

they are flat, but not stiff, pointy, but not too.
the vintage wool is brilliant; i had my doubts for a while that it wasn’t really nice enough, too rough, and that it wouldn’t keep its shape in the finished piece, but i was wrong, wrong, wrong. it washed up a treat and is beautifully soft and responsive. in fact, i like it very much, especially that certain navy-ness that only vintage fibers have . . .
here’s a back view, in case you wondered.

most of these shots were taken in our bedroom—the light is beautiful and david made the room spectacular (it used to be navy and black striped wallpaper on walls and ceiling—so dark, you couldn’t even see the corners . . .). yeah, he’s not just a pretty-boy photographer.

though you wouldn’t know it . . .

and now for a couple of outdoor shots (sorry, i just couldn’t narrow it down!).

i’m really happy with it—pattern forthcoming.

88 thoughts on “to the point

  1. Gorgeous! Just Gorgeous! Were you a model in another life? Your shawl and you are very pretty! I love the way it falls…and how it lookes when the light shines through it…

  2. It looks gorgeous!!! I can’t wait for the pattern! Wait… was that a self-proclaimed non-lace knitter who said that?

    🙂 Kate

  3. Wow! Your page was linked through another’s page and I’m so glad I clicked. That is an amazing shawl. Lovely photos as well!

  4. Okay, my fave is the last one – with your great smile. You and David did a great job on this anne. You with the knitting and David with the photography and uh, um….well…… uh, the “mood set-up.”

  5. Yee-Ouch! My screen is on fire! That’s a hot shawl, and I daresay the model is even hotter. 🙂 I love a nice rectangular wrap.

  6. Sigh. Stunningly beautiful as usual. It would make a grand entrance anywhere – you need to go to the Oscars or something.

  7. Anne!! It’s gorgeous, you’re gorgeous, the pictures are gorgeous. . . !

    Wonderful! There’s nothing I like more than tons of pictures of a finished knit!

  8. I love the pictures David takes of you – you can see not just the beauty of knitting and knitter – but your love for each other.

  9. Beautiful photos! The shawl is stunning…looks great on you! Thanks to your hubby for taking the lovely pics!

  10. I’m trying to catch up after a week away, and… wow! Gorgeous shawl, great photography, and wonderful modeling! No wondering why you couldn’t narrow it for the picture choice… I’m happy to read that you’re happy with the shawl: you’ve got very good reasons to be!

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