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i think all the waiting was worth it!! kudos to david for taking some of the best modeling shots on this blog yet—he’s got a good eye for knits (among other fine things he has . . .)

i know—that one doesn’t really give you the detail you want, but i had to put it first.

i like this one a lot too—the shawl is long and sweepy enough to wrap around a couple of times

after i stopped being worried about getting it blocked so that the trim was even with the body, i started to worry that when i unpinned it, the points would all curl and twist when it hung from the body, but no.

they are flat, but not stiff, pointy, but not too.
the vintage wool is brilliant; i had my doubts for a while that it wasn’t really nice enough, too rough, and that it wouldn’t keep its shape in the finished piece, but i was wrong, wrong, wrong. it washed up a treat and is beautifully soft and responsive. in fact, i like it very much, especially that certain navy-ness that only vintage fibers have . . .
here’s a back view, in case you wondered.

most of these shots were taken in our bedroom—the light is beautiful and david made the room spectacular (it used to be navy and black striped wallpaper on walls and ceiling—so dark, you couldn’t even see the corners . . .). yeah, he’s not just a pretty-boy photographer.

though you wouldn’t know it . . .

and now for a couple of outdoor shots (sorry, i just couldn’t narrow it down!).

i’m really happy with it—pattern forthcoming.

88 thoughts on “to the point

  1. Anne, the shawl is gorgeous, and David took some very lovely pictures. My Mom saw as well, and she said the shawl is beautiful! Job well done 🙂

  2. I’m stunned! So gorgeous, those are fantastic pics and the shawl, oh the shawl! If the third one down had your face, it would be my favorite pic of them all.

  3. Wow those pictures are great and really show off the shawl. I LOVE the first one because it is about the knit and the knitter. Me likey and Kudos to the Photographer!!!

  4. Fabulous, Anne! The shawl is gorgeous as is the lady inside. Sign me up, I want one! Must finish pattern ASAP!

  5. That is stunning–and it’s pretty obvious that you and your husband had a LOT of fun with the photo shoot–even better!

  6. Beautiful you, beautiful shawl, beautiful shots! No wonder you napped yesterday afternoon. . . . Altogether lovely. Did you knit your bedspread, too?

  7. Absolutely gorgeous, Anne! Even better than I imagined (which was pretty damn great to begin with!).

    The pix are also fantastic. I’m going to have my husband take a gander. About all I can get him to do is quickly hit the button to snap the picture 🙁

  8. I think the photographer had a subject he enjoyed taking photos of! Hubba, hubba hot stuff. That is a great photo shot, so artfully done. I love that you led your blog post with the first shot, that is one hot shawl you’re wearing and you look sexy and saucy. Beautiful. I’ve been waiting for you to finish that Starlight shawl for awhile, it looks gorgeous. Holy cow!

  9. Anne, each photo just got better and better as I scrolled down. I love that shawl so much. You look beautiful wearing it! What an accomplishment all around, you really should be extremely pleased! David is a wonderful photographer.

  10. So beautiful! Thanks to David for taking such excellent photos.

    The wrap is just amazing. I’m so glad you designed it! I am very much looking forward to the pattern.

    I have a knit dress that my grandmother knit for my mother in the late 1950s or early 60s. It no longer fits anyone, but it is just lovely. It is the same rich, dark navy as your wrap. You’re right in that dyers don’t make that color anymore. I wish they did! It is so flattering.

  11. I knew it was going to be great and it is! Such a beautiful beautiful shawl and great photos! You look like you were having fun!

  12. It is so obvious when the photographer loves his subject. Beautiful photos. And a most astonishing shawl. You could cocoon yourself completely in it.

  13. It’s a wonder your house doesn’t explode from the combined might of both your talents. I think you can add modeling to your list. 🙂

    The wrap is beautiful and you showed a good many ways of wearing it too.

  14. Look at you all dolled up! The wrap is really stunning. I wish I had a hubby patient enought to do a proper photo shoot – he takes two and says “that should be good” I’m now having an affair with my tripod 😉

  15. Even allowing for the fact that the photos were obviously taken through the eyes of love, the shawl looks beautiful, and so do you!

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