morning glory blue

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some secret spinning i worked on last month. i got a whole lotta yardage from a 10-ounce batch of this superwash merino roving sent to me last summer from deb, with a note saying she was sure she ruined it and not going to attempt THAT sort of dyeing for a long while . . .

just to prove that she she should trust her talents with roving more, i spun it up. and spun. and spun some more. there is plenty here for a shawl in fingering weight and i sent deb a big hank for socks that was spun just a little tighter.

she’s talking about knitting one of my sock pattens from it . . . how cool is that?

and not only that, but i have a similar amount of a deep, luscious cherry red that i’m planning on spinning next . . . with a strand of silk. mmmm.

24 thoughts on “morning glory blue

  1. Such a pretty color! How could anyone think it was a mistake?! I’m glad she’ll be able to knit some socks from your yarn.

  2. Yeah, I gotta go with that handspun comment there. Your work is so fine! I’m just starting, but still… I know fine spinnin when I see it! =) Very beautiful

  3. ruined? never! that color is beautiful – not really purple, not really blue – a great job capturing both colors in one! (great by photographer and dyer!)

  4. That is some gorgeous yarn. The color and the spin. Simply beautiful. I’m suffering from some serious envy here.

  5. Deb’s dyeing genius and your design genius make a perfect pair. I’m so envious of your spinning skill!

  6. I just had to pop my head in here seeing all these lovely comments and let everyone know that the “ruining” I feared wasn’t the color … it was the fiber itself. When I dye yarn, I work it a good deal with my hands, gently massaging the dyes into the yarn to get the effect I want to achieve. I’m not used to working with roving and so I thought I made a mess of the fiber, handling it perhaps too roughly. Only in Anne’s amazing spinning hands could it transform into something so lovely!

  7. Beautiful yarn! And I love the “with of strand of silk” idea for the cherry red… that will be luscious indeed!

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