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Glory Morning Wrap
Briar Rose Wistful merino/alpacw/silk blend—used approximately 850 yards from two 500-yard hanks.
finished blocked measurements: 24 inches wide by 86 inches long

off the needles friday night and i blocked it last night, but it was too late to take pictures. then i had a setback today when, after installing a new router, we could not get anything to upload to the ftp. enter david to save the day, and now i can show you the results.

this shawl was totally inspired by the yarn—when i got wistful in the mail from chris, i immediately thought of the morning glory stitch from BW2, and the idea nagged at me constantly til i sat down and started knitting.

this is my favorite picture of all, i think . . .

this one is for debbieKnitter—just look at that surface texture and the way the light catches the shifts in the motifs . . .

or maybe she’d like this one better (she’s a big fan of the lo-o-ong shot)

a detail of the hem, and my new blocking wires (thanks lisa!)

i couldn’t find my t-pins anywhere (maybe they are actually a figment of my imagination??), but the trusty yellow pins did the trick. i threaded the wires through the solid part of the shawl edge, and then pinned out each point of the edging separately.

straight as an arrow, yeah?
here’s a shot of the graft at the center back. i used kichener stitch to join the two halves—simple and clean, i think. or it will be someday when i finally learn to do it evenly . . .

and, from more than 8 inches away, fairly invisible. here you can see how the motifs meet in the middle, and then reverse.

that’s why it’s so important to end the knitting on the exact right row. ROW 16. remember that.
and, because i just can’t help myself, one last shot of morning glory goodness

i dunno about you, but where WE live, we can use as much of that today as we can get.

81 thoughts on “stretching is good

  1. Well done! It is so beautiful, I want one to wearright now! I did just start the Japanese Feather scarf though, so I am working on one of your patterns:) Thanks for sharing all the pictures!

  2. OK…I have to admit that I couldn’t see the morning glories in the previous (unblocked) post. Wow! That’s a beautiful example of the magic of blocking lace. I love that the subtle variegation in the colorway doesn’t detract at all from the lace pattern…in fact, this is one of the very rare lace patterns which probably look even better variegated than totally solid. Well done!

  3. Nice job! If my BRF Wistful wasn’t destined for ChicKnits Aliane, I would be sorely tempted. When your pattern goes on sale, I just might have to contact Chris for more fibery goodness. Keep on knitting and post a pic of you wearing the garment once it is off the wires, please.


  4. Oh WOW!

    I don’t know how you do it, but you always manage to make color and texture work with each other instead of against each other. Seriously, that’s very hard to accomplish, but you make it look effortless. 🙂


  5. Wow. Beautiful, Anne! I knew it would be tho which is why I got the yarn before you even finished. Mine will be way shorter tho because I only got the one skein.

    Can you please put in your pattern a good spot to stop w/the repeats for those of us using only one skein? 😉

  6. Honestly, dear, you slay me. You zipped right through ANOTHER stunning project. The colors are beautiful as is the pattern. Will you have a day you can curl up in it before it goes off to it’s moments of glory?

  7. Absolutely Stunning! I now have to research this shawl! Congratulations what an amazing job you did on this piece!

    I’m new here by the way –linked over from the yarn harlot’s blog the other day.

  8. I love that shawl. I am currently working on my first lace project and I think I am becoming addicted! 🙂 I can’t wait for the pattern for this to be available. Must…have!

  9. You are truly gifted with a talent ! Yet another georgeous shawl !
    This pattern is a perfect match for this perfect yarn. Too bad they won’t ship outside the US 🙁

  10. Just catching up on the blogs now that my power’s back on. This is STUNNING! Not that I expect anything less from you. Brilliant!

  11. Beautiful! I really like the texture, and how the light plays with it. And yeah, I can use as much of that morning glories gorgeousness as you’ve got: it was snowing here this morning…

  12. I came over here from JenLa…and holy crap lady! That shawls is gorgeous. Please please please will you put the pattern up for sale?

  13. Oh that is beautiful! The yarn is beautiful too! I bet you can guess what link I am going to click on next. I haven’t heard of the yarn before.

  14. Anne, you have done it again! The Morning Glory Shawl is absolutely gorgeous – – excellent job!!


  15. I guess a lot of people really like this design, myself included. I love that it’s in dk-weight. I actually have some natural colored Cormo that is laceweight, but it almost feels like fingering b/c it’s so sproingy. I was going to use it for Madli’s shawl by Nancy Bush, but I like this pattern much better and I think it would look great in variegated and solid colors. Scrumptious.

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