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a few weeks ago, when we were just about to begin sock summit, i wrote a post about the recent and simultaneous release of several publications that include my work.

one of those is the incredibly beautiful wool people collection, compiled by jared flood of brooklyn tweed.

i feel completely honored to have been included in the first collection of the brooklyn tweed guest designer series; what a great opportunity to work with someone i admire, exploring the beautiful result of his most recent venture, yarn design.

when asked to create this project, the deadline was just around the corner and i was heading out for nearly a month of travel, so we put our heads together to think of a piece that carried plenty of impact, but would be simple to produce in the time we had.

jared mentioned that he was a bit short on both home items and lace pieces for the collection, so a blanket seemed a good solution to fill both needs and would put the yarn’s lofty lightness to great good use as well.

i know jared’s own design sensibility leans toward simple, classic lines and great texture, so i looked for a stitch motif with good depth and interesting stitchwork that would translate well in shelter, a woolen spun tweed yarn.

i added some trims with sweater styling—ribbing for the hems and cables along the side edges—for a distinctive, classic finish. it has a menswear look, but we all know where a great guy’s sweater ends up, don’t we?

hehe, just sayin’ . . .

and for the knitter, this pattern is a lot of fun to work, incorporating both cables and openwork into a very intuitive, rhythmic motif that is absorbing, but not overly challenging—very important to keep large projects moving.

of course, it doesn’t have to be a large project . . . this piece is designed for three sizes, ranging from baby/toddler to bed coverlet—there’s a size for everyone.

once i settled on what the design would be, i made some swatches to be sure it all worked. at this point, i was right in the middle of a teaching tour that spanned several cities and could not actually take on the knitting of the throw. so for the first time ever, i handed the knitting of the first sample over to someone else—which meant that i would probably not even see the piece in person before publication, given the time we had to execute it.

thank goodness for our extremely capable and trusted friend karolyn, who has worked with me on many samples and test knits. she barely hesitated to say yes to this project (i am SO lucky!). and in fact, it would be some time until i laid eyes on the actual piece—i finally saw it myself for the first time about ten days ago, when i returned from my summer teaching travels.

and as i suspected, the knitting in it is nothing short of gorgeous.

shown here is the medium size throw in brooklyn tweed shelter, a light and lofty targhee/columbia blend, in colorway hayloft.

one of the nicest things about the collaboration with brooklyn tweed is that we may sell our version the pattern in our own shop as well. and now that it’s in our home where we can take photos, we can bring it to you.

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

many thanks to david for his beautiful photos.

34 thoughts on “hourglass throw

  1. Oh Anne this is beautiful…..great photos David as always!! I’ll leave here and order……nice winter project.

  2. I was just thinking about something that would suit a man. Men do like to have something to cuddle up at night or during a ballgame.
    This does fit the bill.

  3. Anne – as with all your patterns and posts – I just love the item… and admire the photography even more! The bed and window seat pictures make me just want to curl up in that snuggly gorgeous design and feel the love. Congrats on all the great publications of late. You deserve it. You’re the lace knitting goddess!

  4. Anne, I absolutely LOVE this pattern! Congratulations to you and Jared on this brilliant collaboration….so wonderfully designed and written. I am into the second repeat for a “throw” size, which is destined to be a wedding gift (end of October). The only teensy down side is access to Shelter; I so wish that Jared’s yarn was available at yarn stores in Canada. I know that I can order online, but nothing beats seeing/touching the yarn and colourways up close/in the skein.

  5. It is really beautiful! Jared is very lucky to have gotten your design! This is another project on my to-do list. I love it!

  6. After buying the pattern from Brooklyn Tweed, I looked at the yarn description and was so so happy to read that it’s made right here in NH at my beloved Harrisville Yarn Co. I love that place, so I love Brooklyn Tweed all the more. Great design, great yarn, great company! Congratulations all around.

  7. I am working this lovely pattern in the baby size for a baby boy due in December. I am using Cascade 220 superwash as this is destine to be on a soccer pitch and needs the washability. Love the pattern and the “just enough” challenge to stay interested.

  8. Oh Anne, it is GORGEOUS!! I saw the quick peeks on Ravelry, but David’s pictures are so beautiful!!

    Yep, I am definitely making it…I’m actually thinking Ella for this one. 🙂

  9. It is perfectly lovely! I especially like the addition of ribbing on the bottom and the cabling on the sides. It completes a most handsome pattern that just calls for pure wool.

  10. When BT’s Look Book first arrived in my email box I quickly glanced through the photos of each piece. I wondered if the throw was your design…it yells your name!! That was before I looked to see who designed it and I was right. Naturally I HAD to have this pattern!!

    I wonder though…I’ve never known anyone who has used Shelter yarn. I want to make this throw for my DH for Christmas and would like to try Shelter. However, he doesn’t respond well to wool unless it’s really soft and easy on the skin. How well does Shelter meet his needs or do I need to find a substitute?

  11. When I glanced through Wool People this was the one design that jumped out at me and then I saw that it was yours. Hardly a surprise, because it has your signature all throughout.

    Although I’m not sure when this will get knit or which size it will be, I couldn’t resist buying it. And I do hope that you are still considering a lace/fingering version as well!

  12. I too was seduced by this blanket when I got the Wool People look book. It’s a handsome addition to a gorgeous collection. My only issue is not having enough time to make the lovely designs. Is that something you can help with? 😉

    Take care,

  13. am just waiitng for kim to help me choose a woolen rabbit wwkashmir color for this gorgeous gorgeous throw. my son just renovated his house and this will be for his “boy” room den. i love it anne and this photo shoot is fabulous. wish i’d had the yarn this weekend as we wait for Irene!

  14. Anne, this motif is lovely, and your blanket pattern is perfect for it. Do you have a zillion stitch books? Which is your favorite? Which did this motif come from? Thanks.

  15. I like the fact that you and the other collaborating designers can sell your designs individually. . makes me like Jared Flood even more. The Wool People collection looked good when I checked it out online; glad to see more close-ups of your handsome Hourglass throw.

  16. I bought this pattern and the yarn for it yesterday. I can’t wait to have this wool blanket to keep me company this winter. I’ve been dying to try Jared’s Shelter and this was pattern/yarn combo hits the spot. Thanks so much for another beautiful design, Anne!

  17. Oh, wow! I really, REALLY love the way this turned out. This may become my big winter project – I’ve never knitted a blanket before, but come on – this is gorgeous!

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