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april has been autism awareness month, and though it is over, i hope that we all will continue to be a little more aware of autism and how it affects the families around us. to end the month, my friend mason, who is 9 years old, has written an essay about what it’s like to live with autism.

I am Mason Lee Jusi. I am Autistic. It doesn’t hurt or make you feel sick. It just makes it hard to do somethings. It makes me feel sad that there isn’t enough research being done. There are kids who can’t talk because of being Autistic. They deserve to have help. Someone to help them know why they can’t talk. I can talk but I used to not do it. My mother and father did alot to help me. I have some doctors that also help me alot. I sometimes don’t like it when they touch me but I sit on my hands when I have to be checked-up. It makes me feel burny inside sometimes when people touch my skin. When alot of things happen all at once in my house it makes my head feel like marbles are rolling around in it and it is to noisy for me to hear just one thing. It makes me mad then and sometimes I cry because it hurts my head.

My mother and father used to use these cards all the time to help me know what I was supposed to do. One had a smiley face for happy, when people make that face they are happy. One had a sad face for upset and a frowny face for mad. Sometimes I don’t know if people are sad or happy so I ask them and they tell me. I like jokes. I learned to tell them from a riddle book. Sometimes they are not funny. If you want to teach your child to tell jokes you should get them this book. I like to read and I am good at it. I like Math and Science to. I am good at them to.

Sometimes kids who have Autism do what is called Tics. I have tics that make me blink my eyes and clear my throat. It bothers me alot if I don’t do it, makes me feel itchy and crawly until I do. Sometimes it bugs my mother but she doesn’t say so.
I think kids who have tics feel bad sometimes. They feel bad because people stare at them. I don’t know why they are staring at them, it is not polite. I don’t like it when people stare at me, if they want to talk to me then they should instead of staring. If I say hi to them, sometimes they smile and talk to me. Sometimes they turn around or walk away.

It is hard to know what people want because they don’t say. I would like it if they just said it. I like things to be straight and in neat orders. It makes me feel bad if my stuff is not where I put it. I have to put it back that way. My sister messes it up sometimes.

If your kids have Autism you should take them to the doctors and they will check them up for you. The doctors are nice and they will help your parents know what to do. If your kids have Autism then they will still be smart. Autism doesn;t make you not smart. People should not be afraid of it. It doesn’t make them sick. I am going to be a famous scientist and I am going to fix Autism so that people won’t be afraid. I think that is why they stare. My mother said it is ok to be afraid but not ok to be mean and when people stare and get mad at kids with Autism then that is mean.

I am going to build a school for doctors to learn how to make it go away, then parents won’t be scared that their kids will have Autism. I will also build a Science lab so that doctors can learn how to make everyone not be sick to.

I’m done now. Please be nice to people if they have Autism. Well you should always be nice but if you know a kid who has Autism you should be his friend. You should not be afraid or anything because it isn’t going to be catchy for you. It just makes our brains think a little bit different thats all. If you write with your right hand and you sister writes with her left hand, which one is the right one. They both are right they are just different because you and your sister are different. My doctor told me that.
Thank you very much.

and thank YOU mason for a look into your world.

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  1. Hi. It is me mMason lee Jusi. this is a small box to write in. tThank you for the nice words. i like you all and your nice. Miss Ann is my friend and she likes every one even if you have Autism. Thank you bye, Mason lee Jusi
    My mother is helping me good night now.

  2. Thanks, Anne, for sharing Mason’s letter.
    And Mason, you are an amazingly articulate kid. Keep it up and I believe you really will change how the world deals with autism. You’re quite a role model.

  3. Thanks Mason for helping us lerning a little more about autism by writing this essay. And thank you, Anne, for bringing it to us.

  4. I never knew that much about autism until recently this year. I just thought autistic kids could not speak and that was it. It’s been interesting to learn that there are so many different types of autism and how it affects everyone in a different manner. Thank you Mason for telling us how autism affects you. It’s really amazing to learn from you.

  5. Thank you, Mason. Thank you so much for this wonderful post — it is a wonderfully written look at just how autism works for you.

    (I got here surfing knitblogs, just so you know.)

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