how lame is too lame?

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this is a real quick post just to let you know i’m thinking of you. i know—you wouldn’t have gotten through anothe hour without that news, right?

so, here is my almost-finished sock at 1pm, when i was home on my lunch break from teaching

three guesses as to how far i’ve gotten since then.

i told you lameness was in the cards. i only have about 6 more rounds and i’m done—short rounds at that. what is my problem?

i spent the day squaring things away and teaching classes. i spent a lot of time squaring things away over the weekend, too. it feels pretty good, but not as good as when i get lots of knitting done and i can show, like, a sweater back or half a shawl.

but still, nice to have my knit house somewhat more in order. next on the list is creating the errata page. don’t let me forget that.

today when i got to the shop, i picked up something i had ordered a couple of months ago.

i have been in dire need of these, and the swatching of last weekend only made it more clear.

oh, and BTW, remember my gorgeous jenkins needles, that ed jenkins made me for the working on the morning glory wrap?

well, he has expanded his line to include sizes down to US6 (4mm). of course, as soon as i heard that, i started goading him for size 5s . . . nevuh happy, that’s me.

prices begin, i believe, at $24 a set for the rock maple. go getchasum.

11 thoughts on “how lame is too lame?

  1. Have you used the addi lace needles before? I’ve heard good things about them.
    speaking of the morning glory wrap, I finished the first repeat of the morning glory section today. I’m very pleased with it and getting ansy for your bee shawl! Not that I need another project or anything.

  2. Love Addi Turbos as well (though I haven’t tried the lace version – yet).
    Don’t worry about the sock… I happen to know, that socks can stay like that for far longer than a day or two (believe that my record was seven (!!!) months…)

  3. C’mon…only a few toe rows! When I hit the toe, I just can’t wait to finish! Your post title is quite appropriate! Now, Get ‘er done! 🙂

    I want to try the lace needles for magic loop socks one of these days….

  4. Using the lace Addi’s is like going from Oz into the Emerald City! I will not knit lace without the Addi Lace. You won’t either after you try them. Another, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

  5. I _love_ the lace Addis – they felt a little odd at first, but once I got used to them, I was hooked. Thanks for the link to the Jenkins needles – how great that they’re doing smaller sizes now!

  6. I really haven’t worked on circulars that much. My mother bought a complete set and never used them and ended up giving them to me. I’ve used them for sweaters, but haven’t even tried them on lace (usually it’s been small projects or inserts). I’ll give it a try on the shawl I’m knitting.

  7. I think it is amazing the you can set down a sock so close to finished! I will stay up all night knitting if I think I’m close to the end, even if it is just the end of the heel or something!

    Have you seen the knit picks needles? If so, How do the Addi lace needles compare?

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