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hahaha, i just HAD to take a picture of this sock cuff

i find it incredibly comical that i zoomed through both these socks in a very few days’ time, and getting the last 1.5 inches done is taking me almost 2 weeks. sigh. that’s how distracted i am.

last night i took a break from the bee shawl (reluctantly) to work on the khaki golf/ice cream cone/eiffel tower sock, and managed to add several inches.

i was feeling bad after that last picture when i realized i hadn’t so much as looked at it since the day i cast on. now it’s looking a bit more substantial and dignified at least. and it’s a very pleasant knit. soon, this will be the only sock i have on the needles, so i should be able to give it a lot more sock love.

i put more than a few inches on the orchid scarf yesterday

this is really an easy, and quick-knitting lace pattern. it’s just about half done, and i swear i’ve only put in three (short) sessions of work on it.
the best part is that it has already been test-knit. my friend julie took care of that. since i had a working pattern for myself, i sent it along. and, hello! the next day she sends me photos of her partially completed scarf and OK’d the pattern. wow. she puts me to shame, but in a good way .

julie ROCKS, right everybody?
(julie is also one of the masterminds behind the craftborg podcast); go have a listen.

ok, it’s much later now than i’d like and i really want to get my butt upstairs to knit. so i’m signing off.

14 thoughts on “just popping in for a minute

  1. Tee hee! My pleasure, dearie…my pleasure πŸ˜‰

    And just as well you haven’t totally abandoned those other socks – they’re probably getting a complex like poor Tree Scum did.

  2. Oh I almost have it with the golf tee socks. That stitch pattern looks just like a little (I think it’s little) sea creature. Can’t think of the name, but will pull some of my nature books and see if I can find it.

  3. Wow, you’ve got a lot of knitting done! I love the socks and the scarf. I’d like to find that sock pattern, myself. =)

  4. OK. At the risk of sounding like a sycophant, I have to tell you that you are amazing. You criticize yourself for things that would thrill me no end. Talk about an over-achiever. I do love the bee shawl.

  5. Maybe that sock cuff has entered a Blackhole. You know how some projects just kind of fall into them? I have one that’s been sucked in. Hopefully we’ll both acheive escape velocity soon!

  6. Just wondering why you’re calling your scarf thingy after an Orchid. Any behind-the-scenes reason? I love orchids, and my grandparents traveled all over the world discovering new varieties, so anything with “orchid” in the name is a hit with me!

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