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it has been a week of running and more running. deadlines and changes make for a busy, busy life.

and watering—we haven’t had much rain here and the plants are in a fast-growing stage, drinking it up as fast as we can get it to them. but it’s so worth it when i go outside and see that in just a few hours there is a noticeable difference in their size. how do they do that??

the squashlets, just 5 days later. amazing

now, as for changes, i am going to be raising pattern prices starting june 1st (tomorrow!). all patterns will increase $1. the good news is that there will be no more charge for transactional fees when you order directly from me—that will be rolled into the price increase.

you may see some price variation between vendors during the transition as some online shops still have older stock of hardcopy patterns; please don’t think that this means anyone is selling my patterns at different prices on a continuing basis.

it took me a long time to make this decision—i like to keep prices down. but a couple of vendors (and some customers) have been telling me that i should bring my prices more in line with what other designers are charging. and then, of course, the cost of keeping a workspace and equipment to do this work is always rising—electricity, gas, supplies, taxes, etc—having to pay for those things affects how much time i can spend designing.

and i am still very much committed to making sure that a portion of knitspot proceeds is recycled back into funds that make the world better. so, an increase for me is an increase for that, too.

now let’s talk about knitting, because i have indeed been doing that, too
look what’s finally ready for a sewn bindoff

it’s about time. they really are lovely. these are the teosinte socks knit with woolen rabbit merino sock yarn. (oh dear; i just went over there to copy the link, and kim has new colors AGAIN)

you know what this means? i will probably start a new pair . . . soon. actually, i still have two pair on the needles that i really should get cracking on. poor tree scum has been languishing, and the golf sock—i should get that done before summer ends, right?

i think for the summer i’ll try to keep my sock projects down to two at a time rather than the usual, er, um, four. i don’t need as much portable knitting in these months, and with bike riding and the garden vying for my free time, i’d like to stay focused on the bigger projects.
i hope that won’t be too boring for you . . .

oh, and BTW, i know there are a bunch of you that have been waiting for the word that ed jenkins is ready and willing to sell his wonderful lace knitting needles. they go down to size 2 and really, you cannot beat the points on these babies.

much as i love the new addi lace needles (and i DO adore them) the jenkins needles in natural wood with that positively seductive finish are the tops. and though i would never, EVER be pushy about something i like (cough, COUGH, ahem-hem), i’m just hinting (gently) that you might consider them before you start your bee shawl later this summer . . .

i’ve been cranking away on the bee shawl, too. the rows are getting longer now that i’m into the second section, so the inches don’t pile up quite as quickly

but i took it to classes yesterday (it’s always good to give projects a taste of the world by getting them out in public . . .), and everyone had a feel. it’s a hit—several people think it’s the prettiest one yet. (not that i would EVER compare them to each other . . . they are each special in their own way).

and the orchid scarf—well, i’m a little ashamed to show you this picture because it only vouches for my laziness.

i’m on the second half. this is how much i had done when i left for class yesterday. and i’m too lazy to take a picture of it this morning to show you how much i accomplished yesterday, all told.
let’s just say i will have an orchid scarf surprise for you probably by tomorrow evening.

now, the last ramp-up for the MS booster drive will begin on saturday june 2nd right here. we will have a drawing and lots of opportunity to make me PAY. check back on saturday to view the wonderful list of prizes, and the rules for entering the drawing.
it’s fun and simple, and i’m the only one that’s likely to get hurt.

31 thoughts on “ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. Awww…little baby plants!!

    Just out of curiosity, how many Orchid repeats did you do on the first half of your scarf? I’m at 8 now and think I could stop…but I have plenty of yarn if I wanted to do a few more.

  2. I have a hard time imagining that any shawl could be prettier than the Moth, but then I look at that gorgeous edging you’re doing, and I wonder. 🙂

    I’m trying to cool it with the socks too. I have a whole post in my head about how I knit too many socks and shawls and not enough hats, gloves, mittens etc, and how that’s especially silly since I live in New England.

  3. I think one of the great rewards of gardening is just watching how quickly the plants grow, amazing.

    All of your projects are gorgeous, can’t wait to see the finished photos 🙂

  4. I need to finish aahem…start my second teosinte sock too..LOL! I am SO bad with second sockitis. I need to start knitting them at the same time, that way I might more than single girls kicking around…heehee.

    Your bee shawl is just beautiful!!!

  5. You enabler, you! I just bought a skein of her Rosemary and Thyme, and I hardly ever knit socks! Gorgeous stuff – thanks for the link!

  6. The garden’s looking absolutely beautiful! And I’ve always loved your lace projects, but after my own recent (and disastrous) attempt at lace knitting, I am in awe of your gorgeous bee shawl.

  7. look how big your plants are getting!!!!! Mine will be there eventually…

    you work so hard on your patterns – you are fully justified in raising prices!

  8. I just picked myself off of the floor. . .I fell over when I saw the Bee Shawl!! I don’t know, I think it has to be my favorite–so far!

  9. i just love how both the bee shawl and the orchid scarf are turning out. it’s so exciting to see them in progress.

  10. Can’t wait for the bee shawl pattern—it’s gorgeous. What size Jenkins needles are you usingfor this shawl?

  11. IMHO, neglecting to take a progress picture on a morning of a busy busy week doesn’t even come close to qualify as laziness! And you don’t have to worry about boring us while you’re staying focused on your bigger projects: watching your progress on these is always interesting, especially since your they grow almost as fast as the plants in your garden!
    I wish I could send you some of the rain we have today. I’m not complaining, it was much needed here as well, but I’d be happy to share so that you could use the time you have to spend watering to do some knitting or spinning…

  12. I just stopped on by the blog to see what you’ve been up to, and boy oh boy is the bee shawl looking beautiful. I can’t believe you’d ever call yourself lazy…..the orchid scarf is gorgeous as well.

  13. Everything knit and planted is looking so great! But tell me, what is the plant in the last photo? It’s making me think of rhubarb, but I don’t think it actually is.

  14. Love the bee shawl! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

    I just noticed that the “Jenkins” operation is out of Oregon. Hmmmmm … I wonder if they do the local fiber shows. Now that would be an incentive for me to attend!

  15. I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for that bee shawl –it looks amazing! I placed an order for some of Eds needles size 3 29″ cable. Wouldn’t be great if this is what the bee shawl called for?

  16. oh, the bee shawl is really pretty, both pattern and color. i’m going to have to stop visiting the site; i keep seeing too many pretty patterns and there simply isn’t enough time! as for your rate hikes, i just ordered two patterns–before i read about the increase, honest! i almost feel guilty about it….

  17. You just had to do that! I finally found a lace shawl that I like, and then you have to post pictures of a shawl I like even better!!!! Cruel, cruel!

    Glad your garden is looking so nice. You’re doing a great job with the weeds, too. I think weeds grow faster than vegetables.

    Lovely, lovely shawl. Can’t wait till it’s done!

  18. I am so looking forward to the bee shawl. I look on your website daily to see the progress. I love the concept, the color you chose, the edging, and am waiting for the swarm.

  19. Love that little swarm you got goin’ on your desk Anne….. Can’t WAIT to order this pattern!!

  20. Joining in with others’ comments on the bee shawl – it’s fascinating work, and I’m looking forward to ordering the pattern when it’s done!

  21. Loving the bee shawl. It looks so pretty and it isn’t even blocked.

    You say that you are a lazy knitter?. Hahaha Ok, then I must be the laziest knitter of all.

  22. The knitting projects are, as usual, stunning. All of them.

    Isn’t it positively frightening sometimes how quickly plants can grown? Especially squash, bamboo, beans, and wysteria. 😉

  23. May I ask what size needles you are using for your bee shawl….just in case I was needing to get some of Ed’s needles for that very project? : )

  24. Firstly, I wouldn’t call it laziness I would call it business. Secondly I think it is great that yoiu are raising your prices. You need to ensure it is worth your while or you won’t create more patterns then everyone misses out. The shawl is beautiful and the garden looks happy. Thank you too for your spinning tips after 18 months I have finally spun yarn I can knit with. Thanks.

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