i fell down, hard

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i love the new firefox. the changes are pretty subtle, but it has something i really needed—a spellchecker while i write my blog (i’m a great speller, but a BAD typist). i can’t seem to find one in the tools that come with wordpress. but the new firefox does it, or supports it . . . nice. i also like the way it navigates newsgator now. and other links. it opens a new tab instead of a new window—nice and neat.

one thing i want to mention before i start with the knitting. Big Dave got his social security! (for those of you who are wondering “who the heck is Big Dave??”, click here)

yeah, finally. whew—what a fight. and i hate this but . . . it all ended up successfully ONLY due to the intervention of some wonderful friends of my cousin-the-lawyer (yes, we’re italian—the good half—as my aunts might say) who work at high levels at the social security administration. and even then, with LOTS of perseverance on their part.
unfortunately getting his SSI doesn’t reverse the fact that he’s got to stay in hospice, but at least he’s not destitute now.
thank you to everyone who has been keeping him in their thoughts, making helpful suggestions, and cheerleading this process—it has not been easy and i wish no one ever had to go through it.

please—and i tell you this with only the BEST of intentions—if you don’t have a birth certificate, get one. THIS week. anyone born at home (even recently), or who doesn’t have theirs in their possession for any reason should make sure they at least have one on record, and can get their hands on it quickly when needed. you just never know.

on the bright side, the process of determining Big Dave’s one, true DOB brought us in touch with a lot of david’s relatives that i didn’t know. he has two great, or great-great aunts that are over 97 years old (THEY have birth certificates), and who helped us by writing letters vouching for their nephew’s date of birth.

plus, we’ve talked to david’s uncles and aunts (including Bad Boy; i love that!) at length and hopefully will get to meet them all soon. that part was good.

two more really quick things.
more than ANYTHING, i appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm for my patterns and the fact that you talk about them on your blogs—for a small business, this is truly a help in getting the word out.
i would ask though, that if you are going to use a photo from my blog, or have the desire to insert portions of pattern instructions into your posts, please, please, please, be aware that asking permission is also appreciated greatly, and required under copyright law. i almost always say yes to photos. but i am very careful about posting instructional content, especially out of context. and, i want to have a chance to monitor where my content is landing, and how.

and secondly (but really third), i didn’t mean to imply yesterday that i think of myself as a lazy knitter—i don’t! i knit way too MUCH maybe, but the laziness comment was only about picture-taking, and i am rectifying that below (i KNOW you are wondering where the heck the pictures are today . . .)

so, anyway, about the falling hard. you might know that sock hop yarn recently became available for the first time in about 6 months, maybe longer. i was on a waiting list, not really comprehending the scarcity of this yarn. i’m not one to chase after scarce yarn generally, or sit at the computer to make a mad dash (can you do that?) to buy something. i was just naive, and then i forgot about it.

then i got an email saying that the colors on my list would be available. so i was there bright and early, and i got some.

i know i can spin this myself, and i do, but it’s nice to have something handmade by someone you know. and i thought that one of these colors would make a nice prize in the drawing coming up, since it is so hard to get.

i got another nice package today from my friend kim—just a few lil things she found in mexico

we don’t have ocean in ohio of course—it’s one of the things about NYC that we both miss greatly—and as i took the shells out of the box, a fresh smell of the sea came with them, and sand . . . thanks kim. i placed them in this large beautiful glass that beckie gave me for christmas and i can see them all. it’s a friendship cup, truly.

and look what else she got there—this is so cool

i guess you can have these made on the spot from a street vendor—anything you want on a friendship bracelet. (better than the knitspot charge card, right debbie?)

ok, now, yesteday i promised and orchid scarf surprise, and today you shall have one.

remember the last few orchid scarf photos? let me jog your memory

what a sad sack of a scarf, eh? and then this one, where i was knitting at the speed of molasses.

and then yesterday i was too lazy to photograph the progress.
ok, ready??

not close enough? (sorry, the wheels want in on the photo shoot)

let’s pull in tight for some closeups

the orchid lace panel—i am really taken with the center of the motif

an now we’ll pull back a bit and look at the combination of borders and panels.

and then one last lo-o-o-ong shot for debbieKnitter

transformed, yes? i can never get enough of that.

40 thoughts on “i fell down, hard

  1. Oh thanks so much for the wonderful surprise to us all! What can I say about the finished scarf except that it’s stunning! I know you’re not a lazy knitter, I meant in general from everything you do from gardening to teaching to working, I’d just never ever consider you “lazy” in any form of the word.

    I’m so happy for your FIL. What a trying time, it almost seems unreal from what I read on the other post about Big Dave, that an individual can serve in the armed forces and then be denied when it comes time to get SSI. I just will never understand how any of it works I guess. Well, thankfully he was approved. I am sorry to hear he isn’t well, I know about hospice some. I’ll put him in my prayers.

  2. Oh Anne, you lazy loafer you *giggle* Oh lookie, the Wheel Sisters are posing too!! Looovvvveeessss it! I must say, maybe you should bring that scarf on over here to me, I’ll keep an eye on it for ya;)
    After all, I think I heard it calling my name, yep, yep I DID hear it. The doctor called, said I had a serious illness that only ONE thing will cure it, can you guess what THAT is??? Now you wouldn’t wanna stand in my way of health and happiness would ya *evil grin* now give it up young lady!!
    I know….BED NOW DebbieKnitter, SLEEP NOW!!!! Your the best Anne!

  3. Oh, how wonderful to come here to find such good news! I’m really happy for all of you that the fight for your father-in-law’s rights is finally over, and has seen a happy ending.
    As for the Sock Hop yarn, well… how generous of you to even consider the possibility to part with some of it! If I was to participate in a contest and win such a prize, wow! Being given the choice, I even know which one I’d pick: as soon as I saw it, I heard it calling my name. If I wasn’t to be so lucky, I’ll definitely have to buy some (remember our little exchange about my need to get nice roving to entice me to spin more?), so I have to know: what is the colorway of the skein in the bottom/right-hand corner of the picture?

  4. I’m in love. I really like simple repeating motifs, and you’ve done it again, by George.

    Hurray for all of the good things happening! And thanks for the pictures. 😉 Especially the sock hop, reminds me that I have a neglected wheel too!

    PS From what I’ve seen, “lazy” doesn’t even know who you are!

  5. So glad Big Dave got his social security! It’s a shame everyone had to go through so much work for him to get it.

    The orchid scarf is really lovely! The motifs are really cool. I’m glad you designed it so the ends have the motifs pointing the same way. That’s Fearless Fibers Miracle isn’t it? I have a skein of that! Yay!

  6. I’m glad the SSI thing went through. It is a good reminder to have a copy of your birth certificate on hand – luckily all of us have ours in our safe deposit box instead of floating around in our house.

    I love the Orchid Scarf! Very nice! I have to say I’m waiting eagerly for the Bee Shawl to be finished, though – something about the bees just draws me in.

  7. Ooooh! That’s like magic, the way that scarf blocked out! It looks even more gorgeous now (and I loved it before). I guess I’d better take another swing at my ongoing lace debacle.

  8. Girl, you out-do yourself! I don’t know how you possibly could, but you do. That orchid scarf is A-MAZ-ING. Such a simple lace pattern with such a dramatic effect.

  9. Anne, Hurrah that Big Dave was finally recognized as existing. How frustrating that must have been. Same government that sends out notices to all border stations about that tuberculosis jerk/guy, they scan his passport, a red flag pops up instantaneously, and the border agent waves him on through!!! They did say they had removed the agent and put him on paperwork. That’s reassuring, isn’t it? Probably sent him over to work Social Security!

    The scarf is beautiful, my dear.

    Thank goodness

  10. ooooh, uh-oh, I put your Hypoteneuse picture on my Flickr page in my to-knit set– I hope that was okay!!
    Please let me know right away if not, and I’ll take it down.

    The new scarf is gorgeous!

  11. Ooops, Meant to tell you I fell just as hard as you did on the Sock Hop yarns. I set my alarm so that I wouldn’t forget, and good thing, too. In fifteen minutes it was mostly gone. Got my package yesterday and it is gorgeous. Dreaming up patterns. What are you thinking to do with it??? I have to watch too complex a pattern since I would run out of yarn with my big feet. Probably do toe up to use every last inch.

  12. What a relief for you all that Big Dave got his Social Security ! It won”t take away his illness but will make life a litlle bit easier for him !
    And what to say about the scarf ?
    I love, love how it turned out !! The combination of patterns is working out great. I really can see the petals of the Orchids in the main pattern.
    This one will be on top of my to do list, I just need an Orchid wrapped around my neck 🙂 !!

  13. Wow, it’s so amazing what a little blocking can do! Are those old bed sheets you’re blocking on?

    Big big congrats to Big Dave as well! My family’s had some experience going up against SS/Medicaid/Medicare and it was years after several hearings and a court case (!!) that everything turned out alright in the end. It’s exhausting, fighting your own government for your own rights, isn’t it? Anyway, very happy to hear that everything turned out ok in the end!

  14. Hooray, Big Dave! Since I moved, I keep a few documents ever at the ready: my passport, my immigration status document thingy, my birth certificate, and a copy of my marriage license (to explain why the name on my birth cert and passport are different). These 4 things are ALWAYS kept together and I ALWAYS know where they are.

    That scarf is beautiful. BEAUTIFUL! And the center panel really looks like orchids! How clever.

    Also, I finally ordered a spindle. Only because we have a friend here that owns a sheep. A self-shedding sheep. Also, a llama. If I have access to free wool, I might as well give spinning a shot, right?

  15. Thank you for helping Big Dave. After reading about Big Dave I couldn’t read any further. We were in a different situation not so long ago where we almost had to go to emergency housing where we wouldn’t have been able to allow our then four year old to leave our room as her safety couldn’t be guaranteed. Someone helped us. Now things are better. Thank you for stepping in and helping. The red tape makes things so difficult for people in a bad situation no matter what country. People are more than a piece of paper.

  16. I found it very interesting to read Big Dave’s story. I’m very glad for you all that this situation is resolved. I wonder if you could take his story to the media. It seems to me that wider awareness of the problem might help other people struggling with the same situation.

    BTW – thanks for the pictures!! Beautiful as always. The scarf somehow feels religious to me. May be because of the arches and so on. Lovely.

  17. It’s good to know that there are still good people who can make things happen for folks like Big Dave.

    Re: Sock Hop, has it been unavailable for that long? I must have stocked up at the right time last summer. Good for you!

    Last, but not least, those shexy Orchid Scarf shots: so beautifully done! I went and bought “Miracle” on account of that scarf :o)

  18. Lovely scarf! And those pictures with the wheels are beautiful. I can see why the wheels are trying to get in the photos. It was nice to see you this weekend!

  19. What a stunning orchid pattern!! I love how closely the lace flowers resemble the real thing. Elegant and jsut gorgeous – wonderful work. ~gabriella 🙂

  20. That’s wonderful about your FIL…..dealing with the government can be such a hassle sometimes. I have quite a few friends that had their children at home and getting social security cards/birth certificates CAN be a big issue.

    GORGEOUS scarf! So pretty and feminine:)

  21. Good for Big Dave getting his social security! It’s really astonishing that someone could work their whole life and then face such a hassle to get the benefits they’ve more than earned.

    The orchid scarf is beautiful!

  22. Anne, that’s wonderful news for Big Dave and all of you! The scarf is beautiful! Firefox is working well for you. It uploaded your site much faster.

  23. ANNE!!!! Where did that scarf come from????? You just had a few scrunty inches a week ago, I think, and look at it now!!!! Absolutely stunning, laid out in all its’ glory!!

  24. Lovely work (as usual) Anne. And even lovelier work with Big Dave. Truly we are surrounded by everyday angels incognito. You earned your wings today, friend.


  25. What luck on the sock hop yarns! It’s yarns like those that make me want to spin…

    Congratulations to big Dave. That’s good news indeed.

    And love the transformation! 😉

  26. Wow that is nice! I’ve been tempted to buy some wire blockers, using just pins and a ruler doesn’t really work all that well. I see that the pattern actually meets in the middle. Did you knit up two separate pieces and then graft them together in the middle? How luck you are to have your own room to work in. 😀

  27. Wonderful news about Big Dave’s SS! Thank goodness you knew people in high places. I love the Knitspot bracelet–probably because I love street fairs and street artists generally.

  28. I’m so glad to hear the good news about your FIL! Despite his illness and all this SS hassle, he can still consider himself fortunate to have such wonderful family there to go to bat for him.

    And … oooooh … the scarf! So beautiful! I really love the deco feel to it. It’s very different than most lace patterns. Fabulous work, as always 🙂

  29. What a lovely scarf! (Lovely spinning wheels too.) I really like the end detail. And the way the patterning plays nicely with slightly variegated yarn.

  30. Gosh, that turned out really nice, which isn’t a surprise at all! You know, I can rather see why it’s called “orchid” lace. The center panel does rather resemble phalaenopsis, one of my favorite orchid types. (Phals are the big, moth looking ones, in case you don’t know).

    Thanks for the beautiful photos! What a lovely, lovely design!

  31. I’m SO glad to hear about Big Dave! 🙂 I hadn’t forgotten his story… such a relief to know that good eventually triumphed over bureaucracy. 🙂

    The wheels sure look happy in their new home, don’t they? 🙂

  32. that is such great news he got his Social Security!!!

    don’t you love the spell checker? I love that it works with my email too – now I can see right away how bad of a speller and typist I am! 🙂

    The orchid scarf is so pretty -such a simple motif, but striking!

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