and the dollars continue to pile up

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(flower of the day, tomato)

wow, the sun came out this morning and the day was cool, but gorgeous. what more could i ask for?

we are SO gonna hit $5K. like tomorrow.
right now, our total is $4929—wanna go for $10K?

and, due to overwhelming piles of money flooding in at an alarming rate, claudia raised her goal—go read about it.

we have a few additions to our own party fund which you can view here. all you have to do is visit caludia, make a donation, and then email me to say you did. if you want to disclose the amount you can, and i will add it to our knitspot total (that part is just for fun, but it is a reminder of what everyday heroes can accomplish)

thank you, thank you, everyone, for your joyful participation. they used to say “give til it hurts”, and i always took that line very seriously, making sure that some amount of whatever i gained in life got passed back into circulation for doing good in the world. but in recent years, i am finding that i want to push past that, and try now to give til i feel free.

and meanwhile, back at the ranch,

i think my plants all doubled in size (or more) over the past few days.

he-he. uh, yeah, i know they need thinning. tomorrow morning, i swear. it was just so wet out there today . . . and there are a few weeds to pull, as well, i can assure you. and i need to start picking.

you heard right.

the greens are fairly exploding out of their bed. time to get busy.

guess where i’m at with the bee shawl?

the first 600 yards of yarn are just about gone and i’m almost ready for this. i’m poised to begin the third and final section. the one with the big bees and waving grass. and i really need to get serious about finding a bottom edging.

i would have done it sooner (you know me—any excuse to sit and browse through stitch books), but i’ve been afraid of getting lost in doing THAT, when i should be knitting.

maybe friday evening . . .

tree scum2 gets a heel

which means that very VERY soon i will be barreling down the foot of this one and soon i’ll be done. i have set aside my late-late-nite knitting time for accomplishing this.
(there is pretty much nothing BUT late-nite knitting around here, which is why i am now dividing it into segments—late-nite knitting accompanies my audiobook time; late-late-night knitting accompanies my TV hour).

speaking of which, i think the late-nite knitting needs to commence forthwith, before the witching hour is past.

28 thoughts on “and the dollars continue to pile up

  1. Hooray for growing things!! Now if we would only get some rain down here in TN…

    And eeeee on the Bee Shawl!! hard to believe how quickly it’s gone…so hurry up and pick that border already 😛

  2. Ha ha! I love that you “schedule” knitting projects just like I do. The reason I never feel guilt about a huge stack of undone knitting is that I know it all has its own time and place. Each piece has a certain place in my life and day.

    Thanks for the garden pictures! Inspiring. Some sly birds ate my baby tomato plants…

  3. I have projects for locations, one next to computer, one for when working at home, one for when working in office, one for hanging out in living room…

  4. The shawl has put a bee in my bonnet. I watch with anticipation for the next phase or just to see the bees. I think the color is brilliant. It comes to life in my imagination. The perfect shawl to celebrate spring and summer.

    Oh, hi tree scum, excuse me, what are the bees doing now?

  5. I simply adore the texture of the bee shawl. When you finish, can you post a pre-blocking picture with all the bumps? For me? Pleeeease?

  6. When it rains, the plants and flowers seem to rise out of the earth with such speed, as does El Bee grow from your needles and that yarn to die for!

    btw, I like how you put it: give ’til you feel free!

  7. The greens are all good! The luscious greens of the plants; they are growing wildly, it is so good to see. We’ve had drought conditions here, most things have been looking brown not green. I can’t wait to see the shawl progress and the sock will be done before you know it.

  8. Your garden looks fabulous! And I can’t wait for the bee shawl – I’m ready to dig into one of your amazing patterns again!

  9. that is so wonderful! the knitters are such an amazing community!

    your garden looks great!!!!!! mine is still little seedlings – but I think they’ll be growing fast!

    don’t get too lost in the pattern books – they are mesmorizing – I got 2 for my birthday, so I’m currently lost in them….

  10. Your garden looks great. I belatedly decided to plant tomato seeds and they are about 6″. Hm. I might have tomatoes by December! I didn’t realize they flowered so nicely.

    The bee shawl looks delicious.

  11. Hurray Knitters rule!!! Just read Claudias blog and wouldn’t it be so cool if knitters gave the most (which in my eyes isn’t that unlikely).
    Tree scum looks fabulous as usual and I really really adore the bee shawl even now in its mid-knitting stage… it going to be sooooooo beautiful finished, that I almost can’t wait 😉

  12. I fear I’ll never get to another WOTM once the bee shawl is done. Nevermind that I still have plans to do Morning Glories as well (all the while finishing up my own shawl project, AND my second spring things shawl.) When do you figure scientists will discover more time in the day? 😉

  13. I love the yarn you’re using for the bee shawl. It looks so spring-like that I can practically smell fresh-cut grass when I see it! 😀

  14. Your bee shawl is SO beautiful! I can’t wait to see it in it’s fully blocked glory. And I’m so envious of your garden, you have a green thumb for sure! You inspired me to donate 25 bucks to Claudia’s MS ride, it’s so generous of you to match funds AND donate all those prizes!

  15. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to finish the Forest Path Stole if your Bee Shawl debuts before I can get it done! I’m just itching to get that one on the needles. Let’s not even talk about the Starlight Evening Wrap that I drool over each time I come here to read one of your posts too. You are one talented lady!

  16. I’m the same way about stitch books! I was recently gifted with all three of Vogues’ Stitchionaries, and I have them as bedtime reading, and one in each bathroom!

    I just adore that yarn you’re using for the bee shawl. Do you mind sharing where it’s from? It’s so springy and green without being too “ick”. Green has to be so careful to stay away from the “ick” factor. A tad too much yellow, and there it goes . . .

  17. I was directed to your site from Cara at JanuaryOne. Just wanted to say I made a donation to Claudia’s MS ride. My dad was diagnosed with the disease about 20 years ago, and I’m very familiar with how sucky the disease is.
    On a more positive note, your garden beds look great! I have a new raised garden bed this year, and am excited for the stuff growing in it.

  18. What a happy and GREEN posting: lots of money (hooray for knitters — you’ll reach $10,000 easily), perfect vegetables, bee-you-tiful shawl, and the socks. If I didn’t like you so much, I’d be green with envy! Life is good.

  19. I was directed to your site from Cara at JanuaryOne too. Just wanted to say I made a donation $25 to Claudia’s MS ride. I had an aunt with it and I have a good friend with it. I would’ve emailed you the info, but I didn’t see your email address (the eyesight is going from all that knitting ;).

    Fabulous garden! I’m envious.

  20. I’ve never really wanted to knit lace. That is, until I found your site. First it was the man-lace. Yeah, I could handle that. Don’t have to use hair-thin lace and itsy needles.

    Now, curse you! I’m lusting after the bee shawl! Arrrgh!

  21. Such a verdant post! Everything looks so good, even the unblocked lace. Isn’t that breaking one of the cardinal rules of knitting?

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