my cookie jar is happy

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yesterday was monday. and dreary. and well, . . . monday.
maybe it’s because i worked all weekend, or maybe it’s the fact that it feels like it’s getting dark by 10 am these days, but i woke up in serious need of a change of pace. so instead of heading for my desk to answer email first thing, i got out the ingredients to bake cookies.

much better idea.

david’s favorite are oatmeal chocolate chips, so i decided on those. my recipe is a variation of the one that appears on the back of the name brand oatmeal box—really, it’s a great recipe.

usually, i separate out some of the dough because i prefer mine with fruit and no chocolate, but this time, i just made them all with chocolate and then added some dried cherries to one panful.

i served the chocolate cherry ones in knitting class yesterday afternoon (i hope they don’t get used to it!).

the rest went into the cookie jar for mister knitspot.

can i just say that i sorta think the cookie jar looks like mister knitspot? where do i get this from?

i’m completely untempted to eat them because of the chocolate, isn’t that strange? i like chocolate—let’s face it, i love chocolate—but i like it separate from my oatmeal cookie.

and now my cookie jar is happy with a belly full of fresh cookies.

i’ve been super productive about getting caught up on pattern writing and other office stuff since i got home and i’ve been knitting up a storm, too, but a lot of that has been on a secret project, sorry to say.

such as the case may be, i still have progress photos on a couple of accessory projects that will make great christmas gifts, in case you’re still looking.

these almondine spinoff mitts (i’m thinking of naming them “twig and leaf” or “twig and bud”) are nearly done and i’m hoping tonight to cast on for the matching beret. isn’t the yarn gorgeous?? it’s zen yarn garden serenity 20. i just love this color—frosted teal—it makes my heart sing every time i look at it.

and it goes so well with my owl bag, hehe.
they are super-fun to knit; they knit up a lot more quickly than they would appear to, despite their length (and you can make them shorter if you’re pressed for time).

tomorrow, i’m going to write the pattern up for these and send it off to proofing. we are this close to having a final pattern for the fartlek hat i showed you the other day.

ok yeah, i sorta picked that name to make you laugh—cuz, why not?—but it’s totally relevant, too (look it up here). and there’s a pattern coming for the wristlets that match the motheye scarf as well. it’s that time of year i love best—coming up with really quick, fun gift knits.

i started my red scarf yesterday, too. i struggled just a little coming up with the right design for it—it has to be something unisex, but i wanted it to be a quick knit, too, because it has to be kinda long. and the yarn has some texture to it, so the stitch pattern had to agree with that, too.

as you can see, i think i got it all to work together—the yarn is briar rose kindness, the base for which comes from my favorite merino mill, mountain meadow wools. it’s a merino singles that is wrapped with a fine, 2-ply silk strand to add a little bling. i love it. chris has dyed it the most gorgeous red, just perfect for this project. she is dyeing up red kindness as we speak, to add to the store, so don’t fret if you don’t see it today; it is on its way.

i called upon the david sock for inspiration, using a ribbed hem and an openwork pattern with lots of garter to keep it lightweight without being “lacy”. it is knitting up so fast, it’s making my head spin—i’ve already got about twelve inches completed, yay; it’s great TV knitting.

i will be sending this off to the red scarf project, but even more importantly, i’ll write up a pattern to sell, with the intention that all the december proceeds from it will go to the foster care to success red scarf fund.

it’s a great fund that helps kids who don’t have families to get through college by providing not just scholarship money, but guidance and help with the essentials of life. if you think about how much your own kids need you to help them navigate the system and then imagine what it would be like if they didn’t have you there, you’ll have an idea of what a big gap it is to fill.

we’ll be giving more information about all that in the days to come, but for now, i’m off to a pretty good start.

ETA: oooh, and another thing—put a reminder on your calendar for tomorrow, because steven over at bitches get stitches is hosting a giveaway event for world aids day, to raise cash for the pittsburgh aids task force. because i met stephen at rhinebeck and because pittsburgh is kind of in our back yard, david and i joined with other yarnies to put up a couple of prizes for his event. the prize list is awesome, but you have just one day—tomorrow, dec 1—to participate, so don’t be left out of the fun!

now, i think i hear my knitting calling me, so i’m going to go find it.

21 thoughts on “my cookie jar is happy

  1. the cookie jar does look happy! the cookies look yummy and what I should not be reading about at 10:20 at night…. right before bed….

  2. Oatmeal cookies are my favorite with either raisins or cranberries. Love that cookie jar.

    The mitts are gorgeous as is the scarf. I had to read the entire article about fartlek and people wonder why I know all of this stuff.

  3. Fartlek is a perfect name for a running hat. A little play on the needles leads to a little play on the road.

  4. My daughter brought up to my bedroom a just out of the oven oatmeal chocolate chip cookie! MMMM good! Unfortunately, at 9:00 p.m. not the best for me, but, how can I turn down her cookie? Baking is so wonderful for these overcast days. Baking is good any day. Mr. Knitspot and I are lucky people!

    Love the Fartlek hat, and I already have yarn from Verb that I plan on using to make this for my daughter. Anxiously awaiting your pattern…..that seems to be a constant state for me since I learned about you, Anne! I am so excited about the beret that you will be designing for the almondine pattern. With so many projects OTNs and so many planned, I can’t believe I’m urging you to get the beret pattern done, but I have really wanted to make a beret for a while. I don’t wear mitts, but maybe I can figure out how to make your mitts into mittens. You continue to inspire!

  5. Now I want to bake cookies!

    I took up running this spring too but it’s getting awfuly cold and dark here (sunrise after 8 am, sundown before 4 pm, and it’s a month until winter solstice, ugh!) A fartlek hat may be just what I need to get out there anyway 🙂

  6. Anne, you are pushing a non-hat person right over the edge! As soon as I saw your Fartlek hat (love the name, by the way!), in Jen’s fabulous yarn, I knew I had to have one. This will be fun to make (one or three!).

    Definitely chocolate chips in oatmeal cookies, and cherries, yum!

    It’s *so* important for projects to match the bags, haha. Thanks for the pretty shot. Longer length mitts are perfect for long arms.

  7. I’ve noticed that you often coordinate your project & project bag. I love it & wonder if it’s accidental or a definite choice. I think it would make me smile to pull a project out of a bag that goes with or matches the colors in the bag.

  8. Love the scarf and of course the yarn! I just had Chris dye me up a beautiful batch of red yarn for the Oktober Zest patterns. Count me in for participating in the Red Scarf Project and of course I’ll have to buy the red Kindness yarn. Love red especially this time of year.

    P.S. I coordinate my bags with projects too. To top it off I match stitchmarkers too. 🙂

  9. I’m with you on no chocolate in oatmeal cookies, despite the fact that I too love chocolate.

    I do want to try those mitts, but I am so behind. I can dream that maybe by next winter I’ll be ready. . . .

  10. I Love, Love the mitts and was finally able to get some Frosted Teal! Thanks for the reminder for the red scarf project – this is such a good cause.

  11. As someone born in Sweden but left at age 12, I was surprised to read the name of your mitts. I still speak Swedish and understand that it means speed play,but I did not understand what it meant until I read wiki. Very interesting.
    I love your patterns but full mitts with the fingers covered would be more appropriate in the cold climate of Calgary. I suppose I could modify the patterns, but it will have to wait for another time. I am busy with huge scarves and cowls for Christmas.

  12. Michele, Anne managed to turn me into a hat person, so there’s hope for you! I’m stalking Jen’s site waiting for the Holda to go up…

    Love the idea of dried cherries AND choc. chips in oatmeal cookies.

  13. I love the name you picked for the hat – made me chuckle!! I am going to knit one and I shall treat myself to some of Chris’ yarn too! I’m with you on the cookies – I love the fruit, but not chocolate so much in this sort of munchie. But I certainly can eat for England when it comes to chocolate, don’t get me wrong!!!

  14. While my hubby would definitely go for the cookies with or without chocolate or fruit, I’m wondering how he’ll take to a hat named Fartlek. At least it will make me smile.

  15. Mmmm…those cookies look delicious. I’m not picky if my chocolate mingles with the oatmeal or not. Bring them on!

    All of your projects are soooo tempting. I’ll be knitting like crazy once these patterns are released. Love the name Fartlek – only you, Anne, can make that sound classy.

    Love the cookie jar, too.

    Peeked at the prizes on the Aids Day list. Very generous of you and all of the donors. I hope a lot of money is raised.

  16. Can’t wait for those mitts, I wish the pattern was already released I was looking for a pretty pattern for my sister (ended up with Veyla by ysolda) and already knit quite a few of yours for her so needed something new! Oh well, I’ll just have to knit them for ME instead!

  17. I like my oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips AND cherries! just saying…
    Anyhoo…have you ever tried adding butterscotch chips to the batter? Don’t add too many or it will be too sweet but they make a great cookie.

  18. Mitts are great, but I’m with you and any dried fruit in oatmeal cookies! Hard to beat traditional raisin oatmeal cookies, although cranberries, dates, or cherries give them a good fight

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