moth kisses

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now here’s a little stocking stuffer to go with the motheye scarf you may have knit for someone’s main holiday gift . . .

or hey, if you coveted that yarn the whole time you knit with it and wanted so badly to keep the scarf for yourself, here’s a reward for being generous—knit a little keepsake for yourself with the leftovers.

these sweet little lace cuffs take almost no time to knit and are a great beginner lace project, since they are worked in the round with the right side always visible.

for a more experienced lace knitter, these can be dashed off in no time and earmarked for a hostess or teacher gift. you know that at some point, you’ll need something you can grab and wrap up in a jiffy. what better use for a small ball of leftover lace yarn?

and don’t let the delicate look fool you—these provide a nice layer of warmth over the back of my hands, while leaving my fingers completely free to work—great for typing, traveling, or even knitting.

feel free to size them up a little more to wear as boot toppers; they make a great wind baffle and are way prettier than felt boot liners.

personally, i love how a little accessories like this can be pulled from my pocket to totally flip the mood of a coat or jacket, when i’m through with business for the day.

it’s no fun for outerwear to be all work and no play, now, is it?

speaking of which, i’m going to leave it to your imagination what a little change-up like this will do for that charcoal gray business suit you wear once a week.

use with caution—they are seriously fun to wear, but are known to have devastating effects on others.

shown above with the matching motheye scarf (sold separately) in spirit trail nona, a soft and silky merino/cashmere/silk blend in the gorgeous rosewood colorway.

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

and now for one last parting shot with the sassy coat . . .

33 thoughts on “moth kisses

  1. OMG I love that coat! Mine I just got looks identical in the front, but I love the back of yours!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The scarf and cuffs are adorable, and I can’t wait to cast on.

    But like so many others, please tell us … where, oh where, did “sassy coat” come from?

  3. I’m not sure which I love more Anne the cuffs or the coat! I’ve been waiting to purchase Motheye but those cuffs just sent me over the edge. I started a monkey bread this weekend but I may just have to set it aside for these two!

  4. oh my! I REALLY love this set!! I am always amazed at how you crank out lovely pattern after pattern!

    PS…love your coat too!

  5. Ooh, ooh, those wristlets – so feminine, & the name is perfect. I have the pattern & will start as soon as I finish Les Abeilles (which I’m loving).

  6. We know where to get the cuff and scarf patterns, but I must join the admiring throng and ask where you got that coat!

  7. Love the lace cuffs – such a cute name too. Have to say the coat is absolutely fabulous!

  8. Motheye is such a great pattern! Ive finished mine and it just needs to be blocked. The cuffs are adorable and I have serious coat envy!

  9. love the knitwear and agree with flipping a look instantly but… who makes that coat!??? I love the design to the back of it, unique! lol, want one!

  10. I love that coat but I’m afraid my butt is too big for ruffles in the back! I’ve never been big on wristlets but you sucked me in with the comment about the charcoal gray business jacket! Motheye is on my post-Christmas knitting list already!

  11. I love your wristlet patterns. They are versatile, warm, pretty and useful for those of us who need free fingers, and they make excellent quick gifts! What size are you wearing?

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