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when searching for a name to give this beret and mitts set, i kept thinking how much this motif looks like pussywillows. however, when i took a look at how many patterns already use that word in the name, i decided to play around instead with another theme.

but the original continued to nag at me for expression until one day, i realized how i could use the idea and still keep it unique.

my friend debby’s grandson has never been able to pronounce the word pussywillow and instead substitutes wussypillow. they tried and tried to teach him the correct pronunciation with no success.

eventually they gave up and caved in—now the whole family just uses the term wussypillows. i love it.

i don’t think i gave debby a heads up yet that i was using the family joke as the pattern title—she’s probably spitting coffee right now as she reads this, haha.

anyway . . . what i’ve got for you today is an elegantly proportioned set of mitts with matching beret, featuring a deeply embossed texture that just doesn’t quit.

worked in a springy blend, the texture will have great definition with some sheen to show off its fine points.

the ribbed pattern provides a nice snug fit in the mitts which, when worked as written, will extend nearly to the elbow, with plenty of length to scrunch. feel free to make them shorter by simply knitting less.

the beret is slouchy, but light and worked in decreasingly smaller motifs as it converges on the center top point for a finish with plenty of back interest.

the mitts have a sculpted thumb gusset for a closely tailored look. and if all that wasn’t enough, the set coordinates with one of our most popular scarf patterns, the butternut and the almondine socks that appear in ann budd’s latest sock book as well.

i guess you could say i’m fond of working with this motif. i think these pieces might complete the cycle for me though—unless i decide to do a cowl . . . you never know

size large shown above in serenity 20, a springy merino/cashmere/silk blend in the wonderful frosted teal colorway.

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

at the end of the photo shoot, i took off the bracelet i was wearing to see how it would look on top of the mitt cuff and wow—i love this look.

this is the thin double wrap cuff from haus leather; i purchased it when i was at the finger lakes a few weeks ago and i just love wearing it.
(for years, i wasn’t to be seen outside the house without my schott motorcycle jacket, but now it’s too big for me, so this great little piece is a kind of streamlined reminiscence of that time.)

i am totally coveting this bag now, too. but i doubt santa is bringing it—unless there really IS a santa, haha!

anyway, back to the matter at hand . . . many thanks to roxanne at zen yarn garden for providing the yarn and perfect color for a rich, beautiful result; the hand on this fabric is to die for.

and heavens, what would i do without helena to bring it all to life? she’s not just a pretty face either (though that would be plenty)—she does all her own styling, too, and i’m never disappointed in her taste; she’s a natural.

23 thoughts on “wussypillows

  1. Just beautiful Anne! And you are right about Helena’s taste – those tights are just perfect! She gets more stunning each photo shoot she does. I think this beret might just become my Christmas holiday pick up knitting! Thank you!

  2. Just gorgeous! What fabulous photos! This may be my last ‘last minute’ gift knit… depending on what happens next week 😉 Thank you, Anne!

  3. Anne, you always leave me in awe of your talent and creativity! This hat/mitt set is just stunning!

  4. I’m so happy with this pattern. The name may be my all-time favorite for a pattern. I bought the pattern last night and cannot wait to make my beret.

    Helena is a natural. And a beauty.

    And so are you, Anne : )

  5. helena is lovely! i was marveling at how great her outfit was in all the pictures, particularly the one where you can see her matching stockings. what a great eye she has! (i’m excited about the pattern, too! 🙂 )

  6. I absolutely adore these! This is on the must knit list and I just need to find the perfect yarn. So very pretty.

  7. I’ve been waiting for this pattern – it will be a post-holiday gift for a special cousin. And the photo-shoot is just lovely!

  8. Yes, I did crack up!!! I can’t wait to show his mom and dad. Wussypillow now takes on a whole new meaning in our house.
    Love the pattern you honored with the name!

  9. A little late in commenting – love these! I’ve been waiting for this pattern release and the name rocks!

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