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club paper bag

As we conclude the Fall in Full Color club, thanks to all of you that have shared in this new venture. There have been so many wonderful comments,

“This is the best club, so glad I joined – CK”
“Incredibly beautiful yarn. Thank you both for a wonderful six months. Looking forward to the next club – JW”.

club cards

We have received some very kind and thoughtful cards and letters, I assure you there are more buried amongst these papers—please excuse the disorder of my desk.

And in kind, the interaction in the Ravelry clubhouse has also been absolutely great, a special thank you to Kat, Kim and Karolyn as moderators, you can not get better than these three. The clubhouse has morphed into this extended family of sorts, all of the stories, jokes, trading of yarn and the sharing of ideas. If you have not joined either Knitspot club, why not join FiFC Clubhouse or BNK Clubhouse; it’s free, after all and a good way to watch our antics from the sidelines.

Some critical acclaim has also been bestowed upon the club by Clara Parkes in Knitter’s Review. Nice to be mentioned; thank you Clara.

club packaging

And so Bare Naked Knitspot begins; with the arrival of new yarn, the packing commences. Do you like the packaging? How perfect and suitable for natural fibers, a plain simple lunch bag—splendid. I wish I could show the entirety of the living room, a generously sized room, the largest in the house, filled right now with yarn. Do I mind?? Not at all, especially when considering some of the alternatives, like renting a separate space for work (or living with no yarn at all).

There are few remaining memberships available, how wonderful would it be to fill these before the official start of Bare Naked Knitspot club on the 7th of February (the mailing of first yarn to our International members). if you haven’t signed on yet, we hope you will consider joining us.

Those of you with pattern only memberships may want to consider upgrading to a full membership, as some pattern only members missed out on some really terrific yarn last time, prompting requests for club yarn which we couldn’t supply after the fact.

For those with a full membership, the extra yarn option is another consideration, as it affords a few more options—you can knit a larger piece or gift your creation and still keep one for yourself. I need not reiterate Anne’s impeccable taste in the selection of club yarn, of course the designs are incomparable. More good things to come, we continue our ongoing mission to work with collaborating artists who are as passionate about their work as Anne is about design. I see this same passion in all of you, when you knit a club design, the photos and comments shared are simply amazing.

click here to view complete information and details; and please, do not hesitate to email me with any further questions.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be a part of the Bare Naked Knitspot club. Come join us for a unique club experience.

Mister Knitspot

24 thoughts on “just a few more to go

  1. Ive really enjoyed every moment of the FiFC club. The patterns and yarn are more than what I could have imagined. Each project has been fun to knit and I get ton’s of compliments when I wear them!

    Love the packaging! It can be recycled and it’s one more wrapping to open keeping us in suspense just a bit longer!

    Thank you Mr Knitspot & Anne. You guys are the best!

  2. I am happily anticipating the start of “Bare Naked.” FiFC was outstanding. I had never joined a club, as I did not just want “more yarn”, I wanted to LEARN something, whether it be techniques or working with a new type of fiber. FiFC fulfilled that specification to a tee. I also appreciate “clever” and the Knitspot clubs are, indeed, that!

  3. This is the first time I’ve ever joined any club, and I am very excited about it. It’s my equivalent of my husband’s beer of the month club!

  4. I daresay that having wonderful yarn and patterns in my mailbox each month has made me a faster knitter! (though I’m still behind on my FiFC projects!).

    I love the paper bag packaging and how neatly they are stacked in their totes, preparing for their journeys around the world!

    Thank you David, and Anne, for creating such wonderful fiber experiences!

  5. The packages look so tempting! I shall be awaiting the pattern release day eagerly this time round, and stash diving for yarn. It will be such a treat! Thank you Anne and David for all that you do for us.

  6. oh mr. knitspot, the packaging is brilliant! am looking forward to the unique qualities of bare naked knits!!

  7. Loving every minute of the exceptional FiFC club I had to choose the extra yarn option for the BNC. Looking forward to the first shipment already 🙂

  8. hubby is due back from Japan in the next week… i think i need to just let him know what i want for my early birthday present! The subtle hints at xmas didn’t seem to work!

  9. David, you and Anne have done an amazing job with the FiFC club and I know BNk will be equally as wonderful. Just seeing all of those brown bags set my heart to pitty-pattering. Hard to believe it’s just a tad over a week before the first packages start heading out.

    I’m so happy to be connected to the KS family. We love our mothership group and the club satellites as well.

    Thank you both for all of the joy you bring to my life.

  10. I loved your Fall club. I am so excited about your naked club — that doesn’t sound right but you know what I mean. You are a class operation. The designs are excellent and beautiful and the yarns are so special. I can only imagine all the hard work you both put into this labor of love to make it so outstanding. Thank you!!!

  11. I did the pattern only FIFC. This time the yarn, yarn + option and pattern will be at my house soon! The packaging is neat. I am eager for the club to start! It has been fun watching the progress of the clubbies and their knitting on Ravelry.

  12. The packaging looks great & you have done a great job, Mr Knitspot. I really enjoyed FiFC but unfortunately do not have the budget to join BNK which I know will be just as great.

  13. I am so looking forward to the first yarn shipment. This is my first yarn club & I know I’ll enjoy it. How great to receive new yarn & a pattern each month from my favorite designer. I just took up knitting again a few months ago, so missed out on the color club. I don’t like to think I’m ever envious, but I’ve had a twinge or two while reading the Ravelry Knitspot forums.

  14. After keeping up with Anne’s blog for so many years, it’s really fun to hear Mr. Knitspot’s voice! I enjoy your writing very much and I’m very excited about the beautiful treats I’m going to receive in brown paper wrapping. How exciting!!

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