wednesday is hump day

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i’m one of those people who never gets sick—i can go years without even catching a cold. but three plane rides in the space of a week and five days full of kids left me carrying a cold home from las vegas.

we landed in a climate much warmer and moister than our usual january weather—the perfect petrie dish for brewing all sorts of nasties. of course i had to go and succumb to stomach flu within a few days, just as i was getting over the cold. ugh.

at least i was in good company—four of the six people in our monday knitting class were sick last week with it. i’m finally feeling better, but still hesitant about eating anything complicated.

after the initial couple days of ick, i mostly just felt bleh—not really able to work at my desk, but not too sick to knit. so i got lots of project work done over the weekend. i took these photos when i had to switch to a longer needle on the hem of the new shawlette (yet to be named; i’m thinking of calling it grey gardens).

i actually finished up the knitting that night and blocked it on friday morning (maybe it was saturday?). the hazel knits divine looks gorgeous, doesn’t it? the silk and cashmere together have such a beautiful sheen, don’t they?

the piece blocked out a treat to a nice size—larger than i expected from what came off the needles. i love the mix of textures in it and of course, the rich, polished colors in the yarn.

now i need to write up the pattern—i’m sadly behind on desk work at the moment. but with a couple of days of diligence, i should be able to catch up and pass it on to a test knitter.

i’ll probably knit another one in a solid yarn; i’ve got a skein of alisha goes around raft of otter fingering (BFL and silk) in the amber colorway that will be a knockout in this design.

with that shawlette off the needles, i pulled out one of the ones i started in december to have in waiting as a grab-and-go project—a susannah shawlette in a lovely gray cotton/wool blend from maple creek farm (sorry, no direct link; i don’t believe they make this blend any more).

i enjoy knitting this project a lot and though i need a sample for our trunk show, the yarn is so appealingly soft that i may have to keep this one for myself.

and what of david’s sweater, you are probably wondering?

not to worry; being rather mindless, it saw LOTS of play over the weekend. i did have a mishap though, while visiting with a friend. i had started the large back piece, gotten through the ribbing, switched to my larger needle at the right time and proceeded to work in pattern. i thought it felt like it was growing awfully slow—and it seemed heavy as well. but i kept going a few more rows.

suddenly in mid sentence—and about two inches in—i finally saw what was wrong.

can you see it?

can you see it now?
that’s right, i was knitting the wrong pattern—seed stitch instead of pebble stitch. i’d forgotten to do my WS rows in purl for over two inches!!

my friend said it makes her feel immeasurably better when i do stuff like that. anything for my friends, haha.

the woolen rabbit sporty kashmir took the punishment very well, showing no wear or pilling to speak of from the ripping.

i’m back on the right track now and more than halfway to the underarm (it’s even bigger today than when the photo was taken yesterday).

do you want to see the cabled panels? they’re pretty subtle; david doesn’t like a lot of heavy cabling in most of his sweaters, unless they are specifically fisherman style.

each side seam is getting half of a larger panel of overlaid diamond shapes. when the seam is sewn together it will look something like this

and then the half motif will travel up each side of the armholes and neck as well. in the cardigan version, the half motif will travel down each side of the button bands.

david will like this. and the color? sooo david.

on saturday, i felt good enough when i got up to make a big pot of pasta e fagioli (we had a lot of white beans in the cupboard), but truthfully, still not good enough to eat any til yesterday. i settled for sipping some of the broth with italian bread and that was plenty for me, haha.

while the soup was cooking, i cast on for david’s socks to match the ones i knit for amad.

roxanne at zen yarn garden sent us a skein of david’s favorite smooshy sock at the end of the summer, so i could knit him something yummy.

isn’t that blue color amazing?? it was one of her artwalk sock club selections for last july and is inspired by the painting masculine waves (onami) by katsushika hokusai

the yarn is dyed in the magnificent, deep blue of japanese indigo fabrics, with dashes of undyed spots scattered throughout. the effect when it’s knit up is like ink on rice paper.

i’m going to try to stay on track with this project and finish the socks in a timely manner. i have to admit though, that the extra 24 sts per round very noticeable slows me down—they are not growing nearly as quickly as the child’s pair, which was, in itself, quite motivating for me. if i keep them front and center, working on them whenever i have an odd minute or two in the kitchen, that should help.

in fact, i’m even thinking of pulling them out after dinner each night to knit some rounds while we sit at the table for those few minutes after eating.

well, i think that’s all i have for today; i better see to a bit of catching up work before spinning class this evening. see you next time . . .

34 thoughts on “wednesday is hump day

  1. So, not everything that happens in Vegas really stays in Vegas? Sorry to hear you got so sick! Airplanes will do that to you.

    That new shawl is awesome–can’t wait to knit that up!

    Feel better soon, Anne!

  2. So sorry you were sick-it’s a hazard of climate changes, travel and of course, children. My grandson has stomach flu and gave it to my pregnant daughter-we spent a few hours at the ER to get her rehydrated. Thankfully they were the only 2 that got it.

    Loving David’s sweater-and I also appreciate when you show mistakes. I always try to mention them when I’m teaching, so that students understand there’s not a magic switch that turns you into a perfect knitter. Would be nice though…as would sleep knitting. 🙂

  3. Isn’t that stomach virus hideous. I had it and took over a week until I could really eat everything again.

    That shawl is beautiful and doesn’t look too terribly hard.

  4. So glad you’re feeling better and are starting to feel like eating again.

    Something about this blog reminded me (don’t know why) about a shawl you had mentioned previously….wasp and rose….is that one still in the works or have I missed it?

    Continue taking care of both you and David.

  5. Poor you! Being ill is NO fun whatsoever! Hope you are feeling better now. That blue sock yarn is just so, so intense – gorgeous colour, and a great pattern to boot! Need a test knitter for the pattern?!! Can’t wait to see how David’s sweater comes together.

  6. I’m glad you’re feeling better! Like the way you’re doing the diamond pattern on the sweater seams–very clever!

  7. We all had the stomach flu a couple of weeks ago, and it was really miserable. I’m so sorry you had to go through that. It took us all a while to be able to eat much. The new shawl is stunning, a real masterpiece. Take care, and be well.

  8. It’s encouraging to know that even the best designers frog on occasion. I had a little frogging mishap this week too because counting to twelve is just too demanding.

    Love the shawl and the sock and of course the sweater! The cables remind me of celtic designs, especially in the green tones of the yarn.

    Did David make that fantastic bobbin holder/box for you (does it double as a lazy kate?)? That is really cool!

  9. Oh dear…I am sorry to read that you were sick. We all got it here as well….NASTY norovirus!

    I am happy to see that I am not the only one who has to do that kind of frogging now and then…LOL. Mine usually involves wine when it happens.

  10. Oh, sorry to hear that you were ill! Hope you’ll get better and better.
    David’s sweater is superb ! And, oh my, did I hear that you mention both a sweater and a cardigan version ? Which means you intend to release a pattern of it ? Yay! Can’t wait!

  11. oof, what a terrible spell of sickness you had – so glad to hear you’re feeling a bit better!! take good care of yourself – lots of resting all snuggled up in handknits, i say!

  12. Oh, I was beginning to worry when we hadn’t heard from you! What an awful time of it. Not being able to eat is the worst!! Glad you’re on the mend.

    Love the sweater, though sorry about the frogging. Our hands can always tell that something is not right, even when our minds don’t catch up for a while!

  13. Oh, Anne, so sorry to hear that you have been ill, and glad that you are on the mend. I would chock the sweater error/frogging episode up to a virus symptom!

    The new shawl and sweater are gorgeous. I am looking forward, as ever, to the pattern(s) release….after your wellness is fully restored.

  14. Oh, goodness, but that shawl is breathtaking! Lovely, lovely.

    And the cables at the seams on David’s sweater are brilliant. So subtle, so elegant!

    Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  15. Anne, I’m so sorry you’ve been sick with a double whammy! Glad you’re feeling better now. And glad you’ve been able to get in some good knitting. Love David’s sweater and socks. The shawlette is very pretty too. You’re on a roll.

    Take care of yourself. And of David. Hope you’re soon feeling all better.

  16. Sorry to hear about the ick, glad you are feeling better! Most of our family had stomach flu a couple of weeks ago (the joy of having kids in daycare, the four-year-old brought it home and shared…), and even when I was well again I couldn’t drink coffee for a week.

    I love Davids sweater! The xo-ish side cables are such a nice detail 🙂 I must get going with my René again… have to cast on another piece asap.

  17. So sorry to hear you were not feeling well! Glad you are on the road to recovery. I LOVE LOVE the shawl!!! Cannot wait for the pattern to be available – definitely have to make this one!!! Feel better and Happy Knitting!

  18. Hi Anne! I’m so sorry you’ve been sick. It certainly does seem to be making the rounds this year but honestly – it’s been such a strange winter it’s a wonder more people aren’t sick.
    I have to say – I think your grey gardens (if that’s what you end up calling it) shawlette is one of the prettiest ones you’ve done recently. Very elegant. I’m glad it blocked out larger – I’m afraid I tend to steer away from shawlettes because they never seem to be quite big enough for a – ahem – more abundant form and I’m not very good at figuring out how to make them wider. But this one is too gorgeous.
    Anyway – hope you are backto yourself VERY soon.

  19. Hello Ann, my first comment here. Re: frogging: it is so satisfiying, once you get over the cursing, Take That! and That! Also lovely the yarn held up.
    I enjoy your blog very much and your designs are delightful. Carry on in health and beauty!
    a new friend, Marilyn

  20. Sorry about he sick days! This seems like a bad winter for that stuff. Hope you are 100% very soon.

    the shawlette is lovely. I was reading the border as hearts at first…it would be gorgeous in red.

  21. Get well soon Anne! I caught a stomach bug too earlier this week so I know how unpleasant it is! Glad you managed to do some knitting once you felt better. Love that cable down the side of David’s sweater!

  22. I would love to be sick enough that I can knit but am unable to do anything else. What luxury! Could you send that bug to me, please?

    Gorgeous knits! LOVE the cables on David’s sweater.

  23. I’m sorry to hear that you got the ick that’s been going around – bleh. I hope you’ve well and truly kicked it and that you’ve now inoculated yourself against anything else going around.

    David’s sweater is looking good now (heh); I admit to also being glad that I’m not the only one who does things like that. And the new shawl is beautiful! Such a great color and pattern – perfect combination.

    Happy birthday a day early 🙂

  24. Happy Birthday. We met at Trumpet Hill in Albany, NY. We share the same birthday. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  25. I really like this new shawl pattern. I especially love the busy center section contrasted with the quieter lace along the bottom. There’s just enough garter stitch there to rest the eye. Not sure I’m expressing this right, but it’s a lovely pattern.

  26. I love the new shawl pattern.

    Looks like another quick lovely shawlette to put in the quick gift category.

    Happy Birthday Anne!

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