crossing the line

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that is, the FINISH line!! YAY!, the wooster shawl is Done. do you want to see? of course you do!
let me first show the progress from friday and saturday:

this is it on the morning of day 6 (friday):

and on day 7:

you can see i really buckled down and got a lot done. i worked through all my medium gray yarn and started the outer band of the darkest color. i briefly wondered if i should have made the center square larger (since i had more light gray yarn) and contemplated (still MORE briefly) going back and adding onto it. ok, i was getting a little nervous that i would run out of yarn. yeah, i know i spun 2,000 yards, but i still got nervous. it looks so small before you block it; i was worried it would never stretch to the right size.

and rightly so! i DID run out of yarn, or at least i did feel justified in using every last bit, and then knitting a two-row edge of the lightest gray as a finish.

it looked like this when i bound it off the needles, morning of day 8:

it was all of 48 inches square, maybe; SO not big enough! and SO ugly. then i soaked it for a couple of hours and spent a couple of hours pinning it out to dry:

it stretched to 60 inches then, with a diagonal of about 78 inches. perfect. then, today, the morning of day 9, i took out all the pins. it relaxed back about one-half inch on each side (not bad at all). you might be able to see the pin marks in this photo:

here is a detail of the stitches unstretched, and then stretched:

quite a difference; unstretched the patterns have more depth and texture, but stretched, you get the full effect of the openwork and sheerness.

and finally, the full piece:

there really isn’t anything else to say abut it; i think it speaks for itself.

tomorrow, updates on other lacepacers team members, and more olympic athlete spotlight!

5 thoughts on “crossing the line

  1. Congrats Anne!

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!

    I can’t imagine trying to create this in my lifetime.
    You are simply amazing – and your own design too?

    Will this ever be made into a pattern that the public can purchase? Just wondering.

    A GOLD METAL indeed for this! Congrats again!!

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