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thank you for such warm and heartfelt condolences for the death of Big Dave (david’s dad). please know that all is well and we are truly at peace with it. he got to go out the way he wanted, with dignity and on his own terms; we really can’t ask for more than that when it is our time to go.

we’ll be heading out of town friday morning and won’t be back til monday, so i wanted to leave you with a little knit-porn to tide you over. the rectangle bee pattern is actually all set to go, but i need to postpone the release til tuesday, as i’m sure you guessed. i definitely want to BE here to answer email once it’s posted . . .

so tuesday i got up early and soaked the finished half of the stole i’m knitting (what?? we need a cover photo . . .). when i was at a good point in my work day to take a break, i pinned it out

blocking is very soothing for me. it makes for good thinking time.

doesn’t that texture look like those fancy rolled beeswax candles?
and what’s different about this stole (besides, of course, the fact that it is a stole and not a triangle), is that i used the “other” panel configuration that was also so popular with you all in the swatches—the bee and honeycomb motif.

the bottom hem edging is also the same, but different—i love this light lacy pattern—it’s a variation of porcupine lace, which i am calling “gnat swarm”.

and here’s the closeup of the bee

and now for the long shot . . .

ok. NOW. if you haven’t started fanning yourself yet, better get ready.

because now i have something really sex-ay to show you.


(and forget about seeing cute, naked pictures of david)

ok, ready now?

wait, there’s more (if you can take it)

mmmm-mmm, baby.
Killah Bee . . . the Black Stingah . . . the lethal addiction . . . tender but tough

this is vanessa’s finished stole in black zephyr laceweight. she sent it in the mail (maybe it was coming on to her DH?)

i am SO glad i got to block this piece too (ok, that is NOT as close to saying “i am so glad you let me lick your toes sometimes” as it sounds).

this is a pure and clean affinity for adding the finishing touch to a gorgeous work. and, uh, yes, i stroked it a bit as i worked; you got a problem with that?

did someone say loo-oonger?

ahem. whoo, i need to shake that off. that is po-tent.

on another note completely, i also got my rowan book this week.
it is SO going in the car with me to NYC.

(i hope the cover photo is no indication of how i will feel about what’s inside). since i need a few sweaters, i’m grazing. the thing is that their fit is so good for me. the narrow shoulders and long arms are perfect for my figure. the styles are often not overpowering on my very narrow frame. and i love tweed. and cables. so i hope there is a LOT of that in there.
(seriously, it has been on my desk for 3 days and i haven’t opened the cover yet; that’s how hectic it is here lately).

ok now, time to get to other things. gotta get another half a stole done. i’ve already put that bad boy back to work . . .

58 thoughts on “chock-a-block

  1. Ahh . . . must . . . breathe . . . .

    Lovely stuff there, and you’re right about the knit-porn, lol!

    I love the stole!

  2. Ok, now that I have picked my jaw up off of the floor, I have to wait until Tuesday to get the pattern, because I must have it.
    I’m still waiting on my kit too, not so patiently. Even though it is intended for a fall project.

    Beautiful, simply beautiful.

  3. It does look just like those rolled beeswax candles! Love the stole even better than the shawl. And in black, it’s fabulous!

  4. Those are both awesome. I love the honey color because you are right, it does look like the beeswax candles. (My grandfather is a bee keeper and makes those kinds of candles, so I should know, right?!) And I like the black because of the definition against the white. The bees really stand out.

  5. Oh you wicked woman! you shouldn’t do this to us,,,
    I am sooo in love with this rectangle one, I must must must have it, SOOON!!!!! 🙂

  6. Phew….. Look at all that lovelieness! I think I blacked out there for a minute. 🙂

    I think everyone would agree… Take all the time that you need. We will all be waiting when you come back. You need to tend to your family first.


  7. Wow.

    Just wow. That’s about all I can manage after those pics! The little black number is very special. Lace usually isn’t my thing, but I can hear this one calling my name …

  8. Um, I wasn’t going to buy the Bee pattern, though I think it’s lovely, because I’m not super into triangular shawls. I didn’t realize…

    Potent, indeed.

  9. Awesome! That really is some lovely stuff…
    Have a safe trip. I’ll be thinking of you.

  10. Oh crap! I think I like it better in the stole!
    And I loooooooove it in black.
    Who’s bad!

  11. Why are you teasing us so much Anne ?
    Showing us all those lovely pictures and then let us wait till Tuesday !
    Well maybe it’s better this way, then we all will have some time to regain our breaths after seeing so much beauty ! 🙂
    Thanks for showing them to us before you leave, take care !

  12. Naughty, naughty! But in a good way we truly appreciate 😉

    Think I’ll have myself a little lie down now. Safe travels and big hugs, all.

  13. I can’t wait for the stole pattern! But, yes, I can wait for the stole pattern – you have things to do. Take care.

  14. Hi, I have been admiring this from afar! It’s absolutely gorgeous. I have never knitted lace and wondered how difficult this would be to make?

  15. well, NOW I know why my friend Eve has been waiting for the stole pattern! I guess that will be what I use the STR lace for …
    safe safe trip for you both –

  16. Ahhhhh, I’m looking forward to Tuesday. The Bee Stole is gorgeous!!!
    Safe travels to NYC. We are in the city as I type this and let me tell you it is hot, hot, hot!!

  17. The shawl really does look like a sheet of beeswax, all ready to be turned into a candle and lit on fire. Let’s hope someone doesn’t take that too seriously. :p

  18. Hi, Anne. I am so sorry to hear about Big Dave. That was a sad post to read. I read it through Google Reader and when I came over to your site to comment, your site wouldn’t come up for me for some reason. Anyway, I am glad that you are both at peace with it.

    Those stoles are BREATHTAKING!!! Will you be selling this pattern also? Short answer is probably, “DUH!, Rosi!” :))

  19. Phew! I think I need a cigarette. Like everyone else, I will also be anxiously awaiting the post with this pattern in it, credit card clutched in my hot little hand. It is beyond beautiful!

    And more importantly, my condolences on the loss of Big Dave. I’ve been lurking for a long time reading your posts about him and his troubles, and he was a wonderful man. How precious that he was able to go out on his own terms, peacefully. What a blessing.

  20. Yeah, so now I’m obviously going to have to knit both. I was thinking one in the yellow and one in the green, but that black is stunning.

  21. Firstly, I am so sorry about Big Dave. Sorry but still glad that he went the way he did. We’ve all got to go and it makes it a little easier on those left behind if the going is like his. Hugs, kisses and pats on the head from Maryland. Seriously, I got chills when I read your first line and had to immediately scroll down to your previous post. I’m assuming the incredibly dapper gentleman is Big Dave himself. So handsome.

    Secondly, I am now going to have to purchase the Bee Stole as well thankyouverymuch. Sheesh. Stop woman! You’re going to break me!

  22. Oh, Anne! I am usually a triangle kind of gal, but I really like the rectangular version of Bee. Really, really like it. WOW.

  23. I am sorry for your loss, but glad that you are at peace with it.

    I do love those bees. I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of my bee shawl kit in that beautiful buckwheat honey color. Keep the bee porn coming!

  24. OH.

    It’s definitely NOT man-lace, but I think I’m gonna have to find someone to knit the Black Stingah stole for…

    My sympathies and condolences to you and David. We should all hope to be so lucky to be able to go out on our own terms and at peace.

  25. Wow, if it gets any hotter than that, my work filter is going to block this post! The Bee Stole is just magnificent, and I think it’s gonna have to go on my knitting list someday.

    Have a good trip to NYC, I hope that you and David are able to share some happy memories with family to remember Big Dave for the great father he was to both of you.

  26. Oh my, I love it. Hmm, triangular, rectangular, decisions, decisions. Most likely, both. I found a yarn in my stash that will work for the rectangular and I have the kit coming for the triangular. I can’t wait.

    Have a safe trip.

  27. I’m swooning here, about to faint! Now that I’ve gained a little composure, I’m wimpering a bit because I know I’ll have to get some of this yarn and knit a bee for me. This may mean breaking a promise I made to my DH……

  28. those stoles are just too much! the gold one really does look like beeswax candles…and that black one is absolutely lovely.

  29. Smashing, gorgeous, how do you do it? As Sarah says, we don’t need another project — but we sure WANT it!

  30. Gnat swarm? GNAT SWARM? G*d alm****y girl, didn’t we have enough with ‘Tree Scum’? Where did you GET your vocabulary?

  31. ooooh! I love the stole!
    I was able to resist the bee triangle (likely b/c I have a thing about triangles and their butt points), but the stole!!!

    hunting for the pattern… LOVE that!

  32. “i am SO glad i got to block this piece too (ok, that is NOT as close to saying “i am so glad you let me lick your toes sometimes? as it sounds).

    That line made me spew coffee all over the place! Thank goodness I thought quickly enough to turn away from my keyboard. You are too funny, Anne! I love it!

    Have a safe trip.

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