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i need time to get ready for taxes this weekend, so i thought i’d share a favorite book that came my way recently. the absolutely adorable

extra yarn by mac bennett, illustrated by jon klassen is a sweet and simple story about the rewarding magic of giving hand knits.

i just love the illustrations; they remind me of artwork by one of my own very favorite childhood favorites—ezra jack keats (the snowy day will forever be one of my most treasured reads).

can you see the similarity too?

i first saw a review copy of this book at the knitters review retreat and was immediately jealous that clara got to take it home.

but then someone told someone to send me one, too and now i can share it with you.

i love the charcoal-y muted tones of all the houses and trees, contrasted with the cheery bright colors of annabelle’s yarn

and how, as her knitting and generosity with it grows, so the world around her is transformed from shadow to light.

it’s just delightful—a perfect gift for a child you might know, or heck, just for yourself. i was very torn about whether to keep mine or pass it on to one of my nephews and finally decided to send it to micah, since his mom, nan, is a wonderful knitter.

he may as well learn about yarn early!

and just after i wrapped it up to send out, another review copy landed on my doorstep. haha, i was very thankful; i really wanted to add a copy to my shelf of children’s books.

i think the last page of the book says it best

i highly recommend extra yarn; it’s the perfect way to share the yarn love with a special little someone (or two, haha). thank you very much to harper collins books for both publishing it and for including me in their review list.

and for all of you, a special treat, just in time for valentime’s day: harper collins will send one lucky commentor a copy of extra yarn to share with their family. please leave a comment at the end of this post sometime before 9pm EST on tuesday feb 7 to be included in the drawing. we’ll announce the winner on wednesday in thursday’s post!

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  1. This book looks darling! Perfect for my almost five year old daughter who is very patient with my stash & knitting obsession. For those of you who haven’t seen the book “Woolbur”, it is also a darling book about yarn/knitting – a story about a young sheep. ( : Thanks for the chance to win. Stephanie

  2. This is the perfect book for me to read to my almost two year old granddaughter who snuggles up next to me when I knit. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  3. Do I really have to share it with a younger person??? :^) I am so glad that you shared those images today! It sort of gave me the giggles. (who me…too much yarn??) It might help some of us confess to a “little” problem” with yarn purchasing. And – smile – and name someone in our will to gift it too in the event of our untimely passing. (Like departing earth before we use up our stash) In all un-seriousness – and hoping for the book…..

  4. What a charming book. This will definitely find its way into my library.
    I’m teaching my neighbor’s daughter how to knit and it would be so fun to read to her while she practices her knitting!

  5. Oh, Ann! Thank you for showing off this lovely book. Over the past few winters, I have sent my nieces (now grown ladies) who live “up north” a little something “just-because-I-love-you” hand knit and it gives me such joy that I have expanded it to dear friends who live north, too. This book seems to demonstrate how much fun it is to give away something we knit especially when there’s a little love tucked into each stitch!

  6. Nice book! I think my little grandson Luke would like it! He has a speech difficulty and he sure know how to knit when I send him something for hats/sweaters!

  7. A perfect birthday gift for my little nephew. His first gift was a knitted ball and his first word was “ball”.

  8. I love David’s shawl, what beautiful work and I bet he has such a sense of accomplishment! The book is lovely, my grandkids love sitting with me while I knit, I think it would be cool to sit with them and read a book about knitting.

  9. HOORAY for David for finish the wrap and BLOCKING it too! Happy Birthday to YOU! It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and a wonderful day.
    This book has been popping up here and there recently! I would LOVE it!

  10. I almost missed it! I was going to send this link to my hubby but I’ll enter first for a chance to win! Congrats to the lucky winner.

  11. I would love to add this sweet book to my collection. Thanks for running this drawing, and thanks also for your faith with this blog. I visit nearly every day!

  12. I am currently teaching two girls, ages 7 and 9, and their Mom, to knit. I would LOVE to give a copy of this book to them to celebrate their hard work!

  13. How sweet! I just read The Snowy Day to my students and I agree the illustrations are very much like Extra Yarn. I would love to share this book with them too. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  14. Super cute idea for a book! I love how it looks like the color increases as the book continues.

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