my garden makes a liar of me, part 7

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(flower of the day, toad lily)

they bloomed. and a little early, too, although from the looks of it, there are enough buds to last a while. i added my fingers in the picture for those who haven’t seen this miniature bloom before. it’s worth looking closely too . . it has more than a bit of the vegas showgirl thang going on in its lavish micorworld.
dream big, i always say.

and then i looked out my office window the other day and saw these from afar, amidst the hedge that separates our yard from our neighbor’s.

lots of them too. as if to say, “HEY—it ain’t over til i say it’s over”
david planted a late batch of lily bulbs in the spring and stuck them in all sorts of unexpected paces in the yard. and now they are blooming so we have a whole new crop to gaze and. and smell—the scent is phenomonal.

i’m really glad for the color . . it continues to be dreary. good knitting weather, but dark.
i’m plugging away on the BSP mostly, but yesterday i had classes so i worked on this

i also received a picture from nan, who is test knitting. she’s a lot further than me, and is knitting hers in misti alpaca laceweight

notes from the field on the pattern are all good . . . i’m hearing feedback like “i can’t put it down!”. now we just need something we can photograph to finalize the pattern.

besides the secret knitting i still have a couple of items i need to work up for other deadlines. anne and i are collaborating again on another (much smaller) project for her october kit of the month, which will make a nice holiday project. it’s a pair of mitts and the theme is snowflakes on cedars.

we are thinking about frosty blue-sage and black cherry as the two colorways. anne sent samples in this merino tencel yarn. i have my stitches picked out and will do some swatches when i take a break from the big project.

speaking of anne, i am slowly adding inches to the honeybee stole by working on it about an hour or so each night, and it’s looking luxurious. i’m on the swarm section now.

the other night i came home from an appointment to find that a long-awaited package arrived.

er, a big package.

it contained a spinning chair i ordered over a year ago, hand built by walter turpening, who shows at wooster every year. mine is walnut with a two-tone oatmeal seat and back.

i looked at and test drove his chairs for several years before finally committing to having one built. walter measures the spinner and takes information about your wheel, then builds a chair that will be comfortable while sitting with your feet on the treadles. he even makes the cording he uses to weave the seat and back, devising his weaving patterns using mathematical formulas.

the back of the chair is easily removable so that i can take the bench with me to spinning meetups. walter also builds weaving benches of all types.

my wheels are already flirting with it.

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  1. That is a gorgeous chair. Who would have ever thunk I would say something like that about a chair, but it is simply beautiful. So much care in how it’s made. Enjoy it in good health and spinning!

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