happy hearts from sunup to sundown

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it’s that time again—another winter holiday worth decorating for. and dont’ we appreciate a little pick-me-up just about now?

the snow we had this week has created the perfect background for bret’s valentine’s day installation. i was struck the other morning by how the light changes the mood of his house as the day progresses and the sun comes out from behind our place.

i decided to photograph it at several points during that day, from the quietest morning hours, through the afternoon, and into the evening, when the show begins in earnest.

the decorations are at their most colorful around noon, when the sun is at its fullest.

the gingerbread-style trimming of handmade wooden hearts is one of my favorite components

although i do find the cheery hopefulness of the heart-trimmed mailbox equally fetching; i wonder if i have a valentine around here anywhere to put inside it?

bret managed to slip in the information that with the right planning, the valentine house is actually a fairly easy feat to pull off—by leaving up the red and white christmas lights and decorations, he just needs to add a layer of pink hearts and really about that’s all there is to it.

you can’t read that sign over the stairs, but it says:
and all because two people fell in love . . . . awww!

even on a brilliant day like that one, the sky is likely to cloud up and become gray  by the end of the afternoon . . . but thankfully, not every day.

i got a little concerned when, after dinner, hardly any lights had come up across the street. finally, around 8 pm, i called over there to ask if anything was wrong and if not, could bret turn the lights on so i could take photos for the blog.

haha, it turned out that there was a bit of a short in one of the strings so that all the bulbs didn’t light and bret thought that keeping them turned off was better.

he graciously came out to light them for US though—he ‘s very fond of the blog (and i think he rather relishes the fame he’s achieved here).

he made his way from plug to plug and the scene began to look more festive

and familiar when the icicle light started to twinkle in the eaves.

there we go—now that’s more like it!

it really has a lot more of that vegas flair in the dark

but playful too; it’s quite wonderful.

and so, from our street to yours: happy VD!

21 thoughts on “happy hearts from sunup to sundown

  1. You really have to appreciate a man that goes all out for Valentine’s Day, even if he isn’t YOUR man! Thanks for the various lighting views.

  2. Tell Bret that he definately IS a hit! Love seeing what he does for the various holidays. Thank YOU for sharing!

  3. What an inspiration! I don’t decorate my house for any holiday (don’t celebrate Christmas and often not home for Halloween). I may have to consider some outside decorations for Valentine’s Day next year.

  4. Please tell Bret that his decorations are amazing and it’s got to be inspiring for you to live across from this and to get to see his creativity at play year round. What a great neighborhood you live in, with him there for the outside decorations to inspire, and you across the street creating the most amazingly beautiful knitted sweaters, shawls, and socks and more! Any homes for sale on your block??

  5. Wow! Thanks, Bret! I’m a minimal decorator myself, but I certainly appreciate the time and effort that he puts into it. This makes my Valentine’s Day!

  6. This guys’ basement must be a HUGE dungeon! (And his electricity bill must have the same size, I guess) Where does he keep all that stuff when it is not in use? 🙂

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