feather and fan blowout?

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team LACEPACERS nearly suffered a tragic loss this weekend when team member beth p. threw down her knitting in frustration at having to rip out 8+ rows. later, toeing the work and snuffling through the straw of her (ever present) diet coke, she grudgingly reconsidered when the baby fine alpaca flashed doe eyes and dimples her way (beth is a sucker for that stuff).

here’s beth now; let’s catch up with her and ask a few questions.

me: beth, how long HAVE you been knitting exactly?
beth: about a year.

me: i see, so, ripping out 8 + rows of lace is a pretty big deal then.
beth: well, yes, especially when i can’t blame anyone else! no one else was even home when it happened.

me: oh my—wherever did you get the courage to get going again?
beth: my teammate debbie really helped me out with that; i could not have gone on without her encouragement.

me: well now, back to your project; you have doubled your length since our last talk! how about that?!!

beth: (suddenly bashful) well, yeesss, actually i have.

me: tell me, how long can you sit, or stand, and knit at one time?
beth: i can pretty much sit forever with my knitting and a diet coke!

me: what needles do you prefer, beth?
beth: well, i love my denise needle set, but for this project i am using size 8 bamboo straights; i don’t know why!

me: i hope you don’t feel pressured by your teammates.
beth: well, there is some of that of course, but overall, it’s a healthy amount.

me: and, i understand, you have very inspiring family support. care to share that with our knitting public?
beth: well, my sister-in-law had a kidney transplant on friday, so i am knitting with her in mind.

me: really, that is so thoughtful of you!
beth: yes, we have many ties that “stitch us together”, so i though this would be a good way to channel the right kind of energy toward her recovery.

me: and what about after the olympics, beth? you must have things you’ve been putting off in order to compete. what will you do when you don’t have the shawl to haul about?
beth: i plan to conquer socks next!

me: (knowingly)ooohhhh yes, socks. a true test of one’s patience; tiny needles, tiny yarn, tiny, tiny stitches . . .
beth: er, well, (uncomfortably) yes, i uh, well, i’ll speak to my teacher about what’s best for me to take on next; (brightening) could be something quick ‘n’ chunky!

me: well, beth, whatever is in your future, i’m sure you will do just fine. knit on, woman; make us proud!
beth: thank you; (gushing) thank you all so much!

and that’s all the time we have now. please join us again tomorrow as we spotlight more LACEPACERS in action!

2 thoughts on “feather and fan blowout?

  1. Good morning,

    I just can’t wait to read your blog each day! These knitting olympics are really amazing.

    Did you say that you teach in a shop? Where is it?

    Full of questions today – where can I find YOUR patterns? I’ve looked at my local shop and they don’t seem to have them. Would love to get the feather and fan one.

    Keep going for the Gold!!

  2. How do you spin the fiber? It is so thin. Do you need any special attachments. I am beginning to spin and that looks so difficult! You do beautiful work – of course I’m talking about the Wooster Shawl!! and not the above!!!!!

    Toward the GOLD!!!

    I went to knitting lessons last night and the owner of the shop was WEARING her OLYMPIC PROJECT! A beautiful sweater!

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