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mmm, we had a lovely dinner the other night. since it’s fall and these are some friends that love comfort food, we had baked macaroni and cheese, these yummy stuffed peppers, and brownies for dessert.

it was also the weekend for stripping out the garden . . . on friday and saturday i pulled as much ripe and nearly-ripe produce as i could indoors, and then i even went over to nikki’s to raid her eggplant patch (she’s had all she can take of it). there was plenty to do in the kitchen.

but of course, having stuff i should be doing doesn’t stop me from knitting. that would be, er, responsible, wouldn’t it?

i worked on my acorn sock and the pattern, and got that out to angeluna and stacey for test knitting. yay.

my own needs a toe, and then i’m done with the first one. they really don’t knit up as slowly as i make it look; i only work on them sporadically, but when i do, i usually get at least a quarter of a sock done in one sitting.

the snow on cedars mitts went out to wanda and kat. my own got a nice soak in soapy, lukewarm water

and then laid out to dry for the day on sunday. the fabric took on a beautiful finished look from just that little bit of TLC

and a nice silky feeling on the hand. the patterns will be ready in a couple of days to ship to anne, so she can include them in her kits. yay.

i started the second half of cluaranach, which indeed, as per your insistence, will be stree wear and not an extra-long at-home schmata. i’ll use some nice cozy handspun for that one . . it will be perfect.

but i did decide to add one repeat of the pattern. when i got my half done, i was worried that it was too short even for the petite size, and since i can, i’m going to change the pattern back to its original number of repeats (which i thought might make it too long, but now i see was right all along, ay,ay,ay). it’s always a guessing game, but i think this will be better. and hey, if it’s not, i can change the pattern back, and just know that mine is a little longer than some other people’s might be. it still won’t be long enough to drag in the dirt . . . that we cannot have.

other than that, i’ve been spending a GREAT deal of time on a secret project that i can’t share . . . yet. but i do have more socks and mitts on the brain, and two old sweater projects i’d like to get off the needles, so if i can squeeze those in over the next few weeks, that would be great blog fodder, right?

and now i have to scoot off to classes for the day, but i’ll leave you with something wonderful to dream on all day

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  1. What?!? No pics of the macs and cheese? Do you have a wonderful recipe you’d like to share, because that is my all-time, hands-down favoritist meal ever. (No hyberbole for me, no sirreee!)

    I love how the mitts came out. The colors, the pattern – another lovely marriage!

  2. Mmmm, brownies! I’d give my eye teeth to have half your energy. The acorn socks are going to be a must-have pattern… come on test knitters! Cheers.

  3. Oh, those brownies look yummy… hey, what was I going to write? oh yeah! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I wanted to say, that the mittens are maybe the prettiest pair I’ve seen in a very long time, and that I’m going to stalk the other Annes site just to be sure, that I’m going to get a kit!!!

  4. You must have cloned yourself and not told us. You accomplish more in one day, than I can in a week! Cooking, knitting, designing working, blogging, knitting, secret projects . . . it makes me tired just to think of it!! I love the Acorn, the mitts, the shawl, the food! The secret project!!!!!!!

  5. The food pictures are getting my stomach rumbling for breakfast, good thing the oatmeal’s cooking!

    The yarn in the acorn sock has a sort of luminous quality to it – it’s very pretty!

  6. Are you trying to kill me with those brownies? Love the mitts! I picked a bunch of Anaheim peppers yesterday that I should stuff. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. Love reading your blog everyday, just finished the Delacato Mitts and love love love them, am sick with a very bad cold and reading your blog today makes me want to live at your house!

  8. I so have to clean out the “garden” (more like weed patch this year!) so I can prep it for next year! i’m knitting like mad so I can start on your sock ASAP!!!

  9. I love the Snow on Cedars mitts! I can’t wait for the kit.

    Your food always looks awesome. I now have a craving for peppers, brownies, and dolmades (the stuffed peppers reminded me of dolmades). What a strange combination….

  10. The in-progress acorn socks, at every delicate twist and turn,prompt me to think through my stash. Which of my (many, too many!) yarns will serve to further the sweet motif? I can think of three or four. For starters. Thanks for all the fine work, sharing, and inspiration. And what did you use to stuff those pretty peppers?

  11. Mmmm….baked mac and cheese… That’s our favorite comfort meal around here. The socks and the mitts both look wonderful — if you ever need another test knitter for projects like that, keep me in mind! (I figure I’m wanting to knit them anyway, and I’m always ready to try out a new pattern…) Hope your Monday is as productive and yummy as your Sunday was ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Do you have a favorite Mac n Cheese recipe? Do share! The peppers look divine and the brownies, heavenly!

    Can’t wait to se a finished Cluaranach! Yay!

  13. Love the mitts. Do you know when the kits will be available. Also the peppers look delicious-willing to please share the recipe?

  14. OK, you always make me so hungry with your yummy cooking. Wish I were your neighbor so I could get invited over for some goodies and a nice chat ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m loving those mitts too and can see they will hop into my shopping cart some day.

    P.S. Just blocked my Twinings that was done in some Kauni and it has gotten rave reviews when worn out and about.

  15. Do you have a stuffed pepper recipe to share? Those look so good. With a 2-year old, mac and cheese in every form is a favorite, too.

    Oh, don’t you just love the Lanas Puras? I did a couple of designs for One Planet (one worsted and one fingering) that should be released soon, and I completely fell in love with the yarn and colors.

  16. as usual the food looks so yummy. I love stuffed peppers and of course chocolate brownies, although I had a chocolate overload on the weekend, helping a friend decorate cakes. Socks and mitts look great, can’t wait for the secret project and cluaranach needs to be a decent length, longer is better than shorter.

  17. Oh, I love stuffed peppers! And brownies. I think I may need to make some of those mitts for my mom. Although they’re not an item we need much in San Diego, she’s a musician and plays outdoors a lot, and her hands get really cold, but she can’t wear gloves while playing. I’ll bet those would fit the bill perfectly.

  18. I just love your acorn socks! We don’t have much of a fall where I live in CA, but we do have lots of oaks which are dropping a bumper crop of acorns this year. I can’t remember if you are going to offer that pattern for sale, or if it’s exclusive to a sock club. I’d love to have it when you’re finished! OK, now I’m off to make some macaroni and cheese…

  19. I am sorry but I must correct you: the cluaranach is too beautiful, luxurious and new to be called a shmate even if you would have decided to have it for home use! And who said what we wear at home should be a shmate anyway, isn’t it the place where we should be at our best for ourselves and for our lovelies?!? (I must remind it to myself all the time too).

    Your mitts look great after the wash and the food hmmmm,,, I think I will have to arrange a visit to Ohio soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I really like those mitts! And the food looks yummy! Hey I’ve signed up for Lace in the woods – Yippie! Its going to be hard to wait 8 months:)

  21. your posts are always sooo totally drool worthy (grin)
    from the knitting delights to the food – I always leave wanting to go begin something new with both!
    all of it is lovely.

  22. Socks and mitts are both beautiful, as always ๐Ÿ˜‰ Too bad we can’t have blog taste-testing right over the internet, or at least scratch and sniff blogging options lol! Your culinary delights always make my mouth water.

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