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shown here in Lanas Puras Melosa fingering weight merino, colorway, Eggplant

kit available now
at one planet yarn and fiber.

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cluaranach (KLOO-ar-un-awk): from the scot’s gaelic, meaning “abundant with thistles”

The prickly purple-flowered thistle has been the national emblem of Scotland for hundreds of years. According to legend, this plant (known as the armored knight of the vegetable kingdom) thwarted a silent night invasion by barefoot Norsemen upon Scotland in the 13th century when they could not walk on the prickly groundcover without crying out.

The role of the thistle was then understood, and was chosen as Scotland’s symbol, with the motto “Nemo me impune lacessit”, or “No-one harms me without punishment”.
Its first use as a royal symbol was on silver coins issued by James III in 1470; one of the proudest orders of knighthood, called the “Order of the Thistle” was established in 1540 by King James V of Scotland.

so fling this wrap proud about yer shoulders; under its protection march forth and make much knitting.

my deepest thanks go to nan, who does not blog but is a generous and tireless test knitter and vanessa, AKA wonder knitter, for making sure the pattern was fit to print (and fun to knit!).

39 thoughts on “cluaranach

  1. Yesterday I got an e-mail from One Planet, my kit is on it’s way. Yippie ! I’m very glad I pre- ordered now I see the Cluarach in it’s full glorY !
    Again a wonderful design Anne 🙂
    And nice to know a bit of the background where the name came from too.

  2. Again, I say you are genius, girl!

    Maybe one of these days I will learn to do some lace and can start one of your beautiful designs.

  3. Ann, I think this is my favorite of your designs so far. Its absolutely elegant and stunning.. and oh my, as soon as my current knitting obligations are done, this will be going on the needles.

  4. I just ordered!!! Your work is just plain lovely! Do you have any knitting tips for us slower knitters that you could blog about? Do you memorize your lace patterns or how do you track them so that you don’t mess up?

  5. Sublime! Amazing! Stunning! Elegant! Sophisticated! Intricate! Feminine! Emotional! Mythical!

    Wow! My ancestors are from Scotland! I can’t wait to make this. Very beautiful.

  6. I’ve been checking my mail slot at work daily the last couple of days for this. I received notification over the weekend that it shipped, and I can’t wait! 🙂

  7. Stunning! But then I wouldn’t expect anything less from you. I’ve been waiting for you to finish it so I can get the pattern.

  8. Yet another I MUST have…I think I may have to volunteer as a test knitter someday!
    As always your designs are breathtaking…but then again, should I expect anything less?

  9. gorgeous, as usual! just a wee note of correction – over here, “Nemo me impune lacessit” is usually translated as “wha’ door meddle wi’ me?!!”* 🙂

    xo lilith

    *”who dares meddle with me?”

  10. This may be my favorite too! Lovely texture, and it’s really gorgeous in the purple. Hmmm, maybe that 8oz of deep purple CMF pencil roving has found its project.

  11. That is stunning.
    Off to go take a look at purchasing the pattern since my family participates in the Scottish Games and my SCA Persona is in fact Scottish.

    Beautiful. I love your work and I love your designs. Sush infinite talent is a joy and an inspiration.

    Thank you for sharing it.

  12. Nothing I can say that tops what everyone else has said—really, really gorgeous! (And as everyone else has said—since Anne designed it, of course it’s gorgeous!)

    Thanks for the story behind the name, too!

  13. Beautiful! I’ve just got to wait until after my birthday to purchase the pattern…it was on my present list…2 more days!


  14. What a lovely way to begin vacation! Two new knitspot patterns. And my LYS has some lovely fino in lilac that will be perfect for this.

  15. Why must you write lovely shawl/stole patterns that tempt me to make them even though I’m knitting like seventeen things and christmas is coming and I don’t need them!?
    But oh so pretty.

  16. I preordered the kit and just received the yarn when I got home this evening. I can’t wait to start. I just wish I could get the pattern to download. It is gorgeous.

  17. i am so excited about this as thistles are one of my favorite flowers. you can bet i’ll be ordering that pattern!

  18. Just simply breathtaking. And such a gorgeous color (of course, I’m quite partial to anything purple)
    Congrats on another winner!

  19. I agree with Kay, you are a genius. It is truly beautiful. Congratulations. I am still wishing for a kit. It is so lovely to be able to reap the benefits of someone else’s hard work and passion for knitting. Thank you.

  20. This must certainly be the softest thistle field ever touched! Good thing it wasn’t used as a groundcover on that invasion night: none of the barefoot Norsemen would have been heard crying out!

  21. Oh Anne! So so beautiful. Going right to the top of my list, and excellent motivation to finish the xmas knits. The detail is amazing.

  22. Lovely shawl. Love the name too. As a UK resident with a Scottish father, I think the ch at the end should sound a bit more like the j at the start of jalapeno. Same as in “loch”. But as it took me some time to come up with a way to explain this sound in writing, I don’t blame you for going with awk!
    Also you can still find nemo me impune lacessit round the edge of some of our current £1 coins. (Others have different phrases from the nations comprising the UK. I was going to give examples, but find I don’t have single pound coin in the house!)

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