nothing like something new . . .

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i’ve been starting new projects all weekend. sort of a kneejerk reaction to the project monogamy of the last week, maybe, or to the large amount of paperwork i have also processed over the last few days.

i think i have five new projects on the needles in fact, though two of them are not even big enough yet to take pictures of. i know this is trouble in a way and not only because i also still have a few nearly-finished objects that i really should just get done. i still have a raven stole to knit.

oh well. i was overcome by the urge to get my hands into some different yarn. sue me.
and, as i was saying to kim the other day, projects in progress are better blog fodder.

one new item is the bee sock i started with kim’s beautiful new lightweight merino sock yarn

it’s a bouncy hi-twist yarn in supersoft merino that gives beautiful, crisp stitch definition. kim is going to put together a kit with yarn and pattern.

i also finally got to wind up judy’s beautiful merino/silk artisan blend yarn to start the geese wrap i’ve been thinking about for a while now.
i just couldn’t keep my hands off it any longer

mmmm, it’s Sooo smooshy. and don’t get me started on the colorway—i have just one word: love. this wrap is moving right along and it feels like i’m adding inches by the hour. because, well, i am. it’s a nice change of pace from laceweight and just what i needed.
i already like this wrap a LOT.

the patterns are easy to memorize and that keeps things moving along too. yay.

oh, but was i satisfied?? i think not. in addition to that cashmere mitt i’ve also been working on, i’ve been trying to find a great stitch pattern for the fearless fibers wool/mohair blend.
this has proved somewhat challenging!
maybe it’s the size of the yarn (nearly worsted weight), or the sheen, or both, but i’m having trouble finding just the right stitch that will really make a WOW of a scarf. i thought i had something, then i waffled; i’ll get it, though.

and when i do, you’ll be the first to see it.

and then chris’s huge hank of celebration starting waving it’s tag at me and jumping out of the goodie box. totally out of the blue, i swear it.
this bamboo/merino DK-ish yarn was a gift from her in the summer, and she dyed it in the most beautiful blend of slate blue, gray, and plum just for me.

i had no intention of starting anything with it just now, but about a month ago i found the perfect stitch for it and it’s been a bee in my bonnet ever since. i’ve been simultaneously weedling myself to play with it and shushing myself up.
and i couldn’t stand it anymore so today i balled it up and got the stitch pattern ready. it will be another easy-to-knit wrap and i’m really psyched. it can’t take priority over the raven stole or the goose stole, but i can take it to class or work on it when i’m too tired for either of those.

the stitch pattern takes full advantage of the yarn’s natural sheen and that’s one of the things i’m so psyched about . . . i just know i’m going to like it. and funny enough it all came together the same way the totally autumn throw did . . just all in a burst of inspiration.

sometimes that happens.
and hey, i am NOT gonna look a gift horse in the mouth.

in fact, i’ve been slowly hatching another idea concerning this stitch. it might also be the perfect one for that wool/mohair yarn, so i MIGHT knit up both a scarf and a stole with the same pattern. it could be a nice joining up two old friends (who have never met) and two yarns. it could work.

we got our photo shoot in today for Irtfa’a and the pictures came out awesome. that david sure knows how to photograph a shawl (wink).
the weather has been wretched here, both cold and wet, but as luck would have it, this was the perfect light for the raven colors. and can i just say that yellow maples make the most spectacular backdrop?

now i know you don’t want me to ruin the surprise so i’m keeping them under wraps til release day.
it won’t be long . . . .

24 thoughts on “nothing like something new . . .

  1. Is your lot of Judy’s yarn in the Atlantic colorway? I have a nice stash of it that has been maturing gently for a while waiting for the perfect project… I may be knitting Knitspot patterns for the next few months!

  2. The suspense… making me munchy! I don’t want to start anything new….and I have WIPs that need to get off the needles so the Raven wings can have all the attention they deserve (cough cough or all the attention I need to work the stitch patterns).

    Eaterly….er eagerly awaiting that finished pattern and photos. Happy Turkey Day!

  3. Oh, the Celebration yarn is so beautiful! I’m glad inspiration came easily for this one.
    The geese wrap looks awesomely cozy!
    And, I know I’ve said it already, but I really can’t wait to see the pictures from the photo shoot for Irtfa’a…

  4. Um, my mom used to invent new, more elaborate booby traps every Christmas Eve to keep me from getting into my stocking before morning. I got past them every year. That’s how much I love ruining surprises!

    Just one peek? I promise to put everything back and act surprised so you’ll never know.

  5. What I wouldn’t do for a skein of Blue Moon Laci in Thraven!

    But their shipping to Canada is $20!! Regardless of order size!

    I’ll be crying in my needles when you release this shawl. I’ve never loved a Faroe before…

  6. Ooohhh, a goose stole as well!!! Have you got a name for it? Otherwise I’ll suggest Akka from Kebnekaise, as the lead goose in Selma Lagerlöf’s wonderful book about Nils Holgerson (the wonderful adventures of Nils) travelling on goose-back through the whole of Sweden!

    I had the same problem as Leslie, I loved the colourway, but 25$ for shipping for 50$ worth of yarn was a bit dear! But I’ve found a solution, the most wonderful wool/cashmere handdyed lace yarn from a British dealer… though it won’t be quite the same.

  7. Ohh, it’s just overwhelming watching all these delicious items take shape on your needles, but I think I’m kinda in the mood for a goose shawl myself. It’s getting chilly here and anything that smooshy that also knits up fast is a good thing. I will be watching this one!

  8. Oh, HONK! More?!!! You are amazing! I wish I had yarn fairies around to throw yarn at me! You are the luckiest woman on the planet. Talk about envy! Gorgeous!

  9. Oooh…..the sock is looking bee-u-tiful!! Judy’s yarn IS wonderful, isn’t it? I love my shawl that I knit using it 🙂

  10. Such wonderful yarns and projects to knit up – I imagine it gets hard to go to bed w. all these projects on your mind!

  11. Anne- My husband says I don’t get a bee in my bonnet, I get a whole hive.

    (sigh) I love your blog- amazing yarn and gorgeous patterns………………(sigh)

  12. I love the goose shawl! I love the colors, I love the stitches. Darn it woman, you need to slow down with the designing so I can catch up! 🙂 (No, not really, then I would cry that I was all caught up and didn’t have anymore knitspot patterns to work on.)

  13. I love what you’re doing with Judy’s yarn. Very pretty!

    Don’t keep us in suspense too long, ok? 😉 I know that Briar Rose is in the process of becoming something fabulous…

  14. Your inventivenss and creativity are truly inspiring.

    So glad you are devising a pattern for the wool/mohair. I have some in stash and was just looking at it wondering what kind of scarf would work.

    A heartfelt Thanksgiving thank you, Anne, for the all the pleasure I’ve gotten from your patterns and your blog.


  15. Oooh, can’t wait to see the pictures!
    I’m so excited for the bee socks, I even have yarn on the way that will be just perfect. I’m almost done my bee shawl too, by the way:)

  16. the bee socks look fun! I am exhausted just thinking about so many projects on the needles, probably because I know I wouldn’t have the time to finish them!

  17. I can hardly wait to see what you do with the Briar Rose! I bought a hank of somewhat similar yarn at N.MI Lamb & Wool & have been thinking of a wrap of some sort in it . .
    Love the new shawl & the photography, too.

  18. Love the shawl, love the golden lace confection wrapped around your throat, love how David’s talents and yours play so nicely together. Love how the gold of the leaves and the gold of the scarf, the blue-black of the shawl and the blue-grey of the road, resonate with one another.

    And the lace pattern for your geese wrap is very similar to the one I used for Sabbath Scarf I, which I gave to my sister for her birthday. Can’t wait to see how it shapes up as a larger object.

    Have a blessed and peaceful and knitterly Thanksgiving, and a safe journey there and back.

  19. Sometimes when you know that you have a deadline for something else, but are waiting for the yarn or whatnot, just casting on for something else relieves that tension. I have to do it, otherwise, it seems like I go crazy!

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