no moss on this stone

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and for all of YOU a beautiful lily photo that i’ve been keeping for a special occasion.
thanks so much for the crazy-amazing emails and enthusiasm for irtfa’a. it’s been a splendid project and i have to hand it to you because on this one, more than any other, the encouragement you provided from the very first glimpses was instrumental in the success of the piece.

i am SO lucky to have this incredibly interactive communication with all of you, and so grateful that you take a few moments to comment with opinions, ideas, suggestions, and answers to my questions. it has a huge impact on my end, providing endlessly interesting information.

ok, now, enough mushy talk. you think we’re done? we’re not done!

sunday night i got a few more inches added to the geese wrap

it’s a great comfort knit . . . i kept stopping to squeeze the fabric in order to calm myself (sunday night was right before the pattern release and my heart was pounding). i swear it made me feel more secure.

though i did get to work on various projects over the weekend and on monday during class, when i arrived home my geisha stole yarn was there, waiting to be wound up and cast of for simurgh, the rectangle raven.

when i saw it i almost wet my pants. you know how i love plum and eggplant right?

oh swoooon . . . it’s valkyrie alright. how much do you think i want to sleep with this yarn?? the plum, the black cherry, the deep rust, the gray, the eggplant . . .
oh. and the silky sheen (heads hits desk—hard)

ok, gotta stop that; don’t wanna get dizzy all over again.

even though i had a mailbox POPPING with email, i raced upstairs in my bike clothes to wind it up, so i could cast on; after all i had the pattern waiting; it even contained some updates from the test knitters already.

i’ve gotten a couple of repeats of the large feather pattern done so far. i’d have more done if i wasn’t so distracted, but i figure i can make up some time over the weekend.

because we are going visiting! david and i are taking off tomorrow for a thanksgiving visit with my mom. it will be really nice to drive through new york state this time of year . . my favorite. i love the corridor along the thruway between buffalo and albany.

once we get there it will be 3 days of relaxing and visiting so i should get a lot of knitting done (i usually do). and her house is warm.
this time i will have a laptop with me so i am even planning to blog on location (the fun never stops, does it). with pictures too. david fixed up my old powerbook laptop so i can use it for traveling.

tonight i have to figure out what knitting i’ll take along (in order to figure out how much other stuff i can pack). i have it narrowed down to the above two wrap projects plus:

bee sock

celebration/inspiration wrap and scarf

(i know that’s a really small swatch; i had to stop when i realized i needed a bigger needle)

cashmere mitt. PLUS:

finish off the last few inches of the acorn sock. PLUS:

finish off the second cardigan sock, which i don’t seem to have a recent picture of (and yes, i am too lazy to go take one).

now even I know that might be too many things to fit in the car.
but is it enough knitting??

next time you hear from me it will be from the road . . happy trails.

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  1. I hope that your thanksgiving was wonderful – what beautiful projects you’ve got goin’ on 🙂 Love that Valkyries colorway (swoon)

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